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Hope you laughed or learned something.


This story is a sequel to The Sisters Doo

Dinky Doo just learned that her mother, Ditzy, is Daring Do's sister. Now, together with the Cutie Mark Crusaders, she sets out to find the Cakes' kidnapped foals. Their adventures teach her more than she expected about crusading, sisterhood, and ― most of all ― herself.

A side-story to "The Sisters Doo".

Story Development Partner: shortskirtsandexplosions

Chapters (16)
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Well, that looks interesting. Dinky's comes after her mother, so I have no doubt they will find a way out.

Awwwwww, yus!

<commences to read>


I blame The Blue Meanies. :derpytongue2:

Looks like Im following this. wonder how good that dog is at covering alicorn class tracking spells? :trollestia:

I wish I could write dialogue this well. It's been a long time since I read The Sisters Doo, but this feels like a totally different story, and I love how it's begun. I'll definitely be tracking this.

“I don’t know,” said Dinky, “but it’s shimmering so it must be important!”

Spike’s eyes bulged. “Whoot?” He grabbed Scootaloo’s hooves and pushed her away. “What do you guys need a hundred bits for?”

“Crusadin’ costs.” Apple Bloom nodded succinctly.

Scootaloo’s violet eyes widened. “Whaaat? Heh, wh-what made you think I was gonna say we should steal it? Pssshh!”

“You get a creepy little smile every time you suggest stealin’ somethin’.” Apple Bloom narrowed her eyes. “Freaks me out.”

Some of the many passages that made me laugh. I'm loving the characterisation (Apple Bloom's lines are brilliant and brash/sheepish Scootaloo is best Scootaloo), and I knew the mirror would be important as soon as I saw it, thinking back to the original story. I never read any of the other side stories (which might have given me more clues about the mirrors), so I'm very curious to see what will happen next.

Thank you for writing this, I look forward to reading more!


I think it's time I checked out your stories :twilightsmile:

I've seen your name everywhere and I've always wondered what's up with that, so hey! Allons-y!

Man, I've missed your writing something fierce. This is gonna be great.


Amen to that, brother.

~Skeeter The Lurker

So is this being restarted then, with an all new story? I remember this being started but it got a few chapters in and then stopped being updated. I had it in my read it later list but never got around to it so I don't know if it's the same or not.

Feeling some strange déjà vu reading this. Super excited for where it's going to go, though.

It's all new. Skirts and I worked on a version he penned while I was overseas, but that's since been deleted. This will tell the same story in a much more streamlined, Ponkified style.

8340240 8339165

I would have liked to read SSAE's story too, even if it got discontinued, I'm sure you two have different styles. Can I still find the original somewhere?

Not right now. Maybe Skirtsy will upload it to his "Short Scraps and Explosions" someday. I'm sure if you bug him enough, he'll do it. Or become your best friend. It's a toss up.


I hope so. I already bugged him a lot about finding a way to continue "The End Of Ponies" and to not seriously cancel this masterpiece of an epic story, but he ignored that completely. :fluttershysad:

I update my calibre library every few months so I don't know if this is all of it, but here are 5 chapters of shortskirtsandexplosions version.

Ponky... We missed you.

Well now. This looks very interesting indeed. Looking forward to seeing what Dinky found through the looking-glass.

It would have to be those three jerks. Also, good to see you back at the stand.

I wonder if she'll run into Twilight and Pinkie......

The title and the mushrooms reminded me of the mario games

Why do I get the feeling these four failed to properly shun a frumious bandersnatch?

In any case, I hope Dinky can play chess well. Otherwise the fillies may be here for a while.

Hope Dinky doesnt have to play The Potter Game. :twilightoops:

8345044 At least chess pieces only get captured.

Clearly the Cutie Mark Crusaders have yet to attempt to earn their Chessmaster cutie marks.

As always, great work! Couldn't help but smile when i read this chapter

Lady Scootsalot is amazing, pure and simple.

Queen takes king. Check, mate, and end of chapter. Now to see where the fillies have ended up. I get the feeling that it's nowhere near as simple as Manehattan.

CMC get bored with the boar on the board game before winning by finding Big Nap and calling Check, Please?

Now Dinky has to be careful of walking through puddles without ending up in blunderland again? :derpytongue2:

Ah. "Rude to ask". This would explain why it took for the arrival of a swaggering, arrogant and unpalatable buffoon desperately seeking redemption at the end of his years after spending most of them driving everyone away by being a jackass to everyone he'd ever encountered for Apple Bloom to finally find out about her parents. Also, Grand Pear had something to do with that. :rainbowlaugh:

Dinky, you aren't just a honorary Cutie Mark Crusader, you are a true honorary Cutie Mark Crusader! The submarine part reminds me shooby doo

“Yeah, seriously!” Sweetie was suddenly smiling. “What knot do you use to tie that thing?”

“I dunno. Granny Smith does it for me every morning.”

It's a Granny Knot! Ba dum tsh... :facehoof:

All aboard the Pinball Express?:scootangel:

==The speed of this fic is already leaving the pace *I* attempted in the dust. I wish I had your tenacity for brevity.

>>“Twenty six!?” Scootaloo’s eyes darted from pony to little pony in her wagon. “Dang it! That’s, like… sixty, er… something…”

Ohhhhhhh lulz. While I never really digged your Scootaloo, you do make comedy gold out of her.

>>“I have a cute little piggy bank!” said Sweetie Belle. She frowned. “But it’s empty.”

It's 2017 and you still know how to make adoracute work.

==Oh look, an excuse to go into diamond dog territory. That works.

==Scootaloo's tunring out to be pretty neurotic. Just sayin'.

>>“When have we ever been lucky?” Scootaloo groaned.

Hah. Thanks for reminding us that kids--while sometimes cute--are most entirely stupid.

>>“Nnnngggh!” Sweetie Belle pattered her front hooves on the red metal below them.

Is it just my imagination or are the CMCers making more muzzle sounds than in your original work?

>>“Stay in the wagon, Dinky, I’m gonna go make sure they don’t ? buh!?”

See what I mean?

==Also, Scootaloo "cusses" like 2012 Ponky. F'naaaaa.

==I dig the evil dog's speech patterns.

Chapter Two

==The Apple Bloom / Sweetie Belle bow conversation in the middle of being kidnapped is cartoonishly adorable.

==Do we ever find out what the smelly pile was that broke their fall?

>>Scootaloo gulped. “Okay. Less easy.”

Oh right. I remember now. The chapter titles from Scootaspeech.

>>“I don’t know,” said Dinky, “but it’s shimmering so it must be important!”

Dinky should play World of Warcraft.

>>“Holy buh-WHAT!?” Sweetie screamed.

I know, Sweetie. Freaky, isn't it? Almost feels like I wrote the same scene in a different parallel universe.

>>Scootaloo trotted to the mirror and tapped on the glass. “It’s just a-AAHH!”

Scootaloo isn't curious enough.

Chapter Three

==Goddam. The Wabe is always INSTANTLY better under your pen.

>>“You don’t think… this is where Discord lives,” asked Scootaloo with a gulp, “do you?”

I just considered something. Is BackgroundPony!Lyra still canon in Sisters Doo universe? If so, then everything happening right now should be Pre S2... and yet the Pie twins are alive and kicking and... meh... forget it. Moving right along.

>>The small, brown cat bubbled and oozed, growing rapidly into a ferocious monster dripping with pus and saliva from a hundred different mouths spread over its flaking body.

Jeebus. Are you channeling Carroll or Courage the Cowardly Dog?

>>Scootaloo dropped to all four of her hooves and gave Apple Bloom a lethargic look. “Well, this sucks.”

I'm warming up to your Scootaloo.

==Scootaloo insisting on eating the mushroom seems... a bit random, impulsive, and forced to me. F'naaaa. Ah well.

==Does Sweetie Belle play Dark Souls?

We’ve been runnin’ around like chickens with our heads cut off,

Morbid thought/question: How would she know about this?:rainbowhuh:


Lulz, good point. It's a, umm... a phrase left over from times forgotten. Yeah. Or Scootaloo just has a morbid imagination.

Hmm. Somepony's certainly leading a charmed life. I have to wonder about the nature of Dinky's pegaself. For now, though, the Crusaders have more pressing concerns.

Thank Celestia, I thought that was the end for Dinky, drowing can be a terrible way to die.

This is one of two side-stories to "The Sisters Doo", which shows how the whole thing wraps up, having been completed back in 2013.

If you haven't read it yet, don't! You'll get to enjoy the story without spoilers this way. Just know that when this story finishes, you get that, and Twilight + Pinkie Pie's adventures in the Wabe to look forward to :)

Any reason why BOOKMARK is written in the chapter?

Just a mistake from my own editing process. Thanks for catching it!

Calupan the sea pony,

I don't know if I should laugh or smack you. Possibly both.

In any case, that's another leg of the journey completed, but even the favor of alicorns only gets you so far. Especially if you don't speak the local language. This could get very tricky indeed.

Nice work!

You’re the best Honorary Cutie Mark Crusader ever.

Indeed you are Dinky. Did you take language courses for this chapter?

I speak fluent Italian. I got help for the Spanish. Thanks for reading!

You're welcome, keep up the good work!

“Northeast,” Zoccolo corrected her with a smile. “But simply ‘heading east’ won’t-a help you. A single direction isn’t much of a goal, true?”

Hey, it works for Rainbow Dash.

Apple Bloom has no patience for side quests or suspiciously helpful NPCs. I hope her skepticism is unfounded.

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