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"Six will rise, but one will fall. Evil returns to rule them all. If his actions do not desist, then this land shall cease to exist." - Unknown

This is the first line of the prophecy that will determine the fate of not only Equestria, but Equus as a whole. It really is a shame no-one learns about this, until the arrival of SPARTAN-A239.

As dark forces work in the sidelines and our hero scrambles to get a feel for his surroundings, someone out there is pulling all the strings.

And that someone has a very special plan for one of Equestria's future saviors.

I just wanna say to all who read/follow me, thank YOU for giving me and my story a chance. While I cannot express my gratitude with words, I figured out a more practical way of saying thank you.


P.S Featured on 11/17/14. :rainbowhuh:
But, but how? HOW?! I think I'm gonna faint...

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Well, I can't judge the writing, I'm not english, BUT, I like the story, so, see you at the next chapter, and a little like :twilightsmile:

Dang, nail you to a cross? Good lord man, I know you didn't mean it but that's a strong saying. Other than that not bad of a chapter I'll wait for the next one.

5172835 Nice to know someone like my work! Thanks. :pinkiehappy:

LOVE IT! Can't wait to read more.

"Arggghhh! I can't take this anymore! I can't think straight with all her obnoxious knocking! Twilight thought to herself.

Forgot the other "

Also, love the story!

I just have one question, can I be your editor?

I think the normal height of a pony is about 3 feet tall. Princess Celestia is probably about
5' 8" plus at least a foot long horn. Princess Luna is probably about a half foot shorter than Celestia.

5175016 Thanks for the help dude. Also a heads up, I made a mistake. I'm going to edit the first chapter. Nothing major, just a small adjustment.

don't worry, I won't judge. I'm just here to read it and enjoy it.

Yup, exactly what I was thinking.

Wow .... How do you do it? I just put a story up and it's already failing whereas yours has a ton of attention and likes! D:

5176221 Thanks dude, this is going to help me a lot.

Have a virtual cookie. :pinkiehappy:

5177804 Honestly, I never thought I would ever get this much attention in a fanfic, let alone my first one. I was half expecting I was going to be pelted by rotten tomatoes as soon as I posted it. The best I can say is that you need the right idea and pacing for a story, and once you get the idea, you have to pour your heart and soul into writing it. To put it simply, you have to write with passion.

Oh, good grammar and big words help too. No one likes a story they can't read.

Hope this helps. :raritywink:

Thank you! :pinkiehappy: This should help a lot.

5179543 COOKIE ! *nom nom nom* aww no cookie :fluttercry:

Please sir, may I have some more. :fluttershysad:

5184134 Ask and you shall receive in one week. :raritywink:

I have a question,
Is it happening before or after EG ?

But anyway ..... I love the chapter, and the story, can't wait for the next chapter :pinkiehappy:

(I'm in the author's note .... I'M IN THE AUTHOR's NOTE AHAHAHAHAHAH :pinkiecrazy:)

5184290 This is after EG dude. In fact, this is just after the second episode of season 4

ohooooooooooooooooooooooo no

>>Spiffy_McGee How could Emile feel the breeze through his armor? :trixieshiftright:

And will any other people from the Halo universe be present in this story? :duck:

5185389 I said in the story that he could feel the force behind it. The breeze was strong enough that he could feel a slight resistance.

Also, the suit is wired to senses. The suit protects him, but he could also sort of "feel" through it.

And for the question for are there any others, that is for me to know and for you to find out. :raritywink:

5185389 He had his helmet off ya' dumbass. Ya' coulda' just said it like that.

Dark first: no need to be rude, second: why would he remove his helmet in a possible area of danger?
And McGee. I dought that ONI would pay extra to put that type of equipment. Cause you got to remember humanity was fighting a losing war against genocide at that time. :duck:

And to top it all of a single SPARATENS armor has got to weigh close to a few tons. So unless the wind was powerful enough to not him over (and with what's stated above I do not think that is possible) so I don't he could feel it with out removing his helmet which for one's would be too risky and two in Halo: REACH he never removes his helmet at all even he's talking about Jorges death in the cut scene during the mission: New Alexander.

Please for any grammer errors I'm using a touch phone to type this so please bear with me. :ajsleepy:

I appreciate the criticism, as this will help me with the story. Although, I have to disagree with you on Emile's armor not having sensors wired to him. While Emile may be a SPARTAN-III, he isn't wearing the crappy SPI armor, which is standard for every SPARTAN-III, he and Noble Team are wearing MJOLNIR armor, the most expensive AND technologically advanced armor ONI has ever come up with. So don't you think that they would've thought "oh, we should probably wire whoever's inside the suit with sensors, just so you know, he could have a feel of his surroundings." Also, the prospect of NOT being able to feel anything is probably a bad idea, as removing his sense of touch can lead to disastrous consequences in the battlefield. For example, Emile could've been put on fire and he might not even notice.

A spartan including their armor weighs one half ton...

5185971 Yeah, sorry 'bout that. When I said Emile could feel it, I meant Emile could literally feel the wind blowing through him, not the wind pushing him.

As to avoid further confusion, I have edited a sentence of the second chapter because a small mistake concerning wording a sentence wrong. Should be fixed now.

Haha I was just stating a fact, not correcting. But fantastic story regardless!

108 knocks later...

Knock knock knock


Knock knock knock


Knock knock knock


"Arggghhh! I can't take this anymore!

wow this is an awesome story :pinkiehappy:, can't wait for the next chapter.

I simply like it. Got my favorite.

i like this story. keep making these.

YAY a new chapter ! :twilightsheepish:*squee*

For the characters age, it's just supposition, BUT, if i'm correct, (and if one season matches one year), we have:

Name: season 1 season 4
Fluttershy 18 22
Rainbow Dash 16 20
Rarity 17 21
Twilight 16 20
Applejack 17 21
Pinkie 16 20
spike 10/12 14/16

for Spike, I think he is still a 'baby' because of the lifespan of the dragons.
Hope you can understand my writing, I'm not good 'cause i'm not english :twilightblush:

5213502 You're a fucking legend, dude. Thanks :twilightsmile:

5185505 Sorta, the armor is connected to the nervous system of the spartan, and the body is not completely covered by the platings.

5214950 That's exactly what I meant, thanks.

Before I read this let me just say.


5227255 Is this because of the split chapter or am I missing something?

It is canon that the time between seasons 1and 4 is one year...

5234184 Just one year ? Damn, they seem really older in season 4 than season 1

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