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This story is a sequel to Laws of Celestial Motion

There are many things that William Shakespeare finds amusing: insulting in Old English, insulting royalties, insulting people who easily get offended, and insulting royalties who easily get offended in Old English.

One thing he doesn't find amusing, though, is losing.

There are many things that Princess Luna is known for: she likes to speak in Old Ponish, she's royalty, she easily gets offended, and she is a royalty who easily gets offended in Old Ponish.

And, known only to her sister, an undefeated champion of archaic insults.

Beware inappropriate jokes told in Early Modern English.

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Comments ( 12 )

Pretty sure there's some grammatical mangling at work, but this is still some brilliant highbrow-lowbrow comedy. The brow lies superposed. Thank you for it, wherever it is.

Aw, Luna found a friend!

I am also sure...

I just, for the life of me, can not figure out where...

Ah, faith! What fearful grammar hast thou wrought?
Our Saxon fathers turneth in their graves!
If only proper teaching had you sought,
Or resources that might thy writing save.
Now mind, I bear no ire to thee as such,
As fair a writer thou hast prov'n to be;
Nor hateth I the themes these words do touch,
For words archaic music art to me.
Use -eth's and -est's with great care, and so too,
Put thou and thine each in their proper place;
For rules hath English, Middle, Old, or New,
The ignorance of which doth words deface.
Such gripes aside, this tale was fun to read.
A very happy New Year, and Godspeed.

This is brilliant. Please do Einstein talking to Twilight!

>taskkil /im archaickeyboardoverlay.exe /t

Thanks for the feedback! I'll be sure to do just that.

It does mean "use suffixes, pronouns, etc. properly and do thorough research before writing stuff" right?

Yep, there seems to be some grammatical mangling. Where's Derek Jacobi when you need him? Probably not reading horse-fic. :trollestia: But I don't care. This was hilarious!


also have erwin shrodinger throw a party with Pinkie and discus quantum mechanics.

he was quite the party guy I believe.


Protip: Don't make a habit of calling Elizabethan Early-Modern English "Old English."

Sooner or later, you'll get your kneecaps broken by English Majors who are fed up with people doing that.

My favorite part is that it eventually devolved into “Your Mom Gay” “No u”. Brilliant, just brilliant

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