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After Starlight comes back from her trip to Saddle Arabia with Trixie, all she wanted to do was relax. Come back to her office, get some hot cocoa to drink, rest her body and relax with the talking cat that was in her office somehow.

Wait, what was that last part?

A little short crossover story I decided to do based on the newest champion to League of Legends, Yuumi. I just think that it would be funny to have her interact with some of the characters in MLP, Prominently, the Young Six. This was the result of that.

Credits to Everything shown.
Cover Art belongs to Imako_chan on Twitter.
Also, big thanks to MrAquino for helping me with writing some of the Young Six. This was my first try with them, and thanks to him, I think I can be able to try more later on.
Takes place after the events of Season 8’s ‘Road to Friendship’

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continue this please? this could be so funny!

Originally, this was intended to be a bit of a one shot. But maybe in the future I can do something.


I hope you do.:pinkiesmile: Its really good.:pinkiehappy:

Headmare_Twilight_Sparkle.exe has stopped working. Please use a ‘Young Aggressive Kickstart’ to initiate reboot procedure.


“Yak see headmare need help!! Yona help Headmare!!”

“No no no no, wait-!!”

“Yona SMASH!!”


Takes place after the events of Season 8’s ‘Road to Friendship’

...What happened in that episode, again?

Basically, Starlight and Trixie got to Saddle Arabia, stuff happens, Trixie almost gets her wagon taken, bond goes stronger out of the whole experience. You know, a normal tuesday in Equestria.

p.s. Does the story have an AS in ?

Could you be a bit more specific on what you mean? I’m not entirely sure what an ‘AS in’ is.

Ah. In that case, none of the characters do. Though, If you ask why I placed it in that particular group, its because I’m on the spectrum. Does that help?

next time

Please put it in the rite one

Sorry about that. I was kind of unsure where it was to be put in the first place. Please don’t be mad :fluttershysad:

I'm not mad

I jest don't like having the stories miss-placed.

Comment posted by Chrome Reader deleted May 20th, 2019

You might want to step back. This will get really loud.



Dammit Garen! You just had to ult there

Yup. Garen’s warcry on its own can cause hearing loss if you get too close xD

You know. Why isn't there more League of Legends crossover fics?

this is the first one in a while. i'm working on 2 right now, but it's tough.

Lack of motivation or because of how the game keeps on changing?

no, lack of motivation.
the stories are about Yorick crashing into Equestria, and Pentakill trying to regroup all around the world.

Hunh... Nice. I wish you the best of luck on those. I look forward to seeing them

Can someone make a story about Zoey

... You make a fair point. We need someone to do that!

Please MOAR!!! I think eg Fluttershy might want Yuumi as her pet or maybe story about Yuumi being the principal at Twilight school for a few days

There's a lot of different possibilities in which Yuumi could possibly be. Yet, she might not stick around long if something frightens her... For example, there's water. Why? Well, the short story for Yuumi that was released just before she was released in game called "The Biggest Catch" has this insert from it when they end up floating above the ocean.

“Book, whyyy?!” I cry. “Naps never lead to bad things!”

Book opens and closes in exasperation. I don’t do water, and neither does Book.

Headmare_Twilight_Sparkle.exe has stopped working. Please use a ‘Young Aggressive Kickstart’ to initiate reboot procedure .

Good the my head's attached correctly.:rainbowlaugh:🤣


GAAAAAARRREEEENNN!!!!! My main on LoL! Yas!

At first, Rainbow was not entirely thrilled about this. After all, most of the games that she preferred to play were more of the fast paced and action variety. But, after she picked some guy named ‘Garen’, she began having a bit of fun with whacking minions and champions with her oversized sword.

....The fact that she played Garen makes her 20% cooler. At most.

“Hi there!”

Almost every creature in the room flinched at the sound of that. Gallus himself had to blind first before asking a question. “Did that cat… just say ‘hi there’?”

shoulda said Hello There
considering I'm seeing memes all over the place

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