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You know that thing that goes bump in the night? Become... that... thing.


Ever since his was reformed and after facing a few setbacks, the spirit of chaos known as Discord has been working. No, not working on a scheme or some kind of prank, but actually working. He has a newfound job, unknown to that of his friends, that requires of his attention and is the reason why he's not seen that often in Equestria.

What is that job you might ask? Well, Discord is in charge of running a special kind of restaurant in order to support himself and make ends meet. It is called the Evergreen Cafe and unlike many of the establishments that you would see in Equestria, his clientele is rather... specific.

His cafe is one for monsters. Not equestrian monsters, but monsters from another ecosystem where hunters would hunt them in order to strip them of their fur and scales just to make themselves a fancy hat out of it. Not to mention that a few particular monsters help him both in the cafe and in the kitchen. It's a secret that he's rather proud of and wants to do everything that he could in order to keep it a secret.

Unfortunately, one small slip up from him leads to his friends Fluttershy and Twilight finding out about it. Next thing you know, he finds himself bringing them along to see how everything works at the Evergreen Cafe.

It goes off the rails from there.

A random and silly one shot crossover story that I came up with after watching a few videos from NCHProductions. Some of the moments that happen in the story directly reference skits and videos that they have done so please go check them out and show your support.

MLP belongs to Hasbro
Monster Hunter belongs to Capcom
Takes place after the events of Season 8's 'Sound of Silence' episode.

Huge thanks to Viper Pit for helping me with this story as well as coming up with some bits of it.

May the sapphire star light your way!

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After Starlight comes back from her trip to Saddle Arabia with Trixie, all she wanted to do was relax. Come back to her office, get some hot cocoa to drink, rest her body and relax with the talking cat that was in her office somehow.

Wait, what was that last part?

A little short crossover story I decided to do based on the newest champion to League of Legends, Yuumi. I just think that it would be funny to have her interact with some of the characters in MLP, Prominently, the Young Six. This was the result of that.

Credits to Everything shown.
Cover Art belongs to Imako_chan on Twitter.
Also, big thanks to MrAquino for helping me with writing some of the Young Six. This was my first try with them, and thanks to him, I think I can be able to try more later on.
Takes place after the events of Season 8’s ‘Road to Friendship’

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This story is a sequel to Of Magic and Machines

When I was a child, I was told stories of many things. From stories of a girl with fire like hair that overcame numerous obstacles and hardships with friends to that of a warrior who fought against monsters with swords and sorcery. Back then, I took these as stories that were merely for entertainment... but over time, I began to learn that these stories were actually true. Especially when I learned that some of the heroes of those stories were from my own family.

My name is Naoto. Naoto Kurogane Nocte. I live here in Canterlot City with my two siblings (Noctis and Dawn) as well as Sunset Shimmer and her doppelganger, Eventide. For the most part, life has been rather... quiet. But ever since the start of summer break, things around town have been... weirder than normal. For one thing, my siblings are going to some sort of school that (based on research) doesn't even exist... Secondly, Eventide's been acting a lot stranger lately and seems to be overdoing everything. And third, after coming across what looked like an old locket and meeting someone named Midnight, I now learn that I have magic.

But with it, I now unknowingly placed a target on my back... and those who are coming after me will stop at nothing to go after the people I care for the most. So I need to be able to learn how to control these new abilities before anyone I know gets hurt. Whether it's friends, those who are close to me... or whoever is on the huge family tree that I'm somehow apart of...

Did I also mention that I have a manifestation of Sunset's evil consciousness stuck inside my head?

The Third entry in the Nocte Trilogy. The first two entries being 'Swords, Sorcery and Shenanigans' and 'Of Magic and Machines'. This takes place a LONG time after the events covered in the second book, so I recommend reading both of them to understand the characters in the story.

Credits to Everything shown (And yes, I do mean LITERALLY everything in this regard. There are so many characters in here from different series that there wouldn't be enough space to tag it all) and to all the authors who helped take part in this. I do not own MLP or any of the characters that are referenced in this story (Trust me, there are a LOT and two many for me to recall at this very moment). This is also a way of me saying thank you to all of my readers and to those who helped me reach over 500 followers. It's because of you guys and you checking out my stories that you make this possible. This took about half a year or more of planning and it's thanks to you guys that I can finally let you see what's next in the series.

Also, a big thanks to the creative mind that is Brony Parasite. He helps in a big way for this story as my co-author, so I want to make sure that he gets recognized for this too.

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A long time ago, Superheroes could be seen all over Maretropolis. Whether they were helping out the public, saving civilians or catching villains, they were always around to be able to lend a helping hand. Those were seen as the glory days for heroes... and Shining Armor knows about that all too well.

Back during those times, he and his wife Cadance were once known as the Iron Steed and Amorous. Two of the best crime fighters in Maretropolis who made a living out of serving the public and using his powers to help others in need on a daily. But after a string of incidents that eroded the trust between the heroes and the public, both of them are now in hiding. Adopting the identities of civilians, moving to the suburbs and trying to live normal lives among everypony else.

That was fifteen years ago. Now, Shining works at a dead end job while his wife helps raise their three kids. Yet, even with everything going on for him and his family days right now... Shining always wished that he could possibly be the Iron Steed again. To have the opportunity to do what he did best and get back into the action.

One day... he gets that chance.

An story set in an alternate version of the Power Ponies universe that I came up with alongside my co-writer MrAquino after rewatching the Incredibles. I thought that the premise of it in a setting like this one would be something new and interesting, so I decided to go along with it. Just with different characters, powers and other changes here and there.

As with each of my stories, your feedback is very much appreciated and we would like to hear what you guys think about this. It may just give us new ideas to work with for future chapters.

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My name is Sunset Shimmer. In my lifetime, I have overcome numerous challenges alongside my friends when I was at Canterlot. Whether it was the Dazzlings, the Friendship Games, the Everfree Forest or reclaiming my memories, I was able to overcome such obstacles with the help of my friends and those I cared for.

However... I never expected that I was to be needed again long after I closed my eyes and passed on. And in the time I was gone, everything changed.

Because that was when Humanity discovered the Traveler... had their Golden Age and began to explore the cosmos... and the collapse that caused everything from before to come crashing down. Now humanity and also those that I remember as my friends reside in the Last safe city on Earth. And with no way to go back to Equestria, it's my duty in order to make sure I fulfill my new role as a Guardian. As a new defender of humanity.

No pressure, Right?

A Destiny Crossover story set in the EQG universe. Something that I have not actually seen done before so I thought... why not?
Gore and Violence tags are so that you know what you're getting yourself into.
Destiny belongs to Bungie and Activision
MLP and MLP: EQG belong to Hasbro
Thanks to NightStream for helping me set up some of the characters in the story and also looking things over for me. You're the best.
Cover Art drawn by me.

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A week after submitting their entry to the Chance to Prance contest in order to raise funds for helping with Camp Everfree's repairs, Rarity and the rest of her friends find out that their music video won the competitions grand prize. To celebrate, Pinkie Pie decides that they should host a sleepover at her house and even says that she has a crazy idea that they could do for fun.

Although... that crazy idea she has involves reading some of the... not so friendly comments that were said on the videos of some of the Rainboom's performances and see how everyone reacts to them. It goes downhill quickly from there.

Warning: Contains profane and uncensored language, some of it being sexual.

The story here is loosely based on an idea that I was discussing about with some of my co-authors and friends on here after seeing some of the 'Mean Tweets' segments on Jimmy Kimmel. This takes place after the events of the EQG specials so if you haven't had the chance to see them, go do so first and then come back.

Big Thanks to MrAquino and Solphestus for talking about some ideas with me, Brony Parasite for helping me write this with some of the characters and a few others for looking it over. Enjoy!

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Magic-- An important essential to daily life that is used in Equestria and around the world.
Visions-- The hopes of legendary warriors given life
Equus-- A world of Magic, Crystals and the Visions.

On the night of a raging storm, a young child by the name of Rain finds himself in such a world that's unknown to him. Lost and left to fend for himself in the dark and dreary Everfree Forest... But with it, he unlocks strength in which he never thought he had... and now wants to use it to help others in times of need and to help keep the peace of the world. Such is the creed of a Canterlot Knight.

Yet, just like when day gives away to night... the era of peace is nothing but an illusion... and there's secrets to the world than he or anypony else have not known for hundreds of years. Secrets in which can place the entirely of Equus and it's citizens in danger.

As so begins a new tale of crystals... and of the ones who would save them...

A Displaced story based on the Final Fantasy universe. Most specifically, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Some of the elements in the story also reflect similar elements in the game as well such as characters, items, abilities, magic and so on. I highly recommend checking it out as well since it is a very good game and the one that I surprisingly play the most on my tablet.

Credits to Everything shown.
Final Fantasy Brave Exvius belongs to that of Square Enix and also GUMI and Alim, the creators of Brave Frontier.
Big thanks to Pen for helping me with ideas when I was stuck on this and also helping me look it over and edit. Was also inspired by rereading stories such as ‘The Mighty Warrior of Epicness’ by ShinigamiSparda and also ‘The Dragon King of Equestria’ by Ausbrony

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So... guess what? When Discord was told by somepony that he should take up a hobby, what he decided to take on was something both out of the ordinary-

BOORRRIINNGGG!!! Just get to the introduction already!

Ugh, fine... Welcome Mares and Gentlestallions to Last Week Tonight. With your host, the lord of chaos himself, Discord!

Thank you! Thank you! You know... bah, expositions are boring, so just please enjoy my show as I talk about all the things and current events in Equestria and hopefully see the much needed changes. Because don't we all think that the Princesses need an outside perspective of what's going on in the world?

I don't-.

Anyone other than the authors? Nope? Well, let's get this party started!

A series of short satirical comedy pieces put together by MrAquino and FrostTheWolf based on the show "Last Week Tonight by John Oliver". Each chapter will contain the original subject of the chapter along with the reactions of other characters such as the Mane Six, the Princesses and so on. This won't be a frequently updated as some of my other stories and above all, this may be considered as a test for trying to branch out and come up with stories that aren't crossovers.

Feedback is very much appreciated. We would like to hear what you have to say on this and any advice that you may have to help us improve with future pieces. Also, the sex tag is for sexual humor.

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There was once a old story from the Crystal Empire. One myth that was commonly told to scare filly's and colts on the darkest of nights. This story was of a figure who had control of strange abilities that were not related to magic, served as Princess Amore's personal guard and had sworn to protect the empire and all those who called it home as it's guardian. However, one day, this individual snapped, turning into a powerful monster that was known as "The Terror of Death". Many ponies believed that the beast was destroyed by King Sombra long ago, shortly after he replaced Princess Amore, but over the years, many have told this myth in different forms.

However... The thing about myths... is that they are truths to stories and legends that ponykind have long forgotten. Now, the Crystal Empire has been ruled by the twisted lies and half-truths that have deceived it's citizens for years. No one knows the full story... Nopony knows what truly happened... Everypony believes exactly what Sombra said... and the lies that he weaves.

Just when things seem bleak though, one mare runs away. Afraid to accept or defy her destiny and what she must do for the empire. But with her decision to run, she stumbles upon the last thing she ever expected... The Truth... And the guardian that knows it. Now reborn after being frozen away in the tundra of the Empire, the Adept Rogue that Amore had befriended has returned.

And he will make sure that the Crystal Empire is freed from this darkness.

Something that I had been working on for a while. I wanted to be able to celebrate over 300 followers and thank all of the people who have assisted me over the years. Thank you to ShadowsInTheDark, BronyParasite and Solphestus for lending their help with this story and to all of my friends on this site who have supported me and motivated me over the time I have been here.

Now on Popular stories list as of 4/20/16. Thanks a million everypony!

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[Displaced Story]
.Hack// belongs to Namco Bandai and CyberConnect2. MLP belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust.
Credits to everything shown

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Long ago, there use to be billions of stars in the universe. Now a days? Not so much. As each star is getting snuffed out by a two faced scumbag and the monsters known as Varelsi, factions are fighting over the scraps left behind and desperately trying to hold their ground against the shadows. One of these factions consist of the free people of Solus and are known as the Rogues. Mostly comprised as a band of scavengers, renegades and overall... misfits.

But what happens when these troublemakers are tasked with raising one? One that is capable of having chocolate milk and cotton candy appear from out of nowhere... Well, let's just say that this is going to get interesting.

Inspired by Tatsurou and the new game from Gearbox Software called "Battleborn". I wanted to try something like this and have fun with a young Discord as well. Hopefully this will work out well. Credits to everything shown. Thank you MrAquino for helping me edit and write this for certain parts.

Updates occur whenever I get the chance to write. If you want to play Battleborn with me on Steam, look for my username frostraven32.

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