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Not many legends involving the Lord of Chaos have happy endings. However, in the time since he befriended the Element of Kindness, more and more of them are concluding that way.

Written for Day Five of #FluttercordWeek 2020 - Wedding.

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Comment posted by Hillbe deleted Jan 23rd, 2020

facking lav it mate

Man, after reading Blank, I really needed this.

I really enjoyed this. :twilightsmile::heart:

I love how in this story I kept switch back and forth from saying "daww!" and just giggling & laughingXD :3 <3 This was a fun read and thanks for contributing to Fluttercord Week^^

My joy for life is restored

These are the best vows I've ever read in my entire life. I want to read them again and again, imagining Fluttershy and Discord saying them to each other. I love the idea of vows for the audience, and then true vows that only the two of them know. I love that. Thank you for gifting us with this.

Oh, I love this!

This story perfectly combined heartwarming sweetness with sweet, funny moments, like Fluttershy adjusting her flower crown so that it's crooked, and Discord wearing a combination of a suit and dress. The ceremony is also simple, sweet, and a little ridiculous in some parts, all of which is perfect for the two of them.

Most of all, I love that they had vows they said in front of an audience and vows they said to each other. As you put it, they're bearing their souls to each other, and only for each other. It's beautiful.

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