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Discord has failed to break the friendship between the bearers of the Elements of Harmony. Desperate and with a rainbow of friendship blasting towards him, he teleports himself to a future where the Elements of Harmony are no more so that he could trade places with his future counterpart.

What he didn't know was that in this future, he has been reformed and the ponies there think he's somehow lost his memory and are determined to refriend him. Gag!

Meanwhile, the reformed Discord is teleported to the past, facing very hostile ponies and a world of Chaos his past counterpart had created. Chaos is a wonderful thing and he was all up for having some fun but what was the point if he had nopony to share it with?

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Past Discord might think he's safe but the girls have the Rainbow Power in the future he just crashed, and it works almost exactly like the elements. Though future Discord is going to have a hard time getting anypony to believe him.

Oh my gosh this fanfic is great! I actually had a concept similar to this that I wanted to do but I could never fully flush it out. Please oh please let there be more chapters! I'm itching to see what happens next with past Discord and Present Fluttershy.

I love this fanfic already!!! Great job!

Dammit make another chapter ;-;

I wonder how past Discord will react to finding out his "future" self is friends with Fluttershy.

You write a wonderful Discord! I love it! He can be tricky to write, especially with his magic, but you've done a great job!

Definitely following this - poor future Discord has a tough time ahead of him, and I'm looking forward to see how he deals. Past Discord, on the other hand, is screwed. I just hope he doesn't wreck future Discord's reputation too much. :P

more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please?

I didn't know just how much I've wanted this until just now. I'm really curious about how future Discord will react to this situation. Keep up the amazing work!

Now we just need to figure out how in Equestria they can reconcile the impending Butterfly Effect so that the resulting paradox of a future self altering the past and vice versa doesn't destroy the universe as we know it.

Or you know, chaos magic. *shrug*

Now I wonder if the Elements would even do anything to a reformed Discord?

Inb4 elements stop working on discord

Más más más está historia me encanta y tiene mucho potencial 💖

Huh, that's starting out fairly interesting. I think this'll be much more fun than the average "time-travelling Discord" story. It's about characters I actually want to read about, for one, not random OCs from the ass-end of time.

I read the premise, terrified it was going to be done poorly. It has not, so far, and for that I am liking and fave'ing so I can enjoy the ride with everyone else. Thanks, and looking forward to your next chapter!

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I doubt it. Discord will just create a new timeline separate from the current one, probably. I mean the alternate timelines Starlight created still exist, so that means the MLP timeline branches rather than overwrites itself.

A strong start and interesting premise. Consider me hooked.

Just one niggle, though:

Discord pulled his elbow out, covered in goo with a pout.

The sentence structure's a bit odd in this bit. As it is, it sounds like "with a pout" is a modifier for the description of Discord's elbow, rather than Discord himself. It probably would work better as

Discord pulled his elbow, covered in goo, out with a pout.


Discord pulled his goo-covered elbow out with a pout.

Or something along those lines.

Well, it is a sentient pile of goop. For all we know, the goo was pouting. It would certainly be fitting. :rainbowlaugh:

With him teleporting away at the end, I am reminded of this particular story.

So far, so good. I'm curious to see where you're going to take this. Tracking.

Oooh~ I like this~!

I think it would have been more interesting if you didn't teleport away and instead got hit by the blast. However the blast had no effect because you know he wasn't all chaotic evil anymore, but rather amusingly chaotic. That confuses the mane 6 and The Story Goes On from there.

Yeah - the Elements recognise there's actually nothing to purge, nothing to justify re-petrification (or, as I like to joke, 'getting stoned again'), and thus does absolutely nothing.
Ponies get confused, Discord wonders for a bit until he realises the Elements realised he's reformed, story continues.

Though I am looking forward to seeing how reformed!Discord deals with the mess evil!Discord left behind, and whether he'll realise evil!Discord is now corrupting his future, and if that future-corruption will affect the present in any way...oh Celestia my mind hurts.

This is amazing. A great idea, executed wonderfully. :twilightsmile: Can't wait for the next chapter.

Oooooh. Yes. This ought to be very interesting. :pinkiehappy:

In that case, I guess the mane six would probably have deduced that the Elements "cured" Discord like they did for Luna. I'm sure Discord suddenly being friendly is way more confusing. :derpytongue2:

Oh my God I want more.

This is an interesting concept. I wonder how Discord plans to deal with the paradox which would result if the self he's sent to the past does befriend the ponies earlier and alter the timeline.

He may destroy the universe via temporal chaos unintentionally. :raritywink:

8415730 Where is this idea that everyone has that the Mane 6 can now release Rainbow Power at will coming from? They only have the Rainbow Power when they are releasing a magical box/seed from the Tree of Harmony. In 3 seasons we've seen them fight many foes, but never since the S4 finale have they used Rainbow Power again, even when it would save the world.

Now this is a good example of a first chapter. Hook, exposition and then end with a cliffhanger. Awaiting more!

Alternatively, it's not so much timetravelling back in time in his *own* timeline, so much as it is jumping into *another* timeline in an alternate universe where time hadn't progressed quite as far as his own. Or some crap like that, it's magic!

If yesterday discord doesnt go back then tomorrow discord is in an endless time loop of being constantly making friends with the six, over and over again.

Also I did this before I read so im probably wrong about what im thinking about

Go back in time? Possible, but not advised since changing the past ruins the Harmony and the Elements wouldn’t allow it, especially when at this very moment, their power was coming toward him…

Changing he past does absolutly nothing because instead of changing it you cause it or do nothing to it, because you already did it

"Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep", the opening. I realize yes " it's a dream" but how could Luna know what the rainbow forms looked like? None of the other princesses actually saw them. That is a strong implication they used them at some other point Luna saw. And I say Implication here so you can't "correct" me, because neither the show or comic has said if the powers where a 1 shot or still usable.

Hmmm. Ah hope there's moar. :D

oh shit im hooked I hav over 250 chapter im beind on andi just got hooked on another story god damnit

Would've probably short-circuited the story a bit, I think. This was, if nothing else, a reasonable way for him to react and it allows for some character conflict as they track him down. Having everyone go "oh well, guess he's nice now!" after shooting a blank at him would've been a bit anticlimactic.

8420089 Alternate timelines are the only way to get around the paradoxes. But in this case, it seems it's just regular time travel.

Elements of Harmony, how disgusting. How unnaturally natural! Chaos and Order…

Harmony isn't order. It's Chaos and Order working together toward BALANCE. That's how living things work. Too much order, you have lifeless crystals which can't carry out any processes. Too much chaos, the thing is dead and decaying.

Only in perfect homeostasis does life carry on.

Interesting premise. Let's see where this goes.

8420729 If the Discords truly swapped places, then future Discord SHOULD have ended up getting hit by the Rainbow Ex Machina laser, which was firing at the time. See, due to point displacement and celestial motion, if the cosmic spatial locales of the two parties swapping temporal locales were bound only by relative temporal locations, then each party would end up floating about in space as the planet or other body they were on in each moment would have moved out of the positions upon which the other was standing upon. But, if they swapped fixed locations WITHIN their relative temporal locations, then they would remain on the planet exactly in the position the other Discord left from.

It's timey-whimy. (steps into his Tardis and turns on the flux capacitor) :trollestia:

Clearly, the complexities of chaos mathemagics applied a transformative vector to his spatial positions and relative velocities along an inertial system aligned to absolute space. No issue here at all. :derpytongue2:

8420884 Ooo, now that brings up the nature of the Equestrian universe... what if they are in a completely fixed system with a motionless Equestria at its center? What if their world IS as the ancients believed our universe to be? Then that would explain why their time travel always drops them in the same places. Now, that wouldn't hold for the Moon or any other body in their universe, since those DO move, but so long as they're on the planet they won't move an inch from their locations no matter how far into the future or past they travel.

But what a lonely universe it would be... no other worlds at all... And it would be a very small universe, no bigger than perhaps the Trappist-1 system.

OMG... what if their world is an artificial microverse being used as a zero-point energy production system! And an evil space cockroach is trying to steal it from the Men in Black! :pinkiegasp:

8420345 The first night after Tirek was defeated and Rainbow Power was unleashed by the Tree of Harmony through the Mane 6, what do you think every single pony in Equestria dreamed of? Almost certainly the Rainbowed-up version of the Mane 6 they just a few hours ago, returning their magic to them. The Mane 6 themselves probably dreamed about their cool magical blast that defeated Tirek. And who saw a huge sampling of those dreams? Luna, walking among everyone's dreams.

Luna probably knows exactly what the Rainbow forms of the Mane 6, just as she knows exactly what Chrysalis looks like from the dreams of citizens of Canterlot, even though she's never seen Chrysalis in person (before the S6 Finale).

Why do you think the Mane 6 didn't unleash Rainbow Power when Starlight locked them up all night in the propaganda hut? They had lost their cutie marks and magic of course, but they had also lost their cutie marks and magic when Tirek drained it from them, and that didn't stop them from unleashing Rainbow Power then. The only controlling variable is that in Twilight's Kingdom they could pull power from the Tree of Harmony and the Magic Box/Seed, and they didn't have those in Our Town.

This reminds me of that one Ben 10: Omniverse episode entitled Ben Again, where due to the meddlings of Eon, the 11-Year Old Ben & the 16-Year Old Ben ended up switching Minds with each other, resulting in 16-Year Old Ben being stuck in his 11-Year Old Body in the Past, while 11-Year Old Ben was stuck in his 16-Year Old Body in the Present.

You asked where the idea came from. I explained why it could be so, it's still valid. Your version is just a valid, you don't have to use mine, but I had a decent reason. The power could be tied to their cutie marks specifically, meaning when Starlight took their marks the powers couldn't be used but Terik only took their magic. See perfectly reasonable alternative to just not having the powers anymore. There has been not situation where it's been proven they do or don't still have the rainbow powers. Chrysalis kidnapping them, she got them one at a time. After being set free, for what purpose? Chrysalis was already beaten, no reason to blast her.
Look this isn't an attack, I am just explaining that my idea didn't come outta thin air and is just as possible.

Ok, I can see why you would see it that way.

Paradoxes dont happen.
They just can't.
changeing the past is impossible because you already did it. You already went in the past. You already tried. And failed as soon as you tried it.
Tell me a paradox, ill tell you why it can't happen.

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