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It’s the graveyard shift at a gas station, and Its as boring as you could imagine. As two clerks try to endure the boring shift, the new flood of customers could make it all the more interesting for them.

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Saw the short description and, it's "Convenience" not "Connivance". I think it may have been an autocorrect error, though. XD. Either way, there ya go.

Thanks for noticing that. I had zero idea of that mistake

Voices: Mark is Randal. Derrick is Dante. Specifically, the animated versions.

You mean to say that Luna didn't notice the flashing light vehicle outside the door the first time?? Boy she really needed that energy drink!


This is the shit right here. Keep uploading.

Those quik-mart hotdogs are not meat. They are... meat-flavored popsicles. You roll the dice when you buy that pre-packaged "food". They don't call it roach coach food for nothing you know.

I am a bit disappointed that Pinkie didn't taste the difference between the carbonated HFCS goop and actual sugar. You'd think a connoisseur of confectionaries like her would and prefer the real deal versus mass produced chemicals. At least she got the m&m candies and dangerous ideas of combining things with cookies. (Never raisins, raisins ruin everything)

I'm also waiting for Luna to discover the 5hr Energy Drinks and start buying that stuff by the case. A million long-haul truckers can't all be wrong?

If human customers are ending up in the Equestrian store, these two guys are most assuredly getting the better deal--- bits are gold and dollars are just pretty paper, one is worth more in both worlds... unless you consider change? Some of the metals are fairly exotic to a pre-semiconductor civilization. Heh, pocket change might be worth far more than paper money to ponies.

I’ve been going on the idea that the Earth Stop-N-Snak the clerks are in is virtually dead at night. They just have people work it because of a “possibility” of people shopping. Plus the place being in the middle of nowhere, far out of reasonable reach adds to that

Yes sir. Glad this is finally all up. Add that complete tag boi.

Honestly, i hope we get some sort of follow-up up to this. Like maybe it could just be the letters the humans and the ponies send back and forth.

You know... I might just do that. Something like a one shot or something

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