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I'm not the greatest writer, but specialising on short and simple stories of cute ponies from MLP:FiM and G5. Just your fan from the UK.


Inspired by the artwork Magical Mirror
By uotapo

After another long day studying friendship, the Young Six decide to have a chat about exchanging appendages and abilities. Smolder was adamant about keeping hers and not changing anything about being a dragon. Spike, hearing their conversation, decides to show Smolder what it's like to have something over than claws.

Hints of Twilight and Sunset at the end, but I added the tags just in case.

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I wish we got to see more dragons as dogs in the EG world, if for no other reason than to calm people who are still upset over Spike being one there.

“It was Spike’s idea!” Smolder shouted hurridly before zooming off out of the library, leaving a trail of dust behind her.

I always find that kind of stuff funny. Blame the other guy then run for your life.

“Welcome home, Twilight… How was the marking?”

LOL. Just LOL. :rainbowlaugh:

Is something wrong on your side?

I'd expect the truth being the very first conclusion for Sunset to reach. Not some terrible unknown disaster, but the students of the nearby School of Friendship finally finding the portal. Dog -> Dragon is reasonably well established, although nobody knows so far what would a hippogriff or a changeling turn into.

This was good, though now I kinda want to see all of the student six go through the portal and meet Sunset,

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It would be an interesting concept to explore ^^

Ouch, poor Spike got busted there! :twilightoops:

I wouldn't mind seeing the Young Six going though the portal completely later, for the experience at least! :raritywink:

“How do you ponies even grab things with those round ends?” Smolder raised a brow, “Some freaky pony magic must be behind it, but I don’t want to make my head hurt. Headmare Twilight’s lectures already do a good job with that. Anyway, you can’t beat claws.”

That is a pretty good question throughout the years ever since season 1 even in the movie My Little Pony new generation how the heck do they do that

“Cross my heart, hope you fly. Stick a cupcake in my eye.” The group did the famous vow.

Hope to fly

“Don’t question it, it’s Pinkie Pie. Don’t question it, it’s Pinkie Pie,” Gallus muttered as he buried his head in his talons.

I know Gallus I know 😅 :pinkiehappy:

“No, I think it’s more of a dragon thing?” Spike pondered on that. Smolder imagined what her friends would be like, but dismissed the very thought. She would rather have them as the creatures they are as well as her friends.

Actually that's always been a good question about the other creatures turning into different animals when they jump through into the human world

That is always been a very interesting theory about how the other creatures would look like if they jump into the human world as I said so Spike ask the kids if they want to check it out not to jump through but just to experience it the others did not but smolder went with him so they went to the mirror he turn on the thing and in her surprise her claw turn into a paw but unfortunately Twilight was not too happy with Spike telling them the secret about the human world something tells me he's got a lot of explaining to do this was a pretty funny story keep up the good work

Most people assume that the portal, when faced with a changeling, just throws up its nonexistent hands and says "why should I waste my time when your usual means of blending in when you shouldn't will work just fine?" Admittedly, most people don't have Human Sunset as an anti-changeling magical girl.

:twilightsheepish: You do this again I'll tell Rarity you sniffed your butt as a dog...
:moustache: I had the urge ... but I resisted you know that!
:twilightsmile: But she doesn't know that
:moustache: She's into that kind of stuff
:twilightoops: "..."
:raritystarry: What kind of stuff Spikey?
!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->:moustache: I'm outa here... later!


"P.S. The paw made a rude gesture right as Vice Principal Luna was passing by, and I'm at a loss to explain it to her."

"Twilight isn’t here and she doesn’t want any pony or creature knowing about what she has in one corner of her library in the corner."

Redundant corner is redundant. :raritywink:

“Twilight thought many wouldn’t believe her, and she was given strict instructions for Princess Celestia to never say anything about what happened on the other side of it,”

Because if Lyra ever found out about it... :rainbowlaugh:

“It was Spike’s idea!” Smolder shouted hurridly before zooming off out of the library, leaving a trail of dust behind her.

Well...it was! :trollestia:

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Well, it's not ALL of the Young Six...but we get a decent share of them in this fic. :raritywink:

TA Trip Through the Mirror
Four Equestrian teenagers. One human mall. Predictable results.
RainbowDoubleDash · 12k words  ·  186  6 · 3.2k views

I wonder what kind of dog Smolder would be.

I bet she'd be a poodle.

I could see griffins and hippogriffs turning into birds. For changelings, beetles maybe? (Like is this story: Out of this World by Mouse-Deer)
I could see yaks as humans though.

derpicdn.net/img/2021/6/4/2628387/large.png Could you do something based on this picture?

This is a fun idea.

Though why are dragons made into pets? One of life's mysteries.

Depends on me having the creativity sometimes ^^ :twilightsheepish:

Personally, I had always figured that since changelings are already shapeshifters with variable forms, the mirror wouldn't quite know what to do with that and instead just spit the changeling in question out on the other side either completely unchanged, or locked into their natural base form lacking the magic needed to change into a different form, seeing the EqG world isn't exactly as magic-filled as Equestria is.

Could be, maybe their morphing powers are limited. I mean the sirens were able to use their abilities to a degree. And with magic leaking into the human world after Friendship Games who knows what changelings could be capable of?

Maybe because dragons are counterparts to wolves, and since Spike is a 'civilized' dragon, he turned into a 'civilized' wolf, aka a dog?

But is the magic lock related to human biology, i.e. maybe humans need a focus to cast magic, like a unicorn's horn or the magic gems that only give one superpower?
Maybe changelings would turn into humans too, and thus be magic locked.
Possibly they would turn into some kind of insect, what with their whole bug thing they have going on.

Alt title Going out on a limb

What is Sunset doing that late in school looking that the statue? I mean, the others were going to sleep

What would griffons turn into? Changeling? Kirin? Yaks?

Cuz if only dragons turn into dogs... that's RACISMS!!!! :flutterrage:


11080379 So you're saying dragons are the pets of ponies, and not an independent sapient species.

Such pony supremacy! :trollestia: (Alondro can play this Devil's Advocate thing real good-like!) :ajsmug:

Probably real easy for you too, because there are times where I have to wonder if you truly are the Devil's Advocate, Alondro. :trollestia:

11081005 *Alondro... maintains plausible deniability...*

*later: secret phone call* They may be on to us, Leeds. We may need to hide out in the Pines for a while until this blows over!



There's a great story out there about an evil villain who sneaks across the mirror, adopts 20 shelter dogs, trains them to be loyal and then leads them in an invasion of the Crystal Empire.

Cute story, if a bit simple. Wish I had gotten around to it sooner.


“Don’t question it, it’s Pinkie Pie. Don’t question it, it’s Pinkie Pie,” Gallus muttered as he buried his head in his talons.

Never question the Ponk Gallus. :pinkiecrazy:

That would be way to adorable!! Although I think she's more likely to be a retriever. :rainbowkiss:


Because if Lyra ever found out about it... :rainbowlaugh:

Yes... Why can't we get any good stories about Pony Lyra harassing people in EqG?!

Smolder knows not to get involved in that disaster. As a librarian, Twilight will go after the weakest prey.

What is the story's name?

That doesn't work since dragons are sapient as ponies.
Like talking and intelligent-enough

I feel like Smolder should be pretty upset that dragons are reduced to dogs like that.
The fact Spike wasn't just irks me too..

Or at least question it more since it REALLY made no sense for dragons to be dogs.
Especially if Diamond DOGS got to be humans.

It wouldn't calm anyone down on that.
Its a "damn if you do, damn if you don't" situation.
Since Spike being the only on as a dog comes off as he's been singled out for the sake of a joke while saying he's inferior to the Mane 6.
And blocking him from being equals and blocked from their bond. And how its so unfair for him.
While having all dragons be dogs still singles out Spike since he's different from ponies(being a dragon) and is saying dragons are a lower inferior species(despite being freaking sapient as ponies, etc.) And also screws Smolder up since she is part of a set of Bearers.

Its even more ridiculous when Diamond DOGS got to be humans.

Oh my god shut up about your whining about Spike being a dog already, nobody cares! You can’t post a single comment anywhere on this site that doesn’t include you throwing a tantrum about that like a three year old with a petty grudge. It’s old and it’s boring.

Some fans do care about that bit though.

I am not throwing some tantrum.

Just.. sorry..

If you’re sorry, then stop posting comments about it.

I can't just bottle them up.

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