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Few things hold memories the same way as a family recipe. Each time it is made, it allows us to reminisce about the previous times the recipe was prepared and enjoyed with friends, family, and even strangers.

On one particular morning, Applejack is preparing every family recipe she knows for a very important reason.

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Damn, I figured where it was going half way through but it's still hit me right in the feels. My own Grandma won't be around much longer, and I'm sad a out that, so that might be why this hit me that hard (though she still has some fight in her). Great writing.

I picked up on what was happening almost immediately, but it still got me choked up. Great fic, and I'm sorry for your grandma.

Thought it was something like this from the description, but didn't let that stop me from reading anyways. All I can really say is; good job, well done, pow! right in the feels, and sad AJ is sad. :applecry: Thanks for the story.

This was a nice and thoughtful read for a Sunday evening, thank you for that. Halfway through, I got the impression the story will go either this way or conclude with some celebration, Apple Bloom's wedding for example. Still, I enjoyed all the detailed descriptions - I felt almost as if standing next to the farmer mare. Also, this is the first time I have actually learned how are those American apple pies made - we have completely different kinds of apple treats here.

When I read the description in my feed, I just kept saying "Don't be a sad story, don't be a sad story..." Then clicked the link. And saw the sad tag. Nooooooo :fluttershbad:

Appletastic story!

Perfectly done, made me cry :raritycry:

My condolences on your grandmother, I just lost two grandfathers in the past year, and a close family friend who was like a grandmother to all of us.

My condolences on your loss, although a beautiful peice of writing was forged from the fading embers. :ajsleepy:

I'm not crying... there's just something in my eyes!

What's in my eyes?



I didn't read it yet so I gonna ask, is this a small sequel to Past Sins? cause that is the only Mlp fan fiction that is not a crossover I read because the Slice of Life substance make it so real which make the story itself so GodDamn Beautiful

My grandfather is not in the best health as of late. I don't know how long we may yet have him with us. He has made some improvements lately but still, it was some great luck.

This is a rather beautiful story honestly. Touches on the heartstrings just the right way.

That was incredibly emotional for me to read.

Thank you, Pen.

I don't like it.... I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! I never seen such moments in a kitchen before.

Blows nuzzle and cries... Such a beautiful story... I need more tissues... I wish this gets to EQD

... stupid seasonal allergies... :applecry:

My condolences. I fear I'll be going through something similar in the very near future, and it's not a pleasant thing to consider.

Yeah, something about the cover art tipped me off. Maybe it's how, while Granny Smith is her coat color, Applejack and the oven and pie are in black silhouettes. it made them seem more like they were actually there, while Granny was not.

Good pun in the title, too.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have imaginary Apples to air-hug. :applecry:

I hope your heart will heal in time. :fluttercry:

You want to make the Manliest brony cry? because thats what you're gonna get!

I went into this thinking it was something about her parents. And then bam, right in the feels. This story gets six sads, four cries, two sobs, and a moustache:


This was beautifully done and very touching. I especially liked the way AJ's memories were intertwined with her tasks. It made me remember my father's words when teaching or correcting me while we worked together. He's been gone two years, but I'm still inspired by those words nearly everyday.
Thank you for such an excellent story and for the reminder that our legacy does live on.

And yes, I cried, too. Thanks for that as well!

8085117 Read the story before you make assumptions.

Beautiful and bittersweet. Very well done. Condolences and hugs with extra glitter your way!


This is not related to Past Sins.

Beautifully-written little story (as I expect from you). I had guessed from about the second paragraph what was going on, but that's fine.

You have my sincerest condolences about your grandmother. My own grandma passed away March 30th, aged 97 (funeral was Friday), so I can understand where you're coming from here.

I figured out what was really going on about halfway through, but the emotions were still real.

My mom and sister and I went to visit my grandma yesterday. We gave Grandma a birthday card to sign for one of her great-grandchildren. Grandma wrote on the card and then said, "I started to write Grandpa." She'd been signing "Grandma and Grandpa" for decades... :applecry:

This was really well written :twilightsmile:

8085482 oh OK, but I gotta ask will there be another sequel to Past Sins?

Oh God I had no idea, sorry for your loss

Oh damn, this is such a good story. Thanks for this.

Im crying now:raritycry: so wounderfull.
Sorry for your lose:raritydespair:

I'll be visiting my own grandmother today. She... could be doing better. Let's leave it at that.

Suffice to say, this story clearly came from the heart. Thank you for it, and for the message that rang through it. Cherishing the good memories eases us through the bad times. That's how those we loved and still love would want it.

88 seems young to me, but I'm glad you had good memories with your grandmother.

Oh... huh... I think I should check on my mother's and grandmother's grave this weekend. It's about that time.

I know it may not mean much but sorry with what happen to your grandma.

This story reminded me of all the times I had spent with my mom in the kitchen learning to make family recipes, before she died. It has been slightly over two years but reading stories like this bring back all the memories and leave me crying. A very good story, sorry for any typos I have, I blame the tears in my eyes.

It's an old cliché but it's true: Someone is never really dead so long as someone remembers them and the things they were with love.

I just lost my last aunt in March as well. This was good to read, thank you.

This reminded me of my grandmother, who died a year and a half ago, during Christmas. My parents went to see her before she died, I had work. You reminded me that I never got to say goodbye to my grandmother before she passed away.

At least I can understand how you feel.

This story is both a feel-good story, Applejack showing just how much she valued Granny Smith, and just how much she misses her. I promised myself I wouldn't cry, but this was something that hit home a bit harder than expected.

Thank you for the underlying message. I will always cherish the memories of my grandparents.

I figured out the premise pretty much at the start. Between the Sad tag and the cover art, it was a no-brainer, but I'ms sure you weren't trying to surprise us, only make us think.

My condolences on the loss of your grandmother. My own is still alive but she's getting up there in age and can't move around as much as she used to. I know the time is coming but I try not to think about it. This was a moving piece. I did skim through a lot of the dialogue involving the intricacies of baking, but its the words in between that stuck with me. It's about the time spent with Granny Smith.

Well done.

*sees title and reads description* Oh no I think I already know where this going ah jeez

*reads story* excellent food porn bro (I don't even like pies that much and it sounded delicious).

*gets to end* oh, right...... I feel guilty for feeling hungry, now.

Amazingly written (AS ALWAYS!!!). I don't really enjoy Applejack stories, but this one was brilliant. I've always wondered if the MLP staff would have the guts to do a death episode, and this would be an amazing episode.

I didn't look at the tags but knew it was sad right from the start. You've done a beautiful job with this piece, none of it displays explicit sadness yet the sense of moroseness carries through. The prose describing the baked goods in the first paragraph was enchanting and that floweriness didn't continue, effectively dulling out the already-mundane actions Applejack carries out. In spite of how plain the actions were, the narrative detailing each task had a very comfortable, intimate feeling the evoked a variety of sensations that culminated in something akin to gratitude for the people in our lives.

What tipped me off was AJ's responses - "with little thought" almost appeared blithe, if it weren't for the clear admiration she still held for the older mare.

For what it's worth, I'm sorry for your loss. May her spirit persevere in the recipes you honor her by.

Sorry for your loss.

This hit right home, I lost my grandmother in February.
She got to be 93.

I really should have talked to her more often, while I still had the chance.

Even without knowing the tags, it was quite clear what was going on... but it was still a touching piece of work. Those feels...

My condolences for your loss, I know that feeling too well myself as well. For whatever it's worth, have a (virtual) hug.

Mum's parents passed when I was too little to barely remember them, on Dad side, Grandpa back in 82', Grandma, the last, 12-Apr-87', 30 years ago. I miss her the most, so smart and her mind as clear as a bell til the last. Wish I'd at least learned her banana cake and German coffee cake to remind me of her as I'd never tasted better. But too young then to get in on the cooking yet and she never wrote things like that down alas. Just can't get them the same.
Sorry for your loss, brings back the grief fresh again but also the good memories too. Darn liquid every emotion running down my cheeks. Thank-you for sharing this story.:heart:

My condolences as well
I lost my granddad in february as well so really feel with you

Sorry for your loss.

Like others have said, I picked up on what was going on fairly quickly. This is a very nice homage. My condolences to you. :fluttercry::heart:

Very emotional for me.

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