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Cannot physically write word that make logic... But ohmaigod do I try. Currently has no Computer! Hooray for a ten year old laptop!


Floran: a vicious plant based humanoid that dwell in almost every corner of the galaxy. They have only one thing on their mind. Equestrians, a pony-like race that live on a single plant.

An intelligent and somewhat literate Floran's ship breaks down in the space around Equestria, with no fuel or means of repairing. It's captain has no choice to beam down to the surface and attempt find a means to repair the ship.

A kind of Starbound cross-over. Mainly because recently I have gotten back into Starbound. Will add and put in characters depending on where this goes. Also, expect a lot of long drawn out words that end or start with S, mainly due to how Floran speak.

Chapters (18)
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If your interested, I play starbound too.
My steam is rikusora1994

So what's the score now?
a necromancer, an arachnophile, a succubus and now the race that is deemed, by consensus, the Starbound universe's most savage race.

I give praise to thee, oh deity of adorableness.


Cool, I have been playing on the unstable beta ever since it was announced. I have sent you a request, my Steam has a similar avatar to FIMfiction.

5486853 I'd link you to an awesome program, but I can't remember where I got my SAO Utils.
It makes it so much more organised than having my desktop covered in shortcuts and better than having to wait if Steam is down.

Second paragraph, wrong use of 'pray'.
'Pray', is the word used in the religious context.
'Prey' is the term for hunting.

Why hasn't this fic been published yet?
Taking ages to verify?


I keep meaning to publish it... I just haven't pressed the button yet... Still figuring out what tags to put and whether to up the rating to teen.

5513369 Well, you've got crossover and Adventure. I'd say you should add Comedy, because it's been hilarious so far, with how the Floran has been reacting to everypony, and Random, because Lyra.

AU, sad and Slice of Life are definite maybes.
Romance... see where it goes first.
Yep. That should just about cover it.


Cheers, I had my own ideas but I didn't really know if comedy was a yes or no.

Floran, a vicious plant based humanoid that dwell in almost every corner of the galaxy.

Floran: a vicious plant based humanoid that dwells in almost every corner of the galaxy.*

Either that or switch the grammar about. Also, pony-like* Don't forget them hyphens for the hybrid words!

I was pump when I saw this new story submitted into the group Starbound Ponies. And after reading this I have to say your story shows some potential. Your main character is the best so far. With her accent as well as her goals makes her a real, believable character. The only things that I would question with is how you would skip forward in time, and then the events that have occurred during that are only mentioned, like in chapter one. It's not much of bad thing that affect the story, but it does detract from the immersion as you are telling the story rather than showing it. Skipping ahead is cool, just don't do it critical points of the story.

I'm curious. Is the main character's name really Floran?


Time jumping is a bit of a bad habit I have at the moment, however in future chapters I am trying to avoid doing it.

Also thanks for the feedback on the character, it is nice to see that hours of playing Starbound has paid off.

And bouncing back to the Floran's name, she does tell Lyra in the newest chapter. As for the constant used of the term The Floran I used it more as a title.

...Howzabout throw in another species.
I vote for a mod.
On a marginally similar, note I bookmarked the Amazon page for Necomimi.


I never really played with the mods, I mostly stuck to the nightly builds personally, that way there was always something newish for me to do.

5519296 Nightly crashed too often for my liking when I tried it. Besides the only mods I use are a RWBY mod, race extender, Vulpes race, Biosphere and a gun disassembler.

Oh and a Cadance javelin mod, but that's for comedy value.

Yeah they did crash a lot. I play the unstable a lot now, I have a character with the top tier gear for magic, melee and guns.

I tried using Mods once but never really got too far with it... However Cadance javelin sounds hilarious.

5519350 Pony modpack 1.0.
It DOES have pony races, but I only got it for the Luna, Woona, Celestia and Cewestia statues and Derpy-bot.

This chapter has possibly-unintentional humour value: stalagmites are the taping columns rising up from the floor, not the ones which hang from the ceiling. (Those are stalactites.) :derpytongue2:


Wasn't intentional, but heck I'l take it! :pinkiecrazy:

...How do you manage to adorablise everything?


I don't know, I think its a medical condition.

5485607 What does the writing in your avatar say?


Starbound is currently a early access game on steam, it is a open world game similar to Terraria except it is based in space. Its got its good points and bad points for it. Hopefully the stable game update that they promised this month will be out soon.

5533269 The story seems based on the 'unstable' build. But the unstable build removed hunger? :derpytongue2:


Its kinda a mix mach of both, I kinda liked the environmental and hunger features in the stable version, but I like the content in the unstable version.

Top: 'Mako is about to slap some sense into you'
Bottom: 'Without making any'


I'm pretty sure you can play that race in the unstable beta, they're pretty cool all their gear is based around cowboys.


I'm glad they added them finally, however Floran will still remain my favorite race.

Six Shooter is pretty fitting for them.
(Space Punk / Astronaut Rock is my new favorite genre)

I'm only really aware of Steam Powered Giraffe for steampunk music...


Its not just the music for me, I love the clothes. (Victorian style with goggles, floating airships, like in the golden compass.)

However try Caravan palace, they're pretty good.

I'm aware of what steampunk is. Personally I like all punks equally. (I almost said "I like X punk better", but realized I was basically listing off every type of punk there is.)

So, something to check, is it actually the floran ship, or is it a biosphere?


Its a Floran ship, the newer model from the unstable beta.

I throw my Vulpes and his biosphere at you!
He has an Avian blaster-cannon-thing, that I forget the name of.


If you gave me a character picture, personality and manner of speaking I could throw them in.

5547556 Basically just an anthro fox. I'd include art, but it's fairly generic.
Bright orange fur with a slate grey underbelly, ear-tips and tail-tip. Wears a black vest on a white long-sleeved shirt with black trousers and the Snow Infantry helmet.
Cautious but curious, with a generally placid demeanour, but with a hair trigger temper when it comes to touching his tail.
Had bad experiences with Florans. (First planet I landed on, I accidentally hit a village guard, while attacking a night-mob creature)
Biosphere, not ship, with automatoes being farmed. I only mention THAT because it would be funny to see ponies, specifically Twilight, understand an edible plant that's inorganic.
He speaks in a common manner, but respectfully, such as always addressing another as Sir or Miss, even if they ask him not to.

His name is Cirreyn (Sih-Ray-en), but prefers Reyn (Rain) from those he's comfortable with.


I could use him in, most likely after the arc that is happening.

Its all good. The only thing I need is feedback about him when he is written, just so I can work the specifics out.

Volts, I have something to ask of you, since Fern has the matter manipulator couldn't she mess around with it like suck up some water from a pond or lake or something and dump it on Dash as a prank, seeing how in the unstable build you can do that or just mess with her by pointing it at Dash then out comes the water like a water-pistol.

That and my Novakid accepts your Floran challenge.


I had something similar planned with the paint tool and balls of tar.

5548262 Hehehe oh the paint tool and balls of tar, oh those are so fun to use especially when online. Come back home to find your house painted random and whacky colors and strange tar balls all over the place. The best.

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