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Mark your calendars for the Sadie Hoofkins Dance! Silver Spoon dares Diamond Tiara to take Snips, and the stakes are high. She must accept, or she won’t be invited to Silver Spoon’s birthday party. The daughter of Filthy Rich, however, develops secret feelings for the little unicorn. Can Diamond Tiara preserve her image as the Princess of Privilege while courting Snips, the Pauper of Ponyville?

Author's note: This story has eleven chapters, and three non-bronies proofread and edited each one. Updates every Friday.

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I believe this is the second DiamondSnips ship fic I've read and it's turning out great so far.:pinkiesmile: Keep it up.

I am loving this! Diamond Tiara as an artist is a great concept.:raritystarry:

oh and Silver Spoon, I love you girl but you are one HUGE Bitch!:twilightoops:

Snails hurdled off his bed and towered over him. “Are you kidding? She’s worlds apart from that brat. Diamond thinks she’s so high and mighty wearing that ridiculous tiara of hers, and she tries too hard to be fashionable with those white streaks in her mane and tail. Silver Spoon, on the other hoof, sticks to a practical yet elegant pair of glasses and a tastefully simple necklace. She lets her mane shine naturally without any gimmicks. Everything about Silver Spoon is genuine, and everything about Diamond Tiara is phony.”

Oh me LIKIE this Snails very much!:pinkiehappy:

Well I hope both couples work out.:twilightsmile:

but Silver Spoon seems to be pure evil:twilightsheepish:

3576596 I likie this Snails, too! :pinkiehappy:

This could be good. Just one thing must be said. DON'T SCREW THIS UP! I've seen too many good story ideas go down the drain because of bad grammar and completely out of character behavior. You seem to be doing just fine, but like that one guy up above me said, Silver Spoon seems to be pure evil. You might want to tone down just a little on her. The rest of this is pure diamond.

Squee! This is too cute! :rainbowkiss:
Why is not in the Featureds?! :raritydespair:

3587866 First, thank you so much for reading! :heart::pinkiehappy:

Second, Silver Spoon is not meant to be evil, but she is meant to be immature. DT and SS don't have a leader-follower friendship in this story; they are equals. I've read stories which featured one of them (or both!) as one-dimensional, cruel for the sake of being cruel, villains, and that's not interesting to me. That was my problem with King Sombra, and that's not going to happen here.

Third, really, thank you for reading. :twilightsmile:

3587920 Thank you!! :yay: Beats me! :unsuresweetie:

3587932 Eh, with Sombra it was more along the lines of no back story for his character. That's probably why Sombra has those few good fics that are about why he did what he did, and not just "Oh no! Sombra's attacking! Aaaaaaah! Flail like a woman of the 1800's!".

This is one of those stories that take a character who is given little back to, and makes them relatable. And now I kinda can see where you were going with Silver Spoon. Good job with the story, and keep it up!

You are never too old to fingerpaint. :heart:

This is my favorite depiction of Snips and Snails, by far.
I love these guys more than the actual characters on the show.

3622585 Thank you! :yay: Those unicorns need more love on the show; that's for certain. :eeyup:

PLEASE GIVE SCOOTALOO ANY COLTFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!:raritydespair: Please?? :scootangel:

Snips was not going to go down this familiar road. He took one forceful step forward. “Look, Diamond and I just spent the afternoon together hoof-painting, and I need to get home. I appreciate your concern, but Snails and I already had this conversation. I know the world has it out for Diamond, and that she rubs ponies the wrong way, but she deserves a chance to be taken seriously. I’m tired of all the neigh-saying.”

I couldn't agree more. But after today the hatred for Diamond and Silver can only grow.

I don't even like Scoots all that much but what Silver and DT say today will cross the line between just being mean and being downright CRUEL!:facehoof:

Now to wait for Rarity to blow up because the jewel didn't actually cover the cost of the suit.
I'd laugh.

Indeed. You're doing something with the two that the actual writers haven't done.
You're giving them depth.

I like this idea about diamond.

3719241 Thank you! :heart: I do as well. :raritywink:

Diamond is slowly falling in love I think. :heart:

Well, this just makes me sad.

Good chapter btw. Can't wait for the next chapter !

3731088 Thank you very much! :yay: Tune in next week!

Just wanted to let you know I am enjoying this story very much.

The only constructive critisizium I can offer is some of the word choice is a little too old, but that's me seriously digging for something to improve.

Well done.

3745699 That means a lot to me. Thank you so much for your readership. :twilightsmile: Three chapters remain, and updates are on Friday.

I feel really, really bad for Silver Spoon. Being all alone on your birthday when you did invite others is horrible. It's like the world doesn't want you anymore.

Now, there's still some differences between her and Diamond Tiara. Diamond actually found herself liking her date—Silver Spoon never showed herself to. She could, of course, give Snails another chance. That is, if he's even ready to give her one...

3766237 Only two chapters remain! What choices will our little ponies make?

When did Diamond drop her tiara ?

3811264 In Chapter 9, "Silver Spoon's Birthday Party"

As she galloped, Diamond Tiara looked up at the stars. She closed her eyes and made a wish. Please be there, please be there. Her tiara fell from her head because she was running so hard. Under normal circumstances, she would have noticed in a heartbeat that she was missing her signature coronet.

3811762 Right. I forgot about that. Only one chapter to go, right ?

3813577 That is correct! The last chapter should arrive sometime this coming Friday (or possibly Saturday morning depending on my schedule :derpytongue2:).

:rainbowwild: AWESOME!!!!! Congrats on finishing this AMAZING STORY!

Awwww:heart: so cute. I loved this story.

Will there be an epilogue?

Not that I didn't absolutely love the last chapter! It's just that I'm curious how Silver Spoon is doing, now that she's truly abandoned by everypony she pushed away.

“I don’t intend to waste another moment on you. Goodbye.”

Seriously, this is an incredible story. I enjoyed every moment of it and will try to get it as much attention as possible. This one is worthy of a review.

Poor Silver Spoon. She doesn't have anyone right now.
Loved the story! Enjoyed it very much!

3843492 Good question! You're not the first to ask about Silver Spoon's personal aftermath. If her story is to be told, then it needs to be authentic and not cranked out. Above all, thank you for reading!! :heart: :yay:

Awww, such a shame that it's over already - but I hope you do more for this ridiculously cute ship! :raritystarry:

This was a wonderful story just full of d'waa. I hope there is a Silver Spoon follow up.

3855347 After careful consideration, there will be an epilogue about Silver Spoon.

Very sweat, good epilogue.

YOu need to rework the dialogue. This does NOT SOUND LIKE Snips and Snails talking.

I'm just surprised this story suddenly had an epilogue

3979644 To be honest, me too. I got a number of questions about Silver Spoon's aftermath, so I decided to go for it. The story is 100% finished now. :derpytongue2:

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