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Marina Stars

I am a hopeless romantic who loves a good love story. Discord is my favorite character because, well, what fun is there in making sense?


Ogres and Oubliettes, only the greatest game in the history of games, at least in Discord's oppinion, and tonight he gets to be the Game Master of his very own campaign. What he wasnt expecting was the extra players Spike invited along for the ride. How will Discord react knowing Spike invited Fluttershy to join the campaign.

Written for Day One of Fluttercord Week 2020! Proofread by a dear friend ex-freind Mtvin.
Featured: 1/20/20! Thank you guys so much!

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:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: LOVE IT! SO cute!

Kind of hard to imagine Spike getting Fluttershy to join in. Rainbow for sure. We saw her and Pinkie jump in during the episode. So I'm not surprised.

Haven't read it yet, so what do I know.

Haha lol it's so funny that most of these stories For Fluttercord Week involving Spike also involves O&O (this is including mine)XD But seriously, daww this was adorable^^ <3 Go over the minor grammar errors, especially at the beginning, and this story is perfect and good to go^^ Thank you so much for participating in Fluttercord Week <3

I liked the story, though I would have liked it better if the action had been more detailed. Maybe with multiple chapters.:yay:

ok, I'm writing this before i be read it. As a dnd player myself, and a major fluttercord shipper, I have a feeling I'll like this

just read it and m'lady and spike and the spiders and fnnnjfjfjnmcedknebnsdamssscb :rainbowkiss:

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