Welcome all, to a group dedicated to the Starlight/Sunburst ship!

Seeing as the original group is defunct, I figured I start my own and, hopefully, make this one a more organized one! The goal is to create a group where readers, shippers and casual fans alike can find StarBurst content, where writers can promote their StarBurst stories and make this a place we can all discuss and gush about this ship :heart:

But first.


  1. Site rules still apply
  2. Use common sense and mind your manners
  3. Place stories in their appropriate folders
  4. Don't attack other ships here, not even to defend or elevate StarBurst, all ships are valid
  5. NSFW stories are allowed
  6. NSFW imagery/discussion IS NOT allowed
  7. As long as your story contains StarBurst as the main focus, self-promotion is allowed
  8. Use the forums wisely, i.e., discuss the dynamics of this pairing, and promote or discuss ideas for a (StarBurst) fic.
  9. And lastly. HAVE FUN!

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Whoops, stumbled on my coping mechanism

Hope to contribute something soon!

Aww, thank you :heart: :heart:

Hope you enjoy your stay here!

I miraculously stumbled upon this new group after I was looking through your StarBurst fics. I personally enjoy StarTrix more, but I still greatly appreciate best mare paired with best boyo. :heart:

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