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A(nother) Slight Delay! · 10:11pm April 10th

As was mentioned in the notes of Chapter 51, the ending's getting pretty lengthy. It's just about wrapped up, but I will need a couple more days to close it out. Should be posted no later than Wednesday, but most likely Tuesday. I think I'll still be able to get the epilogue out by the 20th, but we'll see...

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I really enjoyed it! Especially loved your use of organic world-building. No exposition, just having the characters use terms/references like they would naturally, and then bring the reader in on the specifics later through context clues. Brilliant!

Seems like such a well fleshed out world too. Really wish there was more coming, but it sounds like you're moving away to other projects. A shame, but I wish you luck all the same!

Thanks so much for favoriting Flurry in Time!:twilightsmile:

I hope you enjoy it

Oh, well, thank you so much! I certainly don't plan on stopping any time soon!

So, I just realized you wrote Legacies; one of my favorite fallout stories. Now I'm reading Ashes... and I have to say you have a gift. Don't stop writing, friend!

Oh shush you. You are the awesome one here for working your magic, I'm just stating facts. ^^

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