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Well, I was pleasantly surprised. A nice story.

When I first started reading I was like "Oh shat, RD died?!" But reading it made perfect sense, and I was just like :scootangel::pinkiehappy:

Y'know, adult!CMC stories are among my favourites. They just seem so much less obnoxious than the child ones. This is a fine example of them.

#3 · Aug 16th, 2011 · · ·

This is not only a great short story, it's potentially the lead-off to a series. After all, RD has been trapped in the Rainboom Force for ten years and has lots to catch up on.

Really didn't expect that ending. :scootangel:

This story needs art! SO COOL! Even if it's spoilery, I don't care!

#5 · Aug 18th, 2011 · · ·

This story has an amazing premise. The depth with which you probe Scootaloo's mind and self-doubt, along with the flashback/forward recount of the trick show you really know what you're doing, but there there isn't enough emotional backdrop to call forth...the story is simply too short to exercise it's full potential.

I highly applaud this work, but I think you should seriously consider creating a much longer version to make this the masterpiece it truly deserves to be. :pinkiehappy:

#6 · Sep 15th, 2011 · · ·

This is simply a WELL written story. At first I was sad because I thought RD was dead but, WHAT A TWEEST!! This would make for a fantastic small series, if not a sequel at the very least. :pinkiehappy:

I'm not planning a sequel, sorry; but I won't complain if someone wants to exploit this story to write something.

#9 · Oct 29th, 2011 · · ·

This fic is SO. AWESOME! :rainbowkiss: Came here after reading your Fallout Equestria story to look at your other work. It's a good short story and I didn't see that twist coming, it is also a good premise for a fic in of itself. Rainbow Dash attempting a trick that surpasses the Sonic Rainboom, get's stuck in some warp in time and space, and comes out ten years into the future. someone needs to get on writing that.

#10 · Nov 2nd, 2011 · · ·

Rainbow Dash in the time void

Rainbow Dash: I did a trick so awesome it erupted the time space continuum

Sonic: *sigh* I ran past a sign the a trail of sparkles came out my ass


I was so sad when RD died, but then she came back, and the possibilities are endless for more stories.:rainbowkiss:

Oh my gosh, this was brilliant! I can't believe it, a beautiful story indeed!

The plot twist was amazing, how you actually managed to trick everyone into thinking that RD died. Seriously, I never thought such a twist could happen! Wow, can't believe RD was so fast she broke the space time continuum. Just one question, did RD age? Seeing as she did disappear from time itself. Would she be the same age or ten years older? My guess is that she's the same age, but who knows?


in my intention she didn't age while prisoner of the SpeedForce, even because for her all the thing did last 10 seconds, not 10 years

When I saw the italics switch as RD's "flashback" merged with Scoot's trick, I was expecting it to be a simple typo. I had to go back after I hit the end to realize it was a stylistic choice. How meta.

42491 Must be awkward, you know, to be ten years younger than your friends. Hope she could fit in with the future and all.:pinkiesmile:

you don't like meta?


Oh, most certainly there's nothing wrong with it, I rather enjoyed that you took advantage of one of literature's unique abilities. I was pointing it out in appreciation. The subtle switch was exactly the kind of change all of the Critical Writing and English Lit teachers I've had through high school and college would have fallen all over themselves to point out. Ironically, it's also the kind of sly touch I would have missed in those classes...I was never engrossed in the material enough then to see something like this. That I so enjoyed such a small tweak speaks volumes, I think, about how fabulous this piece is. :heart:

So wait. Rainbow went so fast, she f*cked a hole through the space-time continuum, and Scoots somehow got her out? Wat?

I still liked it, though. It could use some cleaning up, and there should be some clarification on who's talking. I kept mixing up Rainbow and Scoots in the beginning of the story.

Yup, this story needs editing, i know that very well, but before i'd like to edit One Last Song that is even in a worse shape

at first I was all like wtf Dashie died :fluttercry: but then i was all like:pinkiegasp: but at the end i was all like :pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile::rainbowwild::raritystarry::scootangel:

This was one of the first stories I read on this site. Excellent work. :pinkiehappy:

That was a really good story. You need to write more stuff. :pinkiehappy: One thing though, what's up with "the Thunderbolts"? If she's such an amazing flier, wouldn't she have replaced the by now kinda old Spitfire as the Wonderbolts captain?

When i wrote the story back in the late april 2011 there weren't a lot of details about the wonderbolts, just what we knew from "Sonic Rainboom" and i didn't want to invent names and such.

Kkat #25 · Aug 9th, 2013 · · 1 ·

Beautiful. It felt so sad going in, and yet so triumphant coming out. :raritystarry:

PS: One of your music links no longer works.

This story is really good. I didn't expect Rainbow Dash to be stuck in time. I foud the link in the CMC forum, and I'm glad I did it. Bravo!

This story is awesome! My only complaints are that the titles aren't very distinguishable from the actual story and that the plot is kind of hard to follow. Or I'm just dumb.img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110609163507/gyropedia/images/e/e8/PinkieShrug.png

4776462 actually, ten years flat was one of my early stories and it is confusing, i should rewrite it but i'm lazy TT_TT

whoa! This is really good for one of your first stories! Keep it up!

I'd love if this got some kind of sequel

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