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Hope you laughed or learned something.


This story is a sequel to Wrong Equestria, Ya Freakin' Genie

I accidentally bought a genie who offered me three wishes. Obviously I wished to go to Equestria... but I forgot how tricky genies are. Then this mess happened.

I made it home alive, somehow, and I still have two more wishes. So let's try this again with a bit more specificity, eh? There's no way the genie can screw me over this time...

Guest Writer: shortskirtsandexplosions

It is highly recommended that you read the original first, although this should be plenty funny without it.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 68 )

I see two crackers in maple syrup. What is this?

Talk about eye candy.

The library is nowhere near the spa; one is in northwestern Ponyville and the other is in northeastern Ponyville.

Guess he doesn't speak Applenese. Still he could talk to Sweetie Bot, the most rational of all the FiW ponies. If only Raincloud were there.

If I had a genie with 1 wish left, i'd wish for another genie in a bottle to grant me three wishes.
Like a boss. :moustache:

Last wish: I wish for the ability to grant my own wishes while I'm awake and conscious of the wish.
next wish....


read it at first i was i like :pinkiehappy: but then i was all like :trixieshiftleft: and i just :moustache:

Will the Smooze destroy all? Will Ponkie ever get to the real Equestria? Will this story ever have a character that isn't just an expy? Find out next time on "Wrong Equestria!"

1263835 Whoops. I fixed that in the real document, guess I forgot in here. :twilightsheepish: Thanks!

If Sweetie Bot is your 2nd fave FiW character, who is your fave?

Also, what are you gonna use as the 3rd wish? Not much left. I mean other than the real Equestria, but that would be just silly.
I mean there's the Phoenix Wright one and the Abridged/RBD Presents one...

1274109 Let's finish the second before we get to the third, eh? :raritywink:

Thanks for reading. :twilightsmile:

Oh no, not again...

By Spike's moustache, please tell me Spike survives this time!


This chapter was hilarious! I await the next! :pinkiehappy:

:fluttercry::pinkiesad2: I just read Home is Where the Harp Is, and it was so beautiful! I teared up at the end, and I am so glad you threw in that link, otherwise I would have never read it.... Everypony must read it, so they may be enlightened as well. I'm not sure what I'm saying, I forgot to sleep last night because I was having so much fun reading! Smudge is best Smooze... I guess... something like that, I'm not sure anymore... beautiful story...

What just happened at the end of the chapter? How did two stories just cross-over... and how the hell will Ponky escape? DOOOOOOOMED!
I read that other guyz story... now Ponky must either save the world or get the hell out of there real fast like.

Witchcraft? I don't even know what happens or what the voices are like in that dub!

One more part and we'll be done with this mess.

Great chapter. The one thing that got to me - mind you this is my OCD songwriter kicking in:

In the face of fear and sorrow
When it seems there’s no tomorrow
And the colts and fillies jolts and willies
Make you want to cry

A lovely little set of lyrics, but I feel putting a comma between 'colts and fillies' and 'jolts and willies' would better fit the meter and cadence the rest of the song had in my head as I read it. But it felt exactly like a FiW pinkie song and, other than that one little silly comma, enhanced the feel you were going for/ made me very happy upon reading. And hey... Spike's being useful. Huzzah! Great chapter as per usual.

Well that was depressing... I loved it!

1362370 There definitely shouldn't be a comma with the rhythm in my head. Maybe I'll record it someday. Thanks for reading!

1362533 What can I say? It seems Gypsy Bard has ruined me forever...:twilightblush:I'd look forward to hearing what you put out if you have the time and effort to do so... you have a great feel for songwriting, if your birthday message to Skirts was anything to judge by. I really enjoyed reading the song, just somehow my brain was putting pauses in where you weren't, I guess.

Hey, a "Home is Where the Harp Is" reference. :ajsmug: Unless there's another story where Lyra talks to Smooze. :ajbemused:

More, more now, or i'll eat you alive.

This is pretty good. I really need to go and watch Witchcraft, though. It sounds absolutely hilarious.

Give us more juicy words, Ponky. Pleeeeeeeeeaaase :fluttershysad:? For me? The misanthropic little snarker who is too lazy to start writing already? I'll give you an imaginary hug for it.

Just imagine me as a big fluffy teddy bear with a maniacal and insane happy grin and a butcher knife machete Fluttershy doll.

Evilly Fluffily,

There's an extra "by" in the last sentence.

*Buy some !peaches!*

AAAAAAAND End of Ponies.

Huh... for some reason I was under the impression this was complete. I'll have to come back later if for nothing else but to see how it ends, but for now I'm sated. I got what I came for.

I definitely think this is an improvement over the first one. The references, while still ridiculously numerous, flow more naturally.

Really though, no "read trades" or anything silly like that. No reason to track these and consider debts (Skirts would owe a LOT). You read what you want to read because you want to read it.

I want to read Red Wings. And whatever Skirts does. And here, I wanted to read this.

I wonder if Spike's going to die in this one too. Or at least this timeline thingy. Yes.

A radical ending. That was just freaking awesome in a bag of 'decent', shaken and thrown in a blender, which was set on mince and tossed in a truck, which was driven over the edge of Cliff Cool and into the Amazing Abyss.

Okay, that might be a hyperbole. Whatever, glad this is over. Who doesn't love (good) self-inserts?


This chapter is horrifying -- but fun!

It would appear that the worlds have an effect on the minds of those who inhabit them for extended periods of time. Either that or Spike has some kind of hate-inducing aura about him.

Spikes' troubles aside I enjoyed this story, please do continue;

poor spike :(

would have been funny if he had called upon lord Gak and gak and smooze had a showdown, oh well

1613537 I was totally going to do that! Not even kidding! :rainbowlaugh: But knighty said "no GAK stories" and I like to obey.

he said no gak stories, I'm not sure that includes stories with gak in one of the chapters. one of those grey areas that really depends on how brave or stupid you are.

1613550 Heehee, I was mostly kidding. :twilightsmile: But I did think of that!

Ha, this sure is one enjoyable chapter... Background Pony. :raritycry:

WISH FOR INFINITE WISHES! I can't just let you have one more story in the saga.

How about going to FIMflamphilosophy's Mentally advanced/Rainbow Dash presents universe?

...And then the genie strands him in the Mentally Advanced Series.

Oh man, I love this story. Poor, poor Spike. Even to Ponky he's a miserable pile of failure incarnate. Actually, this is the only Friendship is Witchcraft fic I've seen. Has anybody else come across any others?

The group is not "The Snooty Snarky Vaders", it is "The Snooty Snark Evaders", as in, they evade the snootiness and snark of Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.

Hey, what do I know. Maybe they get together off-screen after every episode, put on black capes and helmets, and walk around Ponyville dissing all the commoners. And then possibly strangle them with the Force.

EDIT: Almost forgot: This story has been rather entertaining! Nicely done. I like the way you manage to keep the characters in-character, and the horrible results that come from them acting exactly like themselves. Kinda felt bad for Spike at the end there, but hey, FiW and its world of comedic sociopathy, whatchagonnado. Kinda wondering why the protagonist didn't notice his own sudden shift in attitude, though, and what caused it. And given that this wish is over, it's unlikely to be explained.

So I'll just sit here. Quietly wondering. Until the not-knowing drives me mad.



That was kind of the overarching joke, I guess... that at the beginning he's sympathetic to Spike but slowly (and largely subconsciously) falls into the dragon-hating rut of the world he's in. It was reminiscent of FiW's senseless Spike-hate, I guess. No reason for it but the lulz, really.

Ocular-mounted buzzsaws? Talk about eye candy!

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