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I'm a guy who writes about ponies. Not much else to say at the moment.Also, all my stuff is featured on Equestria Daily, so you know it's legit!


The adventures of Daring Do become a thrilling reality as Rainbow Dash explores ancient ruins, battles sinister foes, and endures shameless cliches in search of a legendary artifact.

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Yessss... So glad you put this on FiMFiction so I can follow it.

Oh my goodness I will be watching this story like a hawk. I love everything about this premise, and the first chapter has not disappointed.

:pinkiegasp: Not only on Google Docs from EQD!? :yay:. So much :yay:.


what a interesting story keep it up. oh and I think we all know what statue is of *wink wink* that just makes it even more interesting!

I like it. The writing is excellent, and we have a good start here.
I shall be watching this with great interest.

Aha, you probably ought to tell EqD that this story is here too, if you haven't yet. I find it slightly annoying reading ongoing stories on Google Docs, so this is much better. Plus no more problems like today when Seth accidentally linked the update to the chapter 1 page.

Anyway, the story seems off to a pretty good start. Plus Dash, Scoot, and Twilight on a treasure hunt together seems almost guaranteed to be entertaining. I half expect that inscription to turn out to have absolutely nothing to do with the White Crest, though. Not to mention probable Homelessloo inbound.

Also, I find it far more amusing than I should whenever a story finds a reason to call Fancy Pants "Mr. Pants".

703831 Yeah, that was a bit of a mess, but hey, **** happens, I don't blame anyone. As for updates, I just prefer going through the EqD crowd first. Anyway, I'll be adding the next chapter here sometime later today or tomorrow.

So if the 'Nightmare Moon incident' was in 1010, and she was banished for a thousand years... I see what you did there.

Forgot to find this sucker here on FIMFiction after reading the GoogleDocs link from EqD.

Faved and liked, looking forward to more!

The mix of comedy and adventure is very pleasant. I don't usually read adventure fics, but this one is an exception: it has a truly light and entertaining tone, while the plot does advance. Okay, maybe it doesn't scoot or dash (pardon the pun) at a dizzying speed, but this pace is definitely working for me. The jokes are good and the update frequency is not too bad. What more should I want?

All in all, keep up the good work! :raritywink:

(P.S.: Scootaloo is best Samwise)

Ah, eggheads. Always over-thinking everything they do. Good thing there are more simple-minded ponies around. :rainbowkiss::scootangel:

But will our heroes be able to find the White Crest past the stairway? Find out next time, on Rainbow Dash and the Treasure of Canterlot, Part 4! This is Leo Archon, signing off. Have a good day!

743368 What? I was just channeling HCBailly.

Scoot is channeling Short Round. Celestia help us.

'Matters of relative geography' 'Are we there yet?' :rainbowlaugh: I love expospeak! Always fun.

743617 Scootaloo is best Short Round? :scootangel:

I'd call you out on all of the tomb-raiding cliches flying about, but you hung a lampshade on that at the very beginning. I am thoroughly enjoying this story.

Anyone else have music from "Raiders of the Lost Ark" running through their heads? Music like THIS?

Oh, hi Belloq!

Ooh, I've never wanted to break a unicorn's horn before. The Trixie in this story just made my list.

Can't wait for more!

Should of known The Great and Powerful Trixie would be in this. She is the queen of expositions

This just gets better with every chapter. :rainbowdetermined2::scootangel::facehoof:

Daring Do would be proud. :rainbowdetermined2:

Powdered-cream bomb. Mythbusters FOR THE WIN!

You win the Chechov's gun award. Well this time Chechov's coffee creamer explosive award :)

Dash responded in turn with an amateurish, but otherwise successful, roundhouse kick, before hurling herself from the train and spreading her wings wide to catch the wind.

Silly Dash, forgetting she's a Blackbelt.

Rather nifty indeed. The philhellene in me squealed for joy at "Eohippine". I have to say, this really hit the spot in the middle of a pulp-revival mood. The fourth wall seems to be taking quite a beating, but it fits the mood! Can't wait to read more.

873926 Philhellene??? Meh, Graecum est, non legitur.

Who wouldn't. Raider's March is something I always think of when I see that Daring Do. That is the ultimate adventurer theme. Next thing I want to see Do meets Indy and Pitfall Harry.

although I am saddened that this has ended it has been a pleasure reading it. great job hope your future stories are just as awesome

:rainbowkiss: Woooo good stuff!
This is what final Indiana Jones movie should be like, you...are...awesome. :rainbowdetermined2:

"placed in a place of honor" is a little awkward. Not that I have an alternative to suggest.

Really fun story. Well done.

A satisfying ending to an excellent read.

Great ending, great story, easily worth a spot on my user page wall of awesome stories.

And so the epic adventures of Twilight, Rainbow and Scootaloo conclude! I have already said, but I must say again, I really enjoyed the light-hearted mixture of adventure and comedy here. Reading Rainbow Dash and the Treasure of Canterlot was indeed a pleasure, even if it introduced a suprise Trixie out of the blue (by the way, why isn't she shown amongst the featured characters? As the major villain, she earned it, I think).

Also, Fancy Pants for the win. When he was revealed as an antagonist, every sign pointed towards a good old-fashioned hammy and clichéd protagonists vs villain scene, but it got nicely subverted by the fact that he was willing to listen to reason, and our heroes simply convinced him to behave more rational (he not having a real plan probably helped, though). Make no mistake, I, for one, am a big fan of "hammy and clichéd protagonists vs villain scenes" (provided they're played for laughs!), but this nice touch made me like your Fancy Pants. I was worried about him at the end, but thankfully, you remained faithful to the light-hearted genre, and didn't kill him. Yay! :yay:

There's only one part I disapprove of: we didn't get to know what, exactly is the MacGuffin, the White Crest. Why couldn't Trixie pummel Rainbow with it? Why did it heal Fancy Pants? There's something in the author's note about some viking curse or what, but I admit, I have no idea what that is. :rainbowhuh: Don't give me that look, the fic wasn't labeled as a crossover!

But, other than that, it was really a pleasure to read this! Keep up the good work! :raritywink:

It's a cross. Consider: "four narrow arms, set at right angles, with one arm longer than the other three." I must admit to my embarrassment that I didn't make the connection until the scene with the image of the sword in the stone. As in Excalibur and the Arthurian myth which is partly about the coming of Christianity and the decline of paganism along with the search for the Holy Grail. Then it clicked.


Wow, This was the most Indiana Jones-y chapter by now. Nicely done. I should have expected it, though. Never Trust a Fancy man who's an amateur to archaeology. NEVER EVER.

Sequel, there needs to be a sequel. By the way, the was great. :pinkiehappy:

And it ended. Very Fun and very creative story. RD Surely approves! :rainbowwild:

Good job sad it is over.:fluttercry:

Well... I was compelled to read the whole thing but I didn’t like it. The problem I had with it was mostly that the comedy belittled the story, I couldn’t get into the action and adventure because the comedy kept making it look irrelevant or clichéd, and the comedy itself just wasn’t funny, to me at least. Oh and all those jibes about obscenities, like Scootaloo being an arsonist and Trixie being a murderer were unappreciated.

So much action! So much meta! So much lampshade hanging!:rainbowkiss:

882569 I'm sorry you didn't like it, but thanks anyway for giving it a fair shot.

On your questions about the crest.

I just assumed it was Celestia the whole time, from the first chapter the whole thing just seemed like one of those things she does to teach someone a lesson.

I mean the slab thing that gets it started is in another language but written in Euqestrian
The slab was "Lost" (Or in my opinion fabricated)
Both Twilight and Dash are there probably only because she invited them
She made a special point out of showing up just at the right time to get it started
and made sure she was there in the end, but as usual for her she was just late enough to not actually have to do anything.

I find your comment amusing in the light of your character name... :pinkiehappy: But you seem to be right.

I'm not entirely sure I understood you perfectly, but I doubt Celestia would be the mastermind behind the events. But even if she was, that wouldn't explain anything about the Crest's nature anyway. :fluttershyouch:

(By the way, (Insert Pen Name), thanks for your letter!)

:yay: YAY now I can read this on my 3DS thanks for it being here.

Yeah, I'm not too hot on real-world religions in Equestria. The adventure was good, though!

I just finished listening to the audio book of this story, and I have say this was an extremely entertaining, light hearted, witty, over the top pulp action adventure. I laughed time and again at the deliberately cliche nature of the story. The characters were portrayed in a fun way, the story moved at a good pace, and it was an adventure and a half.

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