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Three times the sun sets.

Three times Granny Smith makes a friend.

Three times a young filly fights a losing battle.

An entry for the EFNW pre-con writing contest.

Cover art by Scyphi

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 19 )

Wow. What a powerful way to tell this story. Again, your subtle writing style is a delight to read, and the content was touching and well thought through. Excellent job, keep writing little oneshots like this, you do it right!

Subtle and poignant. Very good work!

5777407 You flatter me. :twilightsmile: Thanks a bunch!

5777850 Thank you!

This could have been overly sappy, overly emotional. It could have been that so very easily. But it's not. This is a masterfully balanced piece of writing. You have just cemented your place among my absolute favourite authors with this (although you were heading that way anyway after Daring Do(esn't Need A Special Somepony)). In fact, I'd say this is the best entry to the contest that I have read so far. Good luck.

5788779 wowowow how do i even reply to praise like that
I'm so glad it didn't come out too mushy gushy; memory loss was the first thing my mind jumped to when I saw the EFNW prompt, for some reason. Doing the inspiration for this story justice was a huge concern of mine, and it's definitely a relief to hear you say that :)
And thanks! I definitely need that luck; there's some pretty stiff competition out there. :raritywink:

This wasn't a happy subject at all but a very enjoyable read.
You made my evening a better one.
Thank you.

5811839 No, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Stories about people (or ponies, or dragons) suffering from common afflictions such as Alzheimer's have never meshed well with my interests...probably because they waste time showing how sad and miserable the characters are with scenes in which they cry, break glass, or throw stuff around the room, and force another character to try fruitlessly to calm them down. Placing emphasis on the characters' patience and good intentions is no doubt what made this story a much greater pleasure to digest. There's a warm beauty to it that makes me want to hear a few notes of the Jurassic Park theme.

5852095 I'm happy to oblige:

I'm glad you found this story pleasurable despite the subject; I feel like the important thing when writing situations like these is to avoid dwelling on the condition, and instead focus on how life goes on, because life does go on. I think a lot of writers fixate on the illness itself, which can definitely make for a depressing read.

5854495 I was feeling more like...

Very good. It was a weighty topic to approach, but I think that this fic handled it with the right degree of subtley and delicateness, and the framing of the story really helped that.

6505247 Thanks so much— I'm very glad to hear so.

This is a good story. Good twist.

The first time we ever picked Zap Apples, there were barely enough leftovers to smack your lips at

The elderly mare's about to call after her, when Applejack's voice rings through the air.

Extra spaces. The only typos I found.

Crazy how few upvotes this has. It's gorgeous!

Edit: Seriously, this is one of the most inspirational and heart-wrenching one-shots I've ever read. I was getting choked up, which makes me look like an idiot when I'm in the break room, all chewing on some McValue GreaseTrap and reading on my phone.

Seriously, if this is the caliber of your work, I need to dig up some more of your stuff. This is criminally under-viewed. Thanks a bunch for writing!

6830606 Wow, thank you so much! :raritystarry: I'm amazed to hear that it had such an emotional impact (though regretful that it was at such an inopportune time!) Thanks for sharing; reading your comment made my day!

(This is a bit different from what I "normally" write, but I appreciate the watch and hope you find something that suits your fancy.)

This is exceptional.

Aww, this was really touching. Knew where it was going halfway through, but it still really affected me.

I know I've read this story before, but clearly I mustn't've been logged in back then since I hadn't upvoted it.
I've fixed that.

It's really well written. You hit all the right points to let us know what's going on without being on the nose.
And it's warm and touching and I really like Honeycrisp for what she's doing but dangit, I don't know if I could do it myself.
It's one of my deepest fears.

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