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Rainbow Dash and Big Macintosh spend the day gathering supplies for Apple Bloom's birthday party. This is a good thing.

This may or may not have been written for Jake the Army Guy.

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A really cute story. A little but of macdash to start off the day.

Never seen this ship before, excited to read!

“So... lemme get this straight...”

Yes, I believe that's how it will play out, Rainbow Dash.

This is a rather different than the usual ships, I don't actually think I've seen this shipping before. I like.:moustache:

Commence read.

Cute and full of Dash being lost to the word vomit/motormouth.

Think the "son" may need to be changed to sun?

I love how little Big Mac talks yet you give so much depth. Really amazing job.

Just a great story! This could definitely be a real episode!

You magnificent bastard, a cute story of a shipping that I really should look at more.

But I wonder if it ever gets hard.

It... it's okay if it gets hard, y'know?


Seriously though man, wonderful story. I'm glad Jake still pushing for Mac and Dash getting some love! Super silent Mac was a perfect counterweight to super-talky Rainbow. Overall, awesome. Good job skirts!

The mental image of Mac winning all those hoof wrestling contests is just wonderful.

Cute ending.

Well that was cute as all hell. Now Rainbow Dash has someone to throw all her enthusiasm at without tiring them out.

I didn't think this ship would hold any water.

I was grievously mistaken. :rainbowkiss:

I'm not sure why Applejack felt the need to ask Dash to go with Big Mac, but the end result was still quite cute. Thank you for it.

Very sweet and adorable and, even more importantly . . .

Very believable, and very much in character. Well done! :twilightsmile:

Sequel to this where AJ finds out about their relationship and Rainbow... Well, does what most naturally she would do; freak out and think that everyone's gonna think she's got a "mushy" side so her and that she's a wimp.

I didnt see BigDash coming Wonderful story, nicely told with good pacing and great attention to detail.

You can write anything, can't you? Loved RD in this, you always write her dialogue perfectly. Super cute slice. Bravo.

5657736 The ship is known as MacDash.


I like this ship.


Dangit bro! You gave me the feels!

the noonday son

Not sure if intentional...

Feh. RD is an egotistical brat who thrives in hearing herself talk.

This was so sweet I think I barfed up rainbows. :rainbowkiss:

Ugh, you write Rainbow Dash so well, Skirts. It's like...its like you have a scope into her mind and personality 24/7. Big Mac was written very well, too. :raritywink:

Which leads me to the question...

Why isn't there more stories involving MacDash!? :pinkiegasp:

You're missing the little hints, then. She moves fast and acts tough because it is the only defense she has learned. Being as quiet and slow as Mac is something that scares her. Slow and quiet should mean vulnerable, yet here's this guy, strong as anything she has ever seen, calm and happy as can be. It is terrifying for her to try, but she wants to be like him.

“So what if they didn't count me half of the time. Not like I was the only filly to drop out.”

Cuz I've got so many friends, y'know? At least... erm... a lot more than I used to.”

That would be my only plausible guess at the root of it. Good stuff! :rainbowwild:

Quite adorable, and in character. Most authors cave and write Big Mac with a more loquacious vocabulary then we see from him in the show when trying something like this, but you stuck to your guns and the result is the more powerful for it. Great use of contrasts between the two characters, giving rise to lots of cute moments. Thanks very much for sharing this!

I always like seeing Dash shipped with stallions. I can picture her going to Rarity and being adorably awkward as she asks for advice on guys.

This was amazingly cute. It's rare to see Rainbow so vunerable, but it was perfectly delievable. A beautiful story.

Need moar HNNNNNGGGG moments!:rainbowdetermined2::eeyup:

5658967 My thoughts exactly!

that was 120% cooler:rainbowlaugh:

:eeyup: Eeyper

:raritystarry:Kick MY precious scales?
:moustache:Wutsup wit that?
:flutterrage: MINE!

:twilightoops: wOW! eGGhEAD?
:ajbemused: How's DEM APPLES

Interesting how you stuck with Big Mac being a stallion of two words. The dynamic between the two was fun to read, and you certainly know (like Big Mac) to make even the smallest bits count.

Well written. Keep up the good work.

I knew this was a shipfic walking in. And it was a beautiful little note at that. Always loved your style of slice-of-life. I don't normally ship these two, but I can dig it.

Rainbow dash... The only pony I know that hasta talk herself in to cuddles

This Rainbow Dash is probably the only Rainbow Dash I'll ever really like. Oh, and MacDash is best ship :rainbowkiss::eeyup:.

Hnnn this is AMAZING


I don't say this about many fanfics, but you know what?

This could be an actual episode of the show.

It'd probably be tweaked to be a little more friendshippy than romantic at the end, but yeah. This totally feels like a real, authentic episode of the show.


5656504 Thanks for being so influential and whatnot, man. You earned all of us a short RainbowMac fluff. :3

Aww, this was really sweet. :twilightsmile: I'll echo what 5661433 said; this definitely could be a real episode with a little tweaking. Dash definitely overcompensates her anxieties through bravado, and could really learn from somepony like Mac.

Have a fave, skirts!

Agreed. Season 5, episode whatever- "Different, Yet Alike." :eeyup:

Marvelously written. Thoroughly entertaining to read the whole way through, dude. Nice job. This shows what the authors on this site are capable of when they aren't soliciting horse pornography to the neckbearded masses.

Such a simple premise yet deep on many levels . You are such a fun writer to read and I would read your works all day if I had time. Until next story...

That was adorable.

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