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Defeated. Humiliated. Reduced to a mere shadow. But Sombra hadn't been as careless as the time before. He'd taken precautions, set up ways to recover. One such way being the little alicorn residing in the Crystal Empire.

Now he finally has his chance to return. He just needs to convince Flurry Heart to go along with his plan, and soon he will rule over the land once more.

If he can survive through the holidays, at least.

This was written for Frazzle2Dazzle as a part of Jinglemas 2019! For more information about Jinglemas, checkout our group!

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This sounds interesting and fun as hell. I'm in.

XD oh Shiny....

This was a fun story :twilightsmile:

"I wouldn't be the weirdest thing she's done." Cadence took another sip. "In fact, I give it another year at most before he taps out and comes to us for help."

"I give it six months," Twilight said as she raised.



I give it two years, and Sombra does it because Flurry’s attempting a dangerous ritual to revive him fully.

Really liked this story, love what you did with Sombra!

They'd both come in packages from the mail, dropped there by a grey mare after she'd crashed through the window.

:derpytongue2: "Happy Hearth's Warming, Princess Flurry! Happy Hearth's Warming thing in Princess Flurry's shadow!"
"How did she—"
"She has special eyes."

Delightful from start to finish. Sombra may never fully comprehend or appreciate the light side, but Flurry's reign should certainly be... interesting.

Also, Shining, you can't just wait for the wings. You've got to go out and make them happen.

Shining gave one more look at his cards, then folded out. "Hey, speaking of bets. I've got this ongoing one with Flash about when exactly I'll get my wings. So, uh, any news on that?"

Well, uh, about that...

Poor Shining. No male alicorns allowed, I guess. Have to wonder if the universe is opposed to it for some reason.

Wonder if Sombra will become her evil advisor or something. Always useful to have one hanging around, giving terrible advice and undermining your authority so you know who to blame. =P

It was really great !!

And then, there was that ending...


But hey, nice try.

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