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Banjo and Kazooie were enjoying their life, ol' Grutny was toiling in L.O.G's workshop, everything was going fine. Well until Mumbo Jumbo and Humba Wumba got into a fight to see who was the best witch doctor in all of Spiral Mountain when a magic mishap transported them to Equestria and now they must find a way to get back home. NOT A NUTS AND BOLTS CROSSOVER!

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Banjo-Kazooie is my all-time favorite videogame. *Grabs author by the shirt* DON'T f**k this up for me.

2943303 This so so much. I haven't started reading yet but you have been warned :pinkiecrazy:

2943303 trust me I'm not I've been playing the games often I know the characters by heart and I added music from the game

Please don't tell me this is a Nuts 'n' Bolts spinoff.

2943401 oh god no it just takes place after that game but no you'll see what happens to L.O.G

I was just playing B & K this morning (whats up with the last boss I mean a quiz show that's the best thay can come up with) so ill thumbs up this story but I mite not read it. Sorry

2943757 well it was to be a curve ball to the gamer and thanks for the thumbs up anyway

Dear Barracudajoe.

Hmm A Banjo-Kazooie crossover. My good man you have peeked my interest! I will be putting this on read later for the time being, but you shall hear form me soon.

Yours Truly Thecakedevil.

Chapters need to be paced better.

YES! OH YES! WHOO-HOO! (a la Homer Simpson)

2944715 don't worry the future chapters will be paced better

Sorry bro, but I'm going to have to agree with 2944393. My apologies but I'm leaving. But do expect me to come back at some point. Also, I'll keep it on thumbs up status.

This has potential, Hope you do good with it! :pinkiehappy:

You kind of rushed things there man.... I think I'll keep reading for the sake of the story anyway

2946233 Lets hope so, this is looking good so far- Better then the last chapter too :trollestia:

2989259 not to worry some chapters will be kinda short but the last few will be longer

Um, Okay- not to be mean or anything, But do you even Proof-read this stuff??? :ajbemused:

3039782 I think it might be a good Idea to unpublish this chapter to do that, that way you wont get anymore Flak

3039810 tell me the specific place where I need to fix because I don't see any problems.

Hey it just so happened to be that someone on youtube I'm subscribed to uploaded a Banjo Kazooie video. It was Hailfire Peaks Lava and the Icy side mixed together, If you somehow need that I'm sure that the maker of the video wouldn't mind.

3044451 I'm not sure if I might use a hailfire peaks like area but I am using a -------- cavern chapter

3045524 well I am including witchy world mayhem temple in chapters also i'm including a certain bot for a chapter battle hint he impersonates shaman

I know your trying, but its just too fast the route the story is taking. The characters act like they've known each other for a long time, and the two princess locked up without an epic battle? really? Thumbs DOWN :ajbemused: :twilightangry2:

same, WAY too fast, you don't even know what's happenin.

youtube have old banjo kazooie two game

3412800 sorry im in a rut so please be patient with updates btw what did you like about the music links

3313008 :pinkiegasp: too fast for sonic? Must be a Gamecube, because THE DREAMCAST'S SUCESS WAS A DREAM! NINTENDO, F*CK YEAH!

3047938 he really is a CSI..... too bad he kicked the rusty bucket......

the topic matter is fairly cool, i'm sure the rest of it will rule!

You call getting beat unfair? You could never beat the bird and bear! You were only a final boss, and every boss must face their loss, but no need to feel poor, we're in the hands of a good author! i'm sure we'll bust out once again, So, the bear and bird will suffer PAIN.

do you think you can give me a cameo as an item salesman?

i watch banjo-kazooie in youtube i finshed first game of banjo-kazooie i at second banjo-tooie

2943303 Same here, and I actually have the old 64 so I can stop'n swop... My childhood memories....:raritystarry::heart::coolphoto:


If you could put me in, i'll drink heavily before coming in.

Is this fic dead? I like Banjo Kazooie, and Banjo Tooie, and I really wish there were more of those types of Stories on this site.

5703298's not really dead, but I can't get any ideas out to fully complete it, but thank you I saw an opportunity and took it by writing this.

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