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While on a trip to the town of Ponyville, Autumn Blaze and a few of her friends from the Kirin Grove find something peculiar. A contraption that's said to extinguish fires.

Each one of them react to it rather differently... Yet, all of them still find a way to get themselves in trouble.

Another silly one shot inspired by another silly art piece from Icey_Starr. Yet, unlike the last one, this one was a bit more spontaneous and doesn't quite have any structure to it.

Credits to everything shown.
MLP belongs to Hasbro.

Featured- 7/10/2022

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“It’s just standing there, menacingly!”

The most dangerous kind of "standing there" they are right to be wary

This seemed relevant:

the man with the most annoying voice in human history, rip

I watch a video on YouTube about smoke detectors and the first thing I see after closing the tab is this story.

Fire blankets are recommended for dealing with "class N" nirik fires

Now I want to see their reactions to Fire Hose.

Kirin#1: I don't see anything resemble a horse, or even a pony here.
Kirin#2: Is that mis-spelling? Or maybe the pony was out for a break?

check out the YTP version of that whole video. I don't know how to do links. :twilightblush:

This looks like it could be a sequel

Yeah, that’s random.

Very silly and random. More kirin shenanigans is always a good thing. Have a follow.

Thank you, good sir. I really appreciate it :pinkiehappy:

That was, they looked over towards Spring and watched in fear as they saw her eyes burn with murderous intent…

I think you're missing an 'until' here. That aside—

That was funny! Always love reading about Autumn Blaze. :twilightsmile:

This story brings up a good point.

While Rain Shine's fear of their village burning down was understandable, somehow, it never actually occurred to her to get fire safety instruments. No, her first course of action was "rob my charges of their feelings and voice."

Having fire safety tools would've been a much better solution to the Nirik problem, so it makes sense that Kirin Grove doesn't know about things like fire extinguishers.

I commend you sir for this wonderful story.

Thanks for pointing that out. I swear, I thought I got that when I brought it over from Google Docs. Oh well.

'Tis the danger of self-editing. YOU know what you were writing even if you didn't put it down, so when you go back through the work to check for anything that's missing, your brain will fill in the blank on its own because it knows what's supposed to be there, even if it isn't actually there. :facehoof:

This was a great story. It was a wonderful, funny pick me up at the end of the day.

You could very well be right about the dropped word. When importing things from Google Docs, I have had words dropped, homonyms replace original words, and two part names rearrange themselves. It is as if there is a strange auto correct that runs amok as you import the files and goofs things up.

I laughed, but I must say it's not fun when you actually get sprayed by one (don't ask).

I mean technically she was trying to keep fires safe.

This was hilarious! You have my like! <3

Thanks Nai Nai! I appreciate it ^^

“Spring found that extinguisher thingy again!” Cinder spoke up, “We tried to stop her, but by the time we noticed, it was too late!”

“Eugh, this stuff got in my mouth!” Spring complained as she spat outwards, “Why does victory taste so awful!?!”

Sweetie, it's not...I mean you didn't...(sigh) never mind, carry on...

Yay, victory.

Delightful story, but shouldn't it be "house" instead of "barn"?

Why not both, Mr. Cipher?

Lol, why can I see the Kirin acting like this? Why? Good short story, have a like and a follow! :rainbowlaugh:

Thank you very much. I appreciate it ^^

Delightful story. I give this a like and a follow :pinkiesmile:

Ah, culture shock. At least nothing burned down. This time. :applejackconfused:

This is great story and really funny. I noted thouhg that you used both Summer Flare and Cinder Glow when it should be best to use on of those two. Another thing I noticed is that Autumn Afternoon is actually a male kirin. This is till a funny story and is appropriate for the picture.

Thanks for catching that bit with Summer. I didn't notice it until now. Just fixed it

Awe this story was absolutely adorable and wonderful to read. Watching other creatures slowly start to transition into Equestria is a treat and not to mention how lovely the writing is! Definitely need to put it into a special bookshelf for easy access!

I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it ^^

Greetings. Your reading has been completed and can be found below. I hope you enjoy.

Thanks! I'm glad you like it

Oh? You are approaching me? Instead of running away, you are approaching me?

Great story, always love Icey's kirin.

“Eugh, this stuff got in my mouth!” Spring complained as she spat outwards, “Why does victory taste so awful!?!”


That was a good story.

Hmm, I would love to read a less comedic stuff, when they actually learn fire safety. Like fire classifications, what to do in case of emergency, would love to see them try the extinguisher out actually. Never operated one, but I guess it has a recoil? Have them fly into the sky when trying to learn to pull the pin off it. X)

They were lucky Applejack apparently didn't have ABC fire extinguishers available. That stuff melts at 350 degrees and smothers the fire, adhering to the surface of everything and needing some pretty intense cleaning to get rid of it. I can't imagine how hard it'd be to remove from fur and scales.

Well... No One screwed up and did a reading of a story that already had a reading.
You benefit from this.

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