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After being chased out of the Cul-de-sac the Eds find themselves somehow in Equestria. Not only are they stuck being with ponies but one of the kids from the cul-de-sac is tracking them down. Things just keep getting better and better don't they?

Collaboration with CluelessDetective and JakeTheBrony

Note: this takes place after the chase at the beginning of 'Big Picture show' and after the season 4 opener.

Recently featured on Jan 6/ 7 2018

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I thought I would never see the day.

*clicks like button*

Ed, Edd n Edd Crossover yay!

You are a hero for making this fic

Wow, now this is a interesting story.:duck:

I have one request for you.... Ed must meet Soarn' and debate the finer points of butter toast and pie. If only because they share the same voice actor

I wonder how Eddy's gonna act when he finds out that instead of quarters, there's gold and silver bits, along with an abundance of gems everywhere. That'll be hilarious to watch. :rainbowlaugh:

Wow, right in the childhood

Oh God, yes.
You are my new God.

Dun! Dun! Dunnnn!

*Falls over holding my nostalgia in pain.*

What would Discord think of them?


my childhood please make more

What in the?... Who are you!? :twilightoops:

More like long lost twin!
Or a changeling.
Either way I'm cool.

3784170 Yea true, were both undoubtedly good looking if I had to say so myself...:ajsmug:

I had this SAME idea a few weeks ago... :ajsleepy:

Do....do-do-do-do-do-do. *Head Bang*:rainbowwild:

Oooh, you used the Big Picture Show movie as a way to start the story. Granted, I wished there was some sort of explanation or odd occurence during being flung in the car or something but beggars can't be choosers

This is the greatest thing I've ever seen in years. Not only do every character seem exactly like they do in show, but this is really like something that would've happened in Ed Edd and Eddy and I was laughing.

It's Nostalgia and awesomeness combined. It's Nostaweness!

Lol wait till ed finds out they don't have quarters, but use a gold coin called a bit or precious gems as money. Lol

If this takes place after the season 4 opener, shouldn't Twilight have wings? You referred to her as a unicorn when she's clearly an alicorn at this point.

3780695 I'll just be dropping this off.

Right in the nostalgia :fluttershbad:

This brings back memories. I can't wait for the Eds to meet the CMC. And they might think Trixie's voice sounds familiar. Her voice actress plays Marie and (strangely) Kevin.

I read that title and immediately knew I had to do two things:
1) Correct you: in the title, you're missing the 'y' at the end of Ed, Edd, n' Eddy
2) Read this, which I shall do in good time you can be sure.

This brings back sooooooo many memories. I love Ed, Edd, and Eddy. Please continue to make more chapters!!!!!

*Sniff* I want more of this... WAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I WANT MORE!!!!!! I DON'T KNOW WHY I'M CRYING!!!!!


First response: The Ed's in Equestria....well, there goes the neighbor hood.
Second response: YES! I am a bit of a fan of ed edd and eddy. This needed to happen.

Yes, this pleases us. We demand more. Looking forward to more stuff, this was a good one.

3787030 Fun Fact: Kevin and Queen Chrysalis share the same VA.

3791248 Fun fact: Ed and Soarin' have the same VA. :pinkiegasp:

3792376 same with Double D and one of the Flim Flam Bros

Can you please put in a scene where Ed eats the bed he sleeps in, that was my favourite moment from the show.

3798719 you mean the Baron o' Beef Dip part

3798987 Best ending to a chapter ever in my opinion.

Twilight: "Edd?! Why did you label all the books 'Book'?! Fix it this instant!"
Edd: "I'm sorry but, I can't actually read their titles or I would have used them."

That would explain why he wasn't there... he can't read the books so he's crying in the basement.



3785510 Actually the dub here refers to bits as cents. No joke.

3856323 Actually it's either cents or coins.
TV Tropes has something to say about that. Oh yeah, this.

3784840 if you want you could help with writing if you want

4062591 I can send you a gdoc link of what ideas made

Hahahahaha!!! I can't stop laughing! Rolf just acts too bizarre to take seriously!

Heh, could've been better :unsuresweetie:

Still, nice little 4th wall...thingy

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