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After attempting to impress the judges during her entrance exam for Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, something transpires that alters Twilight's life irrevocably, as well as the destiny of all Equestria. In a very literal manner, Twilight metamorphoses into the embodiment of magic, much akin to how Discord embodies chaos. How will this unprecedented transformation shape forthcoming events? And how will Twilight grapple with mastering the newfound god-like abilities that have been unexpectedly thrust upon her?

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I like it!
When is the next chapter?
On another note, if Twilight is a spirit of magic then she is more powerful than discord considering that he is using magic of chaos?

Is it going to be a romance between Discord and Twilight?
Or maybe something else?
Maybe all Twilight Friends will become as her instead of her ascension since she is basically a goodness now?

Alright I love the idea you got here. So I for one am looking forward to more.

This has a lot of potential eager to see where it goes. :)

Interesting idea.

It’s unusual, you can come up with a lot of things here. And I’m completely silent about the elements of harmony. But now I wonder if the discord will appear before the start of season 1. Will the nightmare moon be able to do something to Twilight now? So many questions? In general, we are waiting for the continuation.

Hello there. I have to admit that this IS a rather intriguing looking story so far with some very good work on the dialogue, characterizations, action and future chapter set-up. Yeah, Twilight's surge being strong enough to completely transform her in addition to the canon stuff is a rather interesting detail. Yeah, Twilight is going to have quite a time learning to control her new power and use it responsibly, but I definitely remain hopeful that she can. I definitely liked Twilight's parents being that supportive of her, concerning her transformation (of course, they consider Spike, a dragon, as an adoptive son in canon [as well as probably here], so it makes a lot of sense). Of course, as Twilight is already basically a goddess (even powerful enough to temporarily seal Celestia's magic), I have to wonder if she's going to get that unfinished Starswirl spell more than a decade down the road. Of course, if she does, it might end up leading to the rest of the Mane Six ascending. But that's just out-loud wondering for later on.

At any rate, really looking forward to more of this.

Good start, though I'm surprised Twilight didn't spiral into a panic attack. Seems like the sort of thing she would do in response to such a drastic change.

I'm currently writing the second chapter, this serves as the prologue. The next chapter will be released next week. As for your other question, my lips are sealed - you'll have to discover it on your own!

This is an alternate universe (AU), though I can offer an explanation if that's what you want. Her ability to remain calm is solely attributed to the reassuring presence and comfort provided by her idol, Celestia.

Well I'm sold! I'll be sure to wait for more.


I wonder what Discord would think when he finds out about Twi's transformation

Alright, let's see how far this goes.

Ohohoooo this is interesting!!! Can't wait to see what happens next and how things will develop :derpytongue2:

was waiting for a story like this and great chapter

She had no intention of banishing a filly to Tartarus; that wasn't a solution she would consider.

*Cozy Glow has entered the chat* :trollestia:

In all seriousness though, this seems like an idea that has potential. Might just stick around to see just where it plans to go. :twilightsmile:

My only complaint is that Twilight shouldn't be a draconequs like Discord. He's Chaos. Chaos means random and unpredictable. Twilight is Magic. Which isn't. If not an alicorn, then still a unicorn I feel.

Maybe, but that wouldn't be nearly as interesting, in my opinion. It is, however, how I want it to be.

Although Cozy Glow looks like a filly, I feel she may not be based on the way she acts. However, since this is an AU, the characters may be slightly changed to fit my vision – for instance, a more prepared and logical Celestia. Also, thank you; I already have many plans for this story.

I look at it as different magics that Twilight can use that may have only be innate to certain races. A various, unique magics that only she can use because she is spirit of magic.

Maybe more Chinese dragon (or dragon-kin) or kirin (Chinese unicorn) for uniformity?

She's right there, Velvet Sparkle.

Just a heads up. Unless you decided to change it Twilights mom is Twilight Velvet not Velvet Sparkle.

Thanks, I had honestly forgot.

Lmao what?? I'm about to read this, but this is a such an amazingly interesting and creative concept!

if anything i suspect twilight would be more his equal and inverse, a living inbodyment of the ordered structure of magical theory, where he is magic at its most primal and untamed.
she represents the idea of bending magic to ones will
he represents leting it run wild and do whatever it wants to.

That was a good first chapter goodluck with the rest of the story.

Well I'm excited for more. I love the Twilight as a Draconeques au. So I really want to see what story you have to tell

Is it fine if I write a story based on this one as a inspired from.

Absolutely! As long as it's not outright plagiarism, I'm fine with other stories similar to this one. In fact, I encourage it.

you know what...
You can be right

Looks like you really got our attention with this story so far.
I look forward to what this will bring. :pinkiehappy:

I need more of this so good hook and writing can’t wait for chapter 1

looking forward to more and nice job on chapter:twilightsmile:

Wow, this is excellent! You’ve snagged my attention keep up the brilliant work!

I could see Trollestia trying to convince Discord that Twilight is their daughter.

But no cutie mark?

Well, this is going to be interesting. I'm looking forward to the next installment.

Creative! Very creative!

oh wow, top of the featured list within its first day, good job that.

I can imagine Discord being open to negotiations regarding getting along after learning of Twilight's Transformation.

Alternatively I can also see him being intrigued at her, and wanting to try and sway her to his side.

Short, sweet, and wild! I look forward to Twilight the Spirit of Magic's adventures with Spike and company.

it's an interesting concept, I'll look forward to the sequel!

For the love of god please add more! Fyi you will want to add more while you still have the popular tag.

First chapter is stellar and emotional. The only fear I have is Discord's eventual appearance. I greatly dislike Discord. I'm still willing to give this story a shot.

Twilight's desperation surged, intensifying her nervousness. She resorted to various poses in a futile attempt to harness her magic more effectively, despite knowing it wouldn't make a difference. Another judge couldn't hide a yawn, clearly unimpressed by her struggling efforts.

from what I remember If she could not handle the magic out , she Farted A LOT

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