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Twilight Sparkle asks each of her friends, "Do you believe in God?"

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Who do you think Twilight will ask next? What will they say?

Most enjoyable. I won't spread my personal opinions on the subject (that way lies flame wars), but I like this, and look forward to the rest of the Mane Six's opinions/beliefs.

Interesting idea for a fic I guess. Here's hoping the subject matter doesn't bring forth a shitstorm.

This is both a very bad, and a very good idea.

Although the show itself has no particular aspect of theism about it (One of the things I am grateful for) , given a more realistic view of philosophy in Equestria, it'd be far harder to dismiss the concept of a deity because magic is demonstrable. Still, Celestia moves the sun, Luna moves the moon, and Discord is chaos incarnate, so I highly doubt Equestria would be a monotheistic society. Also, I very much doubt that they'd refer to their supposed monotheistic deity as a He. Its a very matriarchal society, so I'd be more in inclined to say they'd be partial to a She. With the route this fic is taking (Which positively reeks of the Judeo-Christian deity Yahweh, BTW.) it'll be interesting to see how you portray the rest of the cast.

Just gonna call my shot right now and say Pinkie is a pantheist.

She'll ask her friends, then her family, and maybe the occasional side character, all of which will lead up to her finally doing what we know she'll get around to eventually: asking the one big white Alicorn with a mane like the clouds who loved to hug her and cared about her.

Rainbow came off as almost too abrasive here; she's nearly too caustic to feel like show-Rainbow, not that her views were internally consistent to begin with.

Interesting choice making Rainbowdash the nhailist. Personally i really like how you are doing it, i just wish twilight called Rainbowdash out on the whole 'tolerance' thing, as in the next sentence she literally contradicts her self and says 'as long as you don't believe in god'. Not very tolerant rainbow...

Personally i think this demonstrates just how personal these balife systems are and that they are generally dictated by their personal experiences.

Great job! cant wait to see what you have up your sleeve for Rarity.

I like to imagine the ponies worship a pantheon of gods, to fit the greco-roman theme.

So far, so good.

I don't think religion should be a taboo subject, even in a normally secularized pony world. Dash and AJ are in character because it's reasonable that each believes what they do.

I've seen pictures of Rarity and Sweetie Belle celebrating Hearth's Warming with what would be considered Jewish traditions.

Fluttershy does seem like she'd be more of a nature type, whether that implies Gaia, Asintmah or perhaps a polytheistic representation of nature. There was a story about Fluttershy having tea with Jesus that was also very believable, and I think she could also be very into the Golden Rule/Great Commandment part of Judeo-Christianity if the story is going to keep it within that belief system.

Pinkie Pie... her family structure hints at her being raised one way, but adopting her own beliefs from personal experience Prodigal Son style.


Rarity probably? I have no idea what she'd say. Also, not to pry, but is this story based off the experiences you had in your trip?

Honestly, religion is a very touchy subject, and this comments section could get real nasty, really quick. Fair warning.

I was gonna wait to publish this one, but people were already worried that the fic would focus on a Judeo-Christian-like God. That is not the case.

Now we need polytheism, animism, not-so-oddly discover that Pinkie Pie is actually a solipsist and likes making everyone laugh because they are all made by her subconscious so making them laugh is making herself laugh, beliefs in reincarnation, everything-is-one beliefs, views that god is an asshole, the gods must be crazy, or the gods like playing games with humans, perhaps hear about Ryuunosuke's beliefs on God, have Celestia say "oh yeah, that was Mom", or have Discord prove that all of the above are true in a way that does not permit denial.

Too often people assume that atheists are necessarily nihilists, and they do not give nearly enough time to exploring the merits of Humanism (though in this case perhaps it would be called Equinism) as an ethical philosophy.

Ooh, Twilight has got his down, going to ponies of differing beliefs to seek the truth!

Hohoh, Rainbow Dash really comes off strongly about her beliefs! I'm glad she's moderately accepting of most answers Twilight would give her, and find it amusing how biased she is about God!

Oh my, Rarity managed to upset Twilight pretty quick with her "affirmed" beliefs! Gah, I wonder if the next chapter will maintain parallel structure! It seems like it would be a good time for some insight because of strained emotions! I also wonder why this is so distressing to Twilight, though I would assume it was because of the prospect of having so much responsibility, plus the amount of modesty she tends to hold!

:raritywink:"Our Twilight which art in Ponyville, hallowed be thy name..."
:twilightoops:"AAAAAAHHHHHH NOPE!"

A very good ending to the first chapter.

Rainbow needs some editing to help maintain character. Intersperse physical motion descriptions with her speeches with expressive descriptions.

I hope Twilight asks Derpy/Ditzy, and she replies "that is classsified"

Kinda wondering why the ponies are bothering at all to speculate so vaguely about the mechanics of hell considering they've already got an underworld they can physically access, unless Tartarus in this fic isn't supposed to be, like, the Tartarus you'd find in Greek mythology.

To summarise the rest of this story:

:trollestia: "What a silly question!"

:twistnerd: "I do not need any phony god's blessing: I am enlightened by my own intelligence."

:coolphoto: "Ze camera ist ze only true Gott!"

:eeyup: "Nope."

:trixieshiftright: "Trixie is God."

It is so unclear what specific point Twilight is objecting. I love it!

This has all so far melded well with the three tribes physiological culture!
Of course a strong and watchful earth pony would possess a belief in a god!
Of course an OP athletic pegasus would discard god!
Of course a unicorn with great magical talent would respectfully deify a pony with immeasurably greater magical ability!

Leave it to a RM to bring up the God question.

I applaud you for taking a gamble with a story like this. So far, so good.

So far, we've got a monotheist, an atheist and a polytheist. This means that we're obviously headed for

Pinkie Pie: either an agnostic OR a believer in a groovy Deity who's more like a cartoon than the figure from Scripture

Zecora: an animist who sees the divine and readily observable as being pretty much the same


Fluttershy: a Buddhist-analogue,

I've been waiting to read this one! Yay!

Ooh, it starts! Hold on, let me pull up my earlier prediction for this title before I read the actual fic:

If Horses Had Gods
If you're feeling really edgy, you could make this a HiE, where the Anon character was deeply religious in his old life, so he has to reconcile his current situation with his belief. I don't know if it's been done before, but again, would make a very fascinating story.

Ok, not looking very close so far. Let's read this thing!

So. That was probably the most interesting thing that happened to me today, and I just drove across the country. And also finished Daredevil. Hm. Maybe not quite the most interesting.

Anyway, this is crazy impressive, Ponky. I think I can imagine what it feels like to write the RD chapter right after AJ's. I know how hard it is to separate your personal views from your creativity and faithfully portray opinions like that. I thought I smelled Skirts in RD's viewpoint. Am I right?

I also love the way you merged our world's beliefs with the world of Equestria. I'd love to hear more about the tribes' old faiths.

So we have Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy left out of the six. I could see Pinkie having some left-field answer next that derails the theme of the story so far a bit but really makes us think, and then Fluttershy finishing up with a reasonable, tolerant answer that says more about belief in general than hers in particular. Or something like that. I'll be happy with whatever, of course.

I'm still not sure if this is better than my idea for the title, though. That story wants to be told, just not by me.

5903966 Had an idea for a fic where the ponies were Fausts angels, set upon the world to maintain it for the other races.
Didn't get around to write it though.

Rainbow Dash is out of character. Not because of her belief, but because of her intrest in Philosophy. Rainbow Dash has a hard time learning through books. There was an episode in sceason for Testing 1 2 3, I think, that explains all this. She wouldn't enjoy listening to a lecturer talk about some pony who had ideas about metaphysics.

Rainbow Dash is very physical and focused on the here and now. It is possible she has never even formed a belief on the subject of God.

lol good chapter.

I think in a society where the ruling classes are female, it would be a she, not a he, just saying

i really hope you don't just show extremes

Never really cared for nihilism too much and I like Applejacks answer, but I guess I can just shrug off Rainbows opinion.

Very interesting view Rarity. :rainbowlaugh:

5904759 I wish people wouldn't equate atheism with nihilism. =/

Pinke is God.....duh

Oh Chapter 3 is fun. :twilightsmile:

5904095 Well, Pinkie is just crazy enough to be a mormon or a scientologist so it will be very interesting to see what the author has planned

While Rarity does have an interesting viewpoint, with some (IMO) silly concepts, I didnt understand why Twilight was so insistent to deny it. I thought she'd be more reasonable in her disagreement. Even Twilight isn't perfect though :twilightsheepish:

I'm totally in on this. I'm excited to see where it goes.

Poor Twilight! Talk about a nightmare for our miss princess of " performance anxiety"! Could be worse, though. You could have her meet up with Shirley MacLaine, Morgan Freeman and Kanye West.

5904887 Uhhhh....the writer kinda IS LDS so he might not appreciate the 'crazy' thing.......:facehoof:

5904702 Unless God said so, provided such a person exists in this narrative.

"So it's only sensible to deduct that Celestia and Luna--and perhaps others--created this world and all the life in it..."

Small correction: "deduct" should be "deduce."

Anyway! I find the concept of this discussion (or string of discussions) interesting, being a theologian myself. Even though the concept of religion is never explicitly mentioned in the show, the allegories to mythology are pervasive enough to raise some pointed questions.

Rainbow's professed adherence to nihilism strikes me as strained, however, since she isn't somepony interested in abstract intellectual quandaries. I'd think of her as more pragmatic in her unbelief, that is, in the words of Han Solo, "Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid." It's another matter if Rainbow was merely parroting what she's picked up, though I don't have that impression from the way she was presenting her case to Twilight.

For a moment I thought Rarity was going to launch into an Equestrian form of New Age Gnosticism; instead she just called things as they are. The Princesses are more or less demi-gods. It still doesn't answer Twilight's unmoved mover dilemma. Perhaps she needs to read Thomas Equinas? :raritywink:

If I were a pony living in Equestria, I would be right there with Rarity.

Celestia and Luna's parents are Gods.
Yeah, folks, polytheism exists in Equestria.

"I've made some adjustments over the years," Rainbow said

She did that all in one year?

It would be really funny if she asked Celestia and she says "Yep, I made everything, deal with it."

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