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At the end of the day all that really matters is that you had fun.


So I wrote a saucy fic · 1:04pm June 20th

I've never done this before.






Very Loopy Chapter 13 is up! · 3:40pm June 14th

And it's a loooong one.


And the longer it is, the more nervous I get that it's filled with silly mistakes, heheheeheehhh :pinkiecrazy:

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Watched the EQG:Shorts today · 8:36pm June 13th

All I can say is oh my glob, a literal 4th wall breath in the most raw sense of the word. PInkie Pie, I love you, never change.

So far, it actually benefits a lot from the shorter run time. Well, story-wise, at least. The animation looked a little sockpuppet-y. :derpytongue2:

That's all!

Obligatory StarLight:


Bug Fixes · 6:11pm June 10th

I've updated FimFiction Advanced and Nosey Hound to fix a couple bugs people were having.

Script download pages:


Fimfiction Advanced 4.0, Nosey Hound 2.0, and Interactive Ponies 2.0: The Sleek & Sexy Update · 4:35pm June 7th

Barring some minor electrical difficulties, I’m proud to present the greatest leap into the future of tiny-colourful-horse-fiction-reading since the advent crayons:

We’re baaack! :D

FimFiction Advance, Interactive Ponies, and Nosey Hound are all updated and available for the latest, greatest version of fimfiction. I spent a long time (real time, not valve [1] time) going through and making sure everything works.

Changes after the break!

[1] Sometimes referred to as knighty time.

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One of those days · 12:56pm June 7th

I’m in the middle of typing a blogpost, getting ready to release updates for my scripts, and am just about finished.

And you know what? The world’s just like: lol, nope. *sudden blackout*

So yeah. I’m just here waiting for the lights to come back on. :/

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FimFic Adv 3.11.16 / Extra Emoticons / Interactive Ponies ALL The Updates! · 6:02pm May 27th

Got updates for a number of my scripts this time, since I noticed quite a few things were broken Also, thanks to The Abyss* for pointing out some of them! *boop*

I wouldn't have known otherwise since I don't normally use Chrome.

* Not to be confused with Abyss who's somepony else entirely(?) :T

FimFiction Advanced 3.11.16

Two new features this time. The first is something I, quote honestly, can't believe I didn't think of. The second is, too...


Okay, so the first thing you'll notice, if you look right down here:

She's screaming with pain joy

There's a new link under your stories list that lets you see just the stories that have been featured! That should be a little more convenient than having to remember the link every time.

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The Race has been edited! · 5:42pm May 26th

Remember this story?

Well, at long last it's been made a little bit better thanks Trildar who went through and prodded me until [almost] all of the mistakes were ironed out. This has actually been on my to-do list for a some time now, but I've been too lazy to actually update the live copy. :twilightblush:

So yeah, if you've read it before, it's probably about the same. Nothing's really been changed in the story, just some stylistic differences.


I appear to have survived the past week · 5:12pm May 12th


Now I just have to get through the next ~30 days of writing literature reviews and exams. :pinkiesad2:

But at least I'm not (as) sick as before. Still a little blocked, but it did, indeed, go faster than I know.

To celebrate today being friday, I posted a very short thing I wrote when I saw feeling better this week. Y'all can find it over here. The chapter's title is Change.

Sometime later, maybe in the next few days, I'll also be posting a new CMC one-shot, provided I can come up with a suitable title for it. After that, I don't know. I might be too busy to focus on writing until my exams are past. I have a massive 3k chapter of Very Loopy that's been lined up, plus words towards The Clover Chronicles and a new AJ* fic, so I don't know which one will be coming out first.

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Sick · 12:23pm May 5th

I'm so sick...

That's the curse of my family. Fine for five years, and then suddenly you're hit by the whole nine yards. :pinkiesick:

My only solace (heh) is that it's Friday.


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