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We can't expect Celestia to do all the work... i-if that's okay with you.


Ever since she was little, Fluttershy was always scared to talk to others. Now, on her first night after moving into ponyville, the young pegasus found it difficult to get a wink of sleep.

As luck would have it though, she would happen to find a kindred spirit in the woods near her home. One that would introduce her to new friends and new possibilities

A random one shot crossover I decided to write based on one of the members of the Hololive Council, Ceres Fauna.

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After retiring from her post and leaving the Kingdom in the capable hooves of Princess Twilight Sparkle, Luna has found the life of retirement quite... lacking. Her days are mostly spent with her sister in their newfound home, with not much else to do. Even when she's asleep and seeing the dreams of her subjects, her people are more at ease and don't need help from her like they used too.

In another world, a young god is now able to help her people after being in a cage for so long. Yet, even after saving her home with the helps of those who freed her, some questions still remain on her mind and linger while she's in her dreams.

Then, one night, the two dream walkers happen to meet... and both of them learn much from one another

A one shot crossover fic with Genshin Impact. The idea of the story being 'what would happen if two people capable of walking through dreams happen to meet each other in one'.

Takes place after 'The End of the End', but before 'The Last Problem' for MLP. For Genshin, this takes place after the main storyline for the Sumeru Archon quests, so there will be spoilers for them.

As a disclaimer, this story is not related to my other Genshin Fic, The Chalk Prince and the Clover. This is an entirely separate story, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

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Cover Art by KAYA_ on Twitter

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'What happened to Cloudsdale?'

It is a simple question, yet one that the greatest of scholars that have studied the Age of Harmony could not find an answer for. It is a city that did not leave a mark upon the world like with Canterlot and Ponyville. Yet, it was the home of many species before magic had disappeared and the sundering of everything that kept them together. A Forgotten relic of an age long gone.

That is, until now.

But what awaits a trio of friends could change how they think of the past... and it's something none of them are prepared for

My first attempt at trying to write a story set within G5. It takes place after the Movie as well as the Make Your Mark special, but is considered an AU since the explanations for events that occurred in the G5 Comics are not present here.

This story was influenced a lot by several different things and is the culmination of everything that I have tried to write over the course of the last two months. The main sources of inspiration were the Forgotten series by milesprower06, the Ancients from Final Fantasy XIV as well as the Critical Role miniseries, Exandria Unlimited- Calamity.

Teen rated because of the discovery of things that would be deemed as unsettling by many.

Any feedback for future G5 stories would be really appreciated. I hope I got each of the characters right. Yet, trying to write G5 is completely different compared to writing the ponies we all are familiar with in G4

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Some time after the Battle of the Bell, Discord receives a letter from an old colleague. However, they weren't really happy with the Draconequus pretending to be him over the course of a few months and want revenge for the damage to their reputation... not through normal means, but in court.

Much to no one's surprise, Discord chooses to fight the accusations against him.

The Equestrian Legal System will never be the same after this.

Based on an idea that Jade Dawn mentioned on Discord and I decided to try and make something silly off of it while working on another bigger project that just seemed too good to pass up. Takes places some time after 'The End of the End', but before 'The Last Problem'

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Artwork by Creepa-Bot Inc. on Derpibooru

Like with my other recent stories, it's just another bit of randomness. Nothing too serious.

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While on a trip to the town of Ponyville, Autumn Blaze and a few of her friends from the Kirin Grove find something peculiar. A contraption that's said to extinguish fires.

Each one of them react to it rather differently... Yet, all of them still find a way to get themselves in trouble.

Another silly one shot inspired by another silly art piece from Icey_Starr. Yet, unlike the last one, this one was a bit more spontaneous and doesn't quite have any structure to it.

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When most ponies think about the Canterlot Wedding, they think of a few main things. The imposter bait and switch, the invasion that followed and how, against all odds, the love between the Bride and Groom was able to push back the invaders that stormed through the city.

Ironically, most of those things just so happened to be included with the event package Princess Cadance picked. And the queen herself? Well, when she says that she planned this, she meant it in more ways than one.

A funny one shot that came into my head after seeing this piece by Icey_Starr.

Also, it's been ten years since Canterlot wedding? Man time flies by fast.
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Smolder has been through a lot in her first year at the School of Friendship. Whether it was the crazy field trips with her professors, the strange encounters that the dragon had faced with her friends or having to stop Cozy Glow from taking over the entire school, there was no creature that she could bravely stand up and not back down against.

However, even if she and her friends had saved Equestria before, unexpected things can happen. When one such thing could possibly set her back in her class and affect her plans for the summer break, Smolder is given a task by one of her teachers. One where she was to take what she learned in the classroom and apply it outside the school of friendship to help other creatures.

Of course, in trying to do this, the dragon ends up coming across a rather unfamiliar creature in need of dire assistance. When Smolder asks if it needs any help, what they and the rest of their tribe tell her that they need help with may be one that's a rather big undertaking... and test her patience.

For these creatures are the Namazu, and they need Smolder's help in preventing their extinction... through preparing a giant festival... No pressure.


A silly mini-project that I wanted to do for comedy purposes based on an idea I had as well as a crossover with one of my favorite games, Final Fantasy XIV. I plan to do this as a series of short mini chapters where the predicaments that happen only escalate the further along you go. Takes place between Seasons 8 and 9

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Based on the Namazu Beast Tribe crafting questline, but with even more shenanigans and Smolder's patience being tested every step of the way.

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This story is a sequel to The Cat in Canterlot Castle

While out and about visiting Ponyville on Nightmare Night, Luna takes a moment to visit the Castle of Two Sisters to reflect on what has happened since her return. Though, as she looks back on old memories, the alicorn happens to find a rather peculiar creature inside the castle.

However, all they want to do is just be left alone and sulk in peace since they're bored out of their mind. Though, the mentioning of a particular festival and the celebration of Nightmares... might happen to peak her interest.

The fourth entry in the 'Cat Chronicles'. Only this time, the story is about someone other than Yuumi. Wanted to try and do something different while also tailoring it to the theme of Nightmare Night, so here we are!

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Cover art by Lcfz on Twitter

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When it comes to the people living in my neighborhood, it's one of those things where I only know a bit about it, but having too many things going on in my life kind of keeps me out of the loop. Though, one thing that I know is that the house next door would still have the 'For Sale' sign up in the front yard and despite the owners best efforts, no one was interested in claiming it.

Yet, one day... someone did.

Usually, when someone new moves in, I don't really take it upon myself to welcome them to the neighborhood. If anything, that's what my mom would do. Yet, this time around, my new neighbor just so happens to honestly be the last thing I expected.

My name is Sam... and, I kid you not, my next door neighbor is a unicorn. A unicorn who just so happens to be very smart, but rather unfamiliar with everyday things that humans use on a daily basis.

What could possibly go wrong?

So this is an idea that I had stuck around for a while that I finally decided to pick back up and thought I would show you guys.

The idea was inspired by Admiral Biscuit's 'Not-A-Contest' writing challenge and subsequent stories within that genre, but with a bit of a different take. Mainly to answer the question 'What would happen if you had an Equestrian as your next door neighbor?'

I'll try to update this as much as I can, but there will be times where some updates might take longer than others because of stuff irl or working on other stories

The character tags will expand a bit as new characters are introduced.

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The universe can be a strange and dangerous place. Once you think you've understood almost everything, you are blindsided by something new that changes your viewpoint on everything you had seen before.

In the land of Teyvat, no one knows this better than Albedo, the Chief Alchemist of Mondstadt. As the Captain of the Investigation team for the Knights of Favonius, it's his job to go out into the world and investigate things that cannot simply be understood. Whether it be changes in the behavior of monsters or the ruins of a lost civilization, Albedo's job is turn the unknown into the known. For every effect, there must be a cause or reason behind it.

Yet, Albedo is more than just simply an alchemist. He is also a teacher and more notably, an older brother. Even though she isn't related to him by blood, he see's the little spark knight named Klee as his younger sister. Despite all of the times that Klee had gotten in trouble and end up getting 'grounded' by Grandmaster Jean, Albedo still cares for her and when he isn't busy, would spend time with her and make sure that Klee didn't cause too much trouble whenever she goes out to play

Though, one day, when the two of them venture to the ruins nearby Starsnatch Cliff, they find themselves caught in a rather bizarre circumstance. Now stranded in a unfamiliar world, where magic is present everywhere you look, the two of them have to rely on not just each other, but the residents of the world if they want to make it back home to Teyvat.

As long as Klee doesn't try to blow anything up, everything should be fine... right?

A crossover story with the game Genshin Impact involving the characters Albedo and Klee. This idea kind of emerged as a 'what if' one shot, but after giving it some more thought, I thought I would try to take a crack at it.

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MLP by Hasbro
Genshin Impact by Mihoyo
Takes place in between season 8 and 9 for MLP and after the Dragonspine quest line in Genshin Impact, but before Windblume and Midsummer Island Adventure. I'll try to be consistent with updates, but some things IRL might have these updates be a bit more spread out than usual.

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