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Vinyl Scratch accidentally discovers a technology that already exists, but understanding how it works leads to a greater understanding of the Horrendous Hypothesis.

An entry in the Weedverse.

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Interesting use of a crystal radio schematic.

Vinyl was greatful.


Lore-drop notification received.
Standing by to receive and review package :twilightsheepish:

I dunno.
She's pretty full of great as well.
And after an all you can eat she's bound to be both great AND full
I am not sorry.
Ok, maybe a little

So after going to a buffet, might Trixie be simply Great and Full?

I'm not sorry. Not at all.

I now have a mental image of someone walking up to a unicorn, opening their mouth, and booping their snoot causing music to play.

This gave me a giggle.

I expected they'd be introducing a radio-like device for unicorn magic.
Didn't expect to drop the "like".

This potentially opens up so many possibilities.
Spellcasting at range.
Magic collectors and transmitters
And, if you get the crystal radio efficient enough, or the storage good enough, maybe even devices for unicorn spells that non-unicorns can use.

I'd take a better look into microwaves too.
If you can take a pegasus' flight, you might be able to give it to others too.
Also, combat applications. Literal no fly zones.

Carefully moving their heads around to get a better signal. Tinfoil attachments to improve reception. Cranking ears to adjust volume or station.

I assume that the unicorn horns transmit EM waves as magic, and one of these waves - if not the wave - is radio.

Interesting. And, if not, more interesting. I want to see this play out.

more with these two please!

This is one of the quibbles I have with the Weedverse. Sometimes it feels like Grogar and his armies are only a threat because the Princesses are holding back.

Off the top of my head there are at least three "nuclear options," available to them they aren't using. The dozens of alicorns-in-potential in Ponyville alone that could be ascended at any time. The vast stockpile of magical artifacts that Celestia's adventurers and agents have collected over the centuries. In this particular case, reliable access to a world with technology more advanced and capable then Grogar and his army is even aware is possible (making "nuclear option," quite literal).

I understand why Celestia and the other Princesses refuse to use these options. Because they feel that unleashing them carelessly could over the long term cause more chaos and deaths then Grogar's war ever could (Cold comfort to the families of the ponies who have died/are dying/will die on the front lines).

But that's the point. Celestia and the other Princesses don't see Grogar as a big enough deal to actually go after him with everything they have.

The biggest issue is actually finding him.

Most of the time, he (and others) exist in a place that is inaccessible.

This will make more sense later.

Interesting so very interesting we'll see how this plays out. Duplicating tech without understanding it sounds like all sorts of fun things have probably occurred.. Know the early wireless keyboards would occasionally over power other units in the area even through walls.

A colt could just die!

Those two strangers are just asking for trouble. Or possibly looking for it.

“Probably the brand name, Sumac. It’s weird that we can read it. Daring Do says it is a seeded language, one that happens on a multitude of worlds.” Licking her lips, Vinyl stabbed a bite of gravy-drenched tamale with her fork. “Volterex might be the name of the inventor, perhaps.”

The fact that a "seeded language" is a thing at all seems like an important detail.

Snazzy duds.

Tilting his head off to one side, Sumac studied the enormous mare for a few seconds before responding, “You look ridiculous.”

Out of the mouths of babes, etc, etc.

Hmn. It certainly makes sense that a civilization might have engineering and even biological processes that make use of a natural force before they have the science to understand it.

Oh if only that whole old magic thing where personal belongings could be used to target the individual they belonged to, it would be over the moment sumac or someone got a hold of one of his toys.

Different frequencies of unicorn-accessible magic, eh? Intriguing!

This seems somewhat like the Weedverse's version of the Chase-verse's unicorn power levels / types.

That said, the radio frequency comparison is apt, insofar as the further of a frequency one uses from existing frequencies, the stronger their signal will be. Edit: This is why various broadcast frequencies keep getting higher and higher, because the lower bands are absolutely jam packed.

Nice! That story got me hooked immediately :twilightsmile:

Kudzu yes, you did.

Moving as far away as she could, Vinyl stood near a wall, slipped the device over her horn, and said, “I will now act as a radio transmitter. Observe.”

And Sumac, please hold my beer.

“Vinyl and I asked ourselves why we had this problem.” Sumac pushed his glasses back up his nose with a deft flick of magic and looked up at the big white mare looking down at him. “It took us in new directions. Gave us new understandings. And then I started remembering stuff—”

“From the centaur archive?” Princess Celestia’s words were little more than a whisper.


This is fascinating.

“Because they calculated the odds and saw a future that few of us could comprehend,” Princess Celestia said as she went still. “They foresaw these issues and no doubt made compensations. By making certain unicorns draw from specific power sources, it ensured that there would always be a few powerful magic users… exceptional casters of unbelievable power and skill. Most of those seem to come from Luna’s bloodline, and that makes sense, given what we are. Insurance for the future.”

Hmn, makes sense.

“It’s given us insight into the Great Enemy as well,” Sumac said to Princess Celestia, his voice squeaky. “We have theories how his magic works and why unicorns that follow him gain so much power. Princess, we’ve entered into the Great Radio Race, as my master calls it. This race is the very study of magic itself. We have to keep studying, because you can bet that the Great Enemy is hard at work trying to figure this out as well. We have advantages in this race and we need to exploit them.”

Also pretty interesting.

Too many unicorns on the same band...
Time to invent modulators.

And rockets, for a sattelite network.
Operation Planetwide Casting.
Killsats have never been so magical.

So... Sorcerers are like signal amplifiers? Is that why they boost the magic of others around them?

Fascinating stuff.

So, if the Crystal Empire is a radio transmitter, does that mean there's more or them out there?

This promises to be fun, especially with the storytelling style.

Maybe why do unicorn horns light up?

Steampunk LED

Or it can just be a side emmission of plasmonic excitation. :twilightsheepish:

As for the complexities that might be, there could be Chaos Oscilators, Harmonic Prime Carriers, OFDM, and 5D signal generating arrays, that have been mentioned in various places over the years for starting lines of theoretical research etc and some have already been used.

A normal body is full of all sorts of carefully aligned crystals in dielectric matrices.:trollestia:


Maybe why do unicorn horns light up?

Ever hold a fluoro tube under a high voltage power line?


Unfortnately, the pylon right outside my house was too low voltage to fire the tubes up, and the power poles the lines dropped down to were so close to the ground, if youd tried standing under them holding a 6 foot flourescent tube, it wouldnt have been induction that would be lighting it, or you, up. :derpytongue2:

In the end, unicorns, if they tune their horns just right, can hear the crooning of one "Wierd" Al Yankovic.

Burn your candle at both ends
Look a gift horse pony in the mouth
Mashed potatoes can be your friends

That ought to be Weird Al Yakovic.

another question entirely, what if some unicorns are AM and others FM ??????

Well, how about that?

They’ve just discovered electronic warfare.

“Just wait until they see the blamethrower, Sumac. Our good names will be cleared and Twilight will come around and see reason. It still needs some tweaking before we do a public demonstration. Up for a bit of tinkering this weekend?”

I see what you did there… :trixieshiftright:

8830684 8831069

Besides AM and FM, some common modulation architectures are PM, SM, SSB, ASK, APSK, CPM, FSK, MFSK, MSK, OOK, PPM, PSK, QAM, SC-FDE, TCM, WDM, OFDM, CSS, DSSS, FHSS, and THSS. To say nothing of the various multiplexing techniques so that multiple carriers can share one frequency or band without information loss. Modern radio is not simple.

At first glance, I thought this said Attitude Adjustment and my mind immediately went to John Cena

Damn, this means Celestia needs to reach out to the governments of EQG world soon. Radio is a keystone infrastructure of the modern world if it collapses that would lead to the deaths of hundreds of millions. It would be grossly negligent to just hope the humans figure out Thaumatons on their own in time.

Sunset Shimmer already deals with some guilt over the chaos that her inadvertently introducing Equestrian magic caused. Finding out that she might have just outright doomed human civilization will hit her pretty hard.

Celestia has no way of knowing that it might collapse civilisation. Nobody does.

IYRC, poison joke has appeared beyond the mirror too.

At long last, Vinyl truly felt that she had become the pony that Octavia believed her to be.

Damn, that one hit me right in the feels


IIRC, poison joke has appeared beyond the mirror too.

Makes sense, It's trying to clean magic in a place where it doesn't belong.

I wonde what would happen if you got a hold of the Great enemy's frequency and put a load of ponies in it.

Would this weaken their enemies? Embolster your allies? It depends on if the frequency is inherently corrupting towards the minds of the user.

The funny thing about introverts is that some have utterly no problem getting up in front of people or speaking, like my cousin. She is perfectly fine with getting up in front of people and giving presentations or dancing or doing karate tournaments. I'm a little jealous of her occasionally. :twilightblush:

I'd be afraid of it weakening or corrupting the new ponies tied to it.

8833004 obviously, trying to use said frequency has terrible risks. What if it has a corrupting effect? What if the Great Enemy can monitor whatever they do? What if it just simply doesn't work, and cuts the pony off from their original frequency?

So many variables.

Alternately, go the Niven route and make pointless entropy engines on that frequency.

As they like to say, introversion simply means you recharge in stable, known situations rather than boisterous and fluid ones. Many introverts interact very well socially, it's just that it's effortfull rsther than effortless. Or at least that's what my professor wont shut the hell up about.

Personally I have no problem with public speaking, but as an introvert, would prefer to sleep for three days straight instead. Alas, I'll have to settle for vicariously reading.

Just because you are a space-crazed weirdo it doesn't mean you might not also be correct.

How music could survive being free and sent over the air remained to be seen.

It'll work out.

Ahhh, crystal radios, I get it.

Science in real time, this is great.

I hope you were looking for responsiblity, Vinyl, because I think you just got a lot of it.

“Princess…” Vinyl felt her magic waver for a second and it took her a moment to recover it. Weighing the nature of her request, Vinyl knew that she was asking a lot, but she would ask, nonetheless. “Princess, as the head of this new ministry, I must ask that you do your part as well. From you, from the whole of the Royal Family, I would like weekly radio addresses. It would be like you coming into ponies’ homes to visit them. I know for a fact that ponies would gain an interest in radio and would go through the trouble of constructing a crystal radio receiver if they knew that they could hear you address our fair nation. This will push the technology forwards faster than anything else—the ability to hear your voice from coast to coast, that is.”

This seems like a great idea. Plus, mild payback for Celestia creating that new ministry out of whole cloth and handing it off to Vinyl.

Or Gosling can do it, I suppose the Prince Consort is almost as good.

Good job, Vinyl and Sumac.

I somehow read the last line as ‘now go forth and doom the world’

Vinyl had hardly made a dent in hers while Sumac assailed his Celestial Juggernaut with the sort of savage voracity that a colt his age could muster.

Should be "only a colt his age".

and some crazy-pink ice cream that she couldn’t be certain of which flavour it was it.

Should be "it was"

This was interesting. It nswered questions about magic, and raised a few more. It also gave us some insight into Vinyl, which is also cool

I came for the comedy, tech, and the title weedverse.

Apparently I know nothing of the weedverse and now need to read that.

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