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Hope you laughed or learned something.


What is memory? Why do the things that matter most sometimes seem to slip away, while that which haunts and breaks us down might never leave our minds?

Her name was Lyra Heartstrings, but no one will remember her.

A short, unofficial, comedic sequel to shortskirtsandexplosions' Background Pony, dreamed up by Ponky and another guy in Italy.

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Oh my god, I'm laughing so hard right now. Brilliant!!!


I know I've said time and time again that I would never acknowledge a "canonical" sequel or rewrite to Background Pony.

But if I did, this would come the closest.



Well, that was weird, and sad, and strange, and hilarious, and odd.

This fic answers all of the questions left by BP that you never knew you needed to know and still never will.

That was strange but it did make me laugh.

Ponky what have you done

Oh my gosh I'm dying.

I was all, "Comedy? This is great, but it isn't comedy." Boy, was I wrong. This was awesome. I wanna know how exactly the idea for this came about.

The present tense was a little jarring popping up between dialogue now and again, but Apple Dash! Omg.
It ran on a little long and was repetitive, but Discord is SSAE! SSAE is DIscord! So much makes sense now...

And that ending. Dang. Perfect ending.

I briefly wondered how anyone could possibly make comedy out of the tragedy that is Background Pony, but you certainly did. This is amazing. :rainbowlaugh:

I really shouldn't laugh at this, but I can't help it. :facehoof:

This was brilliant. :rainbowlaugh:

So many questions answered

Bravo. Snips and Snails nearly killed me.:rainbowlaugh:

Lyra went through all of that to protect her influence on the world, saving it, and her BODY throws it all away.

This is one of the nastiest "You can't cheat fate" things I have read.


From the first half, I figured her body was going to simply end up the death of Snips and Snails as they fail repeatedly to get to Ponyville until they froze to death.


By the way, it did not make me laugh at any point -- it was sad to me from the start. Then again I found Lyra of Background Pony a very heroic figure, who put herself literally through hell at the end to prevent the sort of thing that managed to happen here.


Lyra is my angel and my hero. If you can't laugh at the ridiculous, I'm surprised you appreciated her extreme plight in the first place.

This whole story revolves around the line "She couldn't remember what it was, but she remembered how it made her feel." That is what we learn from our dear Miss Heartstrings, is it not? Memory may fade, and all too early, but its emotional effects can be eternal.

Obviously this would never happen in the true Background Pony universe. But it's an idea that has made me laugh for several months, and though it may not have tickled you, looks like some others caught the humor, including the original author himself.

Thanks for reading, anyway. Ciao!

Ponky you are glorious. :rainbowlaugh: And you gave us an ending to Background Pony that didn't make me sob! I didn't think it was possible!

Dam it. Now I have to finish Background Pony so I can read this.

Well played Ponky, well played. :moustache:

Some-sort-of dark magic erases their memories. If only they would use their UnicornMagic to setoff a magical flare. Whatever this dark magic is it erases all memories of Lyra Heartstrings. Bon Bon must have an half-century hole in her memory from late foalhood to earlier that day.

I suppose that I should read BackGroundPony.

Quite a jump in memory Celestia got, there must be no other Lyre players in all of equestria.
Also got inmediately reminded of this (from around minute 1:00)

That was in horrible taste... Still pretty funny though.

I can't tell if your serious. Is this really what you'd want the sequel as? I mean, yeah, it's kind of funny, but it's also poking fun at Fimfic's most tragic, unsung hero. Talk about disrespecting the dead, even fictional ones.
On a different note, would the curse really still affect the dead body?
Only if you want to be super depressed at the end.

This was the release I needed. 10/12

The curse totally affects dead bodies. When she is reading the book of that other cursed pony it is mentioned that there is a hanged skeleton in some really obvious place. Also Skirts is a very silly marsupial, so his comments are hard to interpret. Basically this means taking everything as a joke.
I heavily recommend only reading Background Pony if you have a week of your life to lose. Half of that is spent reading, the other half crying and dealing with feels.


Penetrating brain-injuries can have effects ranging from minimal to immediately fatal. It is plausible for a complete loss of short-term memory, thus eliminating the memory of the injury and the ability to remember the injury after one discovers the injury. One should seek immediate emergency medical assistance. Only a qualified neurosurgeon should attempt to remove the object.


... what?
Well, at least everyone is safe now. Because they're dead. Or something.

Well that was uncomfortable. Not bad Elder.

Uh , I didnt get the ending. And i cant say , that i found out answers for questions i had after BP (AS always...) And i still feel very sad. I know she did it to protect all world , and that is heroically , but although I think she didn't deserve this end. (Yeah , I'm happy-end fan and I can't do anything with it , because I can't say , that after all she expierenced - this end is worthy). And I'm sport , If I touched somepony feelings

5781780 Please review the tags. Spoiler: it's a comedy. Joke ending. :ponkywink:

Yeah...you are right

I don't really get it. I mean, who's this the dead body OF, exactly? Are Snips and Snails just senile? What's even going on?


Oh, hey! A new story by Ponky! Must have opened this in a new tab earlier and forgotten about it. But, I don't really get it. Are Snips and Snails senile, or...


Oh, hey! A new story by Ponky! I don't really get though, are Snips and Snails senile, or...

Oh, hey! A new story by-

(Yeah, I'm cutting this joke off here. Yes, I know what Background Pony is. I'm just making a joke about people forgetting Lyra.

This was fantastically silly.

What does "F'naaa" even mean? :applejackunsure:

Fervently Nontrivial Although Ambiguous Articulation

In other words, a particular energetic 'meh'.

6050393 There is no way that's a thing! :rainbowlaugh:

I need a clean brain and heart...

You're terrible, Ponky. Keep it up.

5707396 I know this is probably an old comment, but I did, and I hated Background Pony. My recommendation is skip and not waste all the time slogging through it.

Anyway... I have no real reaction to this. I found it randomly, and this was... meh.

A good way to cure the feels from background pony Just what I needed I was so depressed from the story


There is no reason for everyone to continue forgetting about Lyra. She is dead and therefore cannot tell her story. Celestia could not possibly draw the conclusion of, "Aria" from just a cutie-mark. This doesn't give enough buildup for a planetary explosion. I doubt that Celestia could pull such a feat off alone. She may be a sun goddess, but most of her power would have to be used moving it, causing her power to be severely limited at all times. Snails should not forget that easily. She is literally within his sight, and therefore could not be forgotten. The story never has a character instantly forget her in the middle of conversation or looking at her. If a character has, please forgive my memory drive. Spare me the lecture and point it out.


Sounds like a pacing thing to me more than anything else. Either that or Old Disc' skipped ahead and planted the "Sarosian Bomb" himself.

E'rrybody gotta make this about Raira. Why can't it just stand for the record that Snips and Snails are still bumbling idiots? Let's agree-to-disagree about either leaving this one behind or giving it the honour of a spot on the bookshelf-- right next to the equally ridiculous "Rosencrantz and Guilderstern are Dead".

“Oh my gosh, it’s a dead body,” says Snails.


“Snips! Get up here, I found a dead body!”


“Change is a good thing, Snips,” says Snails. He turns his head to look at his best friend. “You should know, you just got marri—OH MY GOSH, it's a dead body!”

Ponky no! Bad Ponky!

“What’s that thing in front of her? Is that a book?”

“Holy crap, that thing ismassive!”

Alright mister, you turn this fic around right this instant!

“Luna’s stars…”

“That’s amazing!”

“OH MY GOSH, it’s a dead body!”

You know what? Fine. You keep this up and we'll see what happens! Go ahead! Keep writing! I swear...

The entire planet explodes , sending chunks of Equestrian, Griffonian, and Zebraharan soil into the never-ending reaches of space. Silence reigns in the quadrant that harbored panicked Ponyvilleans only moments before. The Sun flickers out, and the Moon disappears altogether.

There you go. Are you happy now?


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