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"Welcome to MY WONDERLANDS!!" -Tiny Tina


Smolder has been through a lot in her first year at the School of Friendship. Whether it was the crazy field trips with her professors, the strange encounters that the dragon had faced with her friends or having to stop Cozy Glow from taking over the entire school, there was no creature that she could bravely stand up and not back down against.

However, even if she and her friends had saved Equestria before, unexpected things can happen. When one such thing could possibly set her back in her class and affect her plans for the summer break, Smolder is given a task by one of her teachers. One where she was to take what she learned in the classroom and apply it outside the school of friendship to help other creatures.

Of course, in trying to do this, the dragon ends up coming across a rather unfamiliar creature in need of dire assistance. When Smolder asks if it needs any help, what they and the rest of their tribe tell her that they need help with may be one that's a rather big undertaking... and test her patience.

For these creatures are the Namazu, and they need Smolder's help in preventing their extinction... through preparing a giant festival... No pressure.


A silly mini-project that I wanted to do for comedy purposes based on an idea I had as well as a crossover with one of my favorite games, Final Fantasy XIV. I plan to do this as a series of short mini chapters where the predicaments that happen only escalate the further along you go. Takes place between Seasons 8 and 9

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Based on the Namazu Beast Tribe crafting questline, but with even more shenanigans and Smolder's patience being tested every step of the way.

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This story is a sequel to The Cat in Canterlot Castle

While out and about visiting Ponyville on Nightmare Night, Luna takes a moment to visit the Castle of Two Sisters to reflect on what has happened since her return. Though, as she looks back on old memories, the alicorn happens to find a rather peculiar creature inside the castle.

However, all they want to do is just be left alone and sulk in peace since they're bored out of their mind. Though, the mentioning of a particular festival and the celebration of Nightmares... might happen to peak her interest.

The fourth entry in the 'Cat Chronicles'. Only this time, the story is about someone other than Yuumi. Wanted to try and do something different while also tailoring it to the theme of Nightmare Night, so here we are!

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Cover art by Lcfz on Twitter

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When it comes to the people living in my neighborhood, it's one of those things where I only know a bit about it, but having too many things going on in my life kind of keeps me out of the loop. Though, one thing that I know is that the house next door would still have the 'For Sale' sign up in the front yard and despite the owners best efforts, no one was interested in claiming it.

Yet, one day... someone did.

Usually, when someone new moves in, I don't really take it upon myself to welcome them to the neighborhood. If anything, that's what my mom would do. Yet, this time around, my new neighbor just so happens to honestly be the last thing I expected.

My name is Sam... and, I kid you not, my next door neighbor is a unicorn. A unicorn who just so happens to be very smart, but rather unfamiliar with everyday things that humans use on a daily basis.

What could possibly go wrong?

So this is an idea that I had stuck around for a while that I finally decided to pick back up and thought I would show you guys.

The idea was inspired by Admiral Biscuit's 'Not-A-Contest' writing challenge and subsequent stories within that genre, but with a bit of a different take. Mainly to answer the question 'What would happen if you had an Equestrian as your next door neighbor?'

I'll try to update this as much as I can, but there will be times where some updates might take longer than others because of stuff irl or working on other stories

The character tags will expand a bit as new characters are introduced.

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The image that I have for cover art was something I found on google images

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The universe can be a strange and dangerous place. Once you think you've understood almost everything, you are blindsided by something new that changes your viewpoint on everything you had seen before.

In the land of Teyvat, no one knows this better than Albedo, the Chief Alchemist of Mondstadt. As the Captain of the Investigation team for the Knights of Favonius, it's his job to go out into the world and investigate things that cannot simply be understood. Whether it be changes in the behavior of monsters or the ruins of a lost civilization, Albedo's job is turn the unknown into the known. For every effect, there must be a cause or reason behind it.

Yet, Albedo is more than just simply an alchemist. He is also a teacher and more notably, an older brother. Even though she isn't related to him by blood, he see's the little spark knight named Klee as his younger sister. Despite all of the times that Klee had gotten in trouble and end up getting 'grounded' by Grandmaster Jean, Albedo still cares for her and when he isn't busy, would spend time with her and make sure that Klee didn't cause too much trouble whenever she goes out to play

Though, one day, when the two of them venture to the ruins nearby Starsnatch Cliff, they find themselves caught in a rather bizarre circumstance. Now stranded in a unfamiliar world, where magic is present everywhere you look, the two of them have to rely on not just each other, but the residents of the world if they want to make it back home to Teyvat.

As long as Klee doesn't try to blow anything up, everything should be fine... right?

A crossover story with the game Genshin Impact involving the characters Albedo and Klee. This idea kind of emerged as a 'what if' one shot, but after giving it some more thought, I thought I would try to take a crack at it.

Credits to everything shown
MLP by Hasbro
Genshin Impact by Mihoyo
Takes place in between season 8 and 9 for MLP and after the Dragonspine quest line in Genshin Impact, but before Windblume and Midsummer Island Adventure. I'll try to be consistent with updates, but some things IRL might have these updates be a bit more spread out than usual.

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This story is a sequel to inFAMOUS: Second Storm

Hearth's Warming. The time of year where creatures all around the world get to spend with family and friends, retelling stories of the Fire of Friendship. Though, for the last couple of years, an urban myth begins to circulate during the holiday season. If some creature felt as if something was preventing them from enjoying the holiday season, they would be visited by what some would call an angel on Hearth Warmers Eve. They would arrive and depart with the cold winter winds, but not before conversing with the individual in question. What they said would help them get back on their hooves again and change their life for the better.

Of course, when Gallus heard Sandbar tell him the story, he was rather skeptical. No creature ever came to visit him when he was down on his luck in his time before attending the school. How was an urban myth going to turn his life around?

Unknown to him though, he was going to have a special visitor tonight. One that would tell him that The Angel of Hearth's Warming was more than just a myth

A sequel/seasonal story set four years after the ending of inFAMOUS: Second Storm. You don't necessarily have to read it in order to understand it, but it's how some parts of the story would make sense.

Takes place on the night before 'The Hearth's Warming Club' and is treated as an alternate take. Comedy tag for the second chapter's ending

Credits to everything shown. Edited by Wind Scribe
Cover art vector made by Strikehund on DeviantArt. Credits to him

Originally, I wanted to release this story on Christmas, but I thought that it would be cruel to make you guys wait too long. Especially since this was a surprise.

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This story is a sequel to The Cat in the Crystal Empire

The day after Princess Celestia and Princess Luna returned to Canterlot from their extended vacation, both of the Royal Sisters are in need of rest before they can make any further preparations for their retirement. There's a lot of things that they need to do after all.

Unfortunately, what they were not expecting was for an unexpected visitor to arrive in the throne room. One particular magical cat that Celestia happened to hear about before from Princess Twilight. It's fine though... surely there isn't anything that they can't handle.

... Hold on... what do you mean that she brought a few friends with her?

Well, here we go again. A third story involving the shenanigans of Yuumi, the Magical Cat from League of Legends. Only this time, she's not quite alone.

I kind of thought of this up randomly on the fly, so expect for some things to... get weird.

This takes place after Season 9's 'Between Dark and Dawn', but also references the comics too. Particularly, Issue 65 of the Friendship is Magic comics. Of course, like with its predecessor, there may be a couple of things that differentiate itself from the show. Because a talking cat is one thing... though, once you throw in a few other champions, it kind of goes off the rails.

Credits to everything shown
League of Legends belongs to Riot Games
Cover art belongs to Blaedic on Artstation

Big thanks again to Viper Pit for helping me with ideas and sorting out all the jumbled thoughts that emerge in my brain when I'm thinking of ideas.

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When it comes to jobs, not everything lasts forever. Many positions that you find nowadays if you want to work at a government position are temporary. You would be lucky if your contract is extended or if you are brought on as a permanent employee.

Yet, not everyone is kept on and most of the time, employees are either transferred to another department or their contract isn't renewed. As they leave, they try to move on with their lives and try to find work elsewhere.

However, for one employee, moving on and saying goodbye to those he considers his friends is not that simple of a thing to do. Yet, his 'friends' show him that he doesn't have to be that way.

This... was an idea that had been spinning around in my head for sometime that I was unsure whether or not I should write, but finally decided to actually go through with it recently.

I wrote this as a way to test myself in other types of stories as well as an entry in Admiral Biscuit's Not-A-Contest. Yet, it's a bit of a different take on it.

Based on some... unfortunate circumstances that happened to me recently and I thought the best way to overcome what I have been dealing with is writing this. Apologies if it's... not up to my usual standard of quality

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Thank you guys so much. This means a lot to me.

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This story is a sequel to The Cat in the Counselor's Office

After being resurrected by Grogar; The Father of Monsters, King Sombra went to work on his plan to take over Equestria. Starting with the Crystal Empire, he made sure that everything was going according to plan and take everything into account. Nothing was going to stop him this time. Not even the talking cat that's on a floating book and playing with Cadance's daughter...

... Hold on, what?

Well, here we are. You guys wanted to see more Yuumi, so I'm trying to deliver on that. Plus, with the tenth anniversary of League of Legends in full swing, I think it was the perfect kind of motivation for me to see this through.

This story takes place during season 9's 'The Beginning of the End' and serves as an alternate outcome to what happened in the show. I am trying my best in order to set itself apart because... well, when you throw a magical talking cat into the mix with anything, crazy things happen.

Credits to everything shown
Cover art was an image I found on Google, but don't quite know the artist that did it. Still, credits go to them anyways
Big thanks to Viper Pit for helping me look over what I was writing and providing ideas.
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Ever since his was reformed and after facing a few setbacks, the spirit of chaos known as Discord has been working. No, not working on a scheme or some kind of prank, but actually working. He has a newfound job, unknown to that of his friends, that requires of his attention and is the reason why he's not seen that often in Equestria.

What is that job you might ask? Well, Discord is in charge of running a special kind of restaurant in order to support himself and make ends meet. It is called the Evergreen Cafe and unlike many of the establishments that you would see in Equestria, his clientele is rather... specific.

His cafe is one for monsters. Not equestrian monsters, but monsters from another ecosystem where hunters would hunt them in order to strip them of their fur and scales just to make themselves a fancy hat out of it. Not to mention that a few particular monsters help him both in the cafe and in the kitchen. It's a secret that he's rather proud of and wants to do everything that he could in order to keep it a secret.

Unfortunately, one small slip up from him leads to his friends Fluttershy and Twilight finding out about it. Next thing you know, he finds himself bringing them along to see how everything works at the Evergreen Cafe.

It goes off the rails from there.

A random and silly one shot crossover story that I came up with after watching a few videos from NCHProductions. Some of the moments that happen in the story directly reference skits and videos that they have done so please go check them out and show your support.

MLP belongs to Hasbro
Monster Hunter belongs to Capcom
Takes place after the events of Season 8's 'Sound of Silence' episode.

Huge thanks to Viper Pit for helping me with this story as well as coming up with some bits of it.

May the sapphire star light your way!

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After Starlight comes back from her trip to Saddle Arabia with Trixie, all she wanted to do was relax. Come back to her office, get some hot cocoa to drink, rest her body and relax with the talking cat that was in her office somehow.

Wait, what was that last part?

A little short crossover story I decided to do based on the newest champion to League of Legends, Yuumi. I just think that it would be funny to have her interact with some of the characters in MLP, Prominently, the Young Six. This was the result of that.

Credits to Everything shown.
Cover Art belongs to Imako_chan on Twitter.
Also, big thanks to MrAquino for helping me with writing some of the Young Six. This was my first try with them, and thanks to him, I think I can be able to try more later on.
Takes place after the events of Season 8’s ‘Road to Friendship’

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