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This story is a sequel to The Promise of a New Day

Story three of Savage Skies:
All sorts of things are brewing in the pegasus city of Cloudsdale, which is a problem for Ponyville as the one thing that isn't is a rainstorm. As the drought continues to drag on, Rainbow Dash must confront her hometown and its history, as well as her own history. But she won't do it alone, which is good, because she'll need all the help she can get.

Series starts with Foal of the Forest.
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:pinkiehappy: ...That is all

Edit: You update and upload extremely quickly. How do you do it?

Dude you're a beast. I guess summer break is a good thing, Eh.

Sadly, I'm going to miss detached violent Dawn. But I can't really do anything about it so keep up the good work.

3041392 I've actually been out of school for a couple of years now and work in retail. From that experience, I can say that, actually, summer is the beast, especially Back to College Season. :trollestia:

I can't imagine what Fluttershy will say to those two jerks... a mother's wrath is something even Celestia can't protect herself from:flutterrage:

I am a sucker for those kinds of characters.

I know where his name is from.:ajsmug: he must be Lonely drifting over Mountains. :raritywink:

so he did not die.....what a surprise. New characters yay. also damn it Dawn is injured so hes prob not gonna be fighting for a while.

Arkenstone...The Hobbit?
Good chapter, BTW.:heart::twilightsmile:

Is Caramal going to be in this story?

3041398>>3041540 True, but now that Dawn: the Emotional Wreck is out of the way, we get to focus on Dawn: the Maturing Martial Artist, which means MORE EPIC FIGHT SCENES! YAY! If that's not what interests you, sorry about that. :twilightsheepish:

3041569>>3041581 I hereby bestow upon each of you a cookie. :pinkiehappy:

3041607 Yes he is. Sadly, not enough character tags to go around. :ajsleepy:

>to pay you for your fork

Comment posted by pvtspoon deleted Jan 19th, 2014

3041628 Awwwww but i prefer Muffins :dejavascript:void(0);rpytongue2::scootangel:

Are we ever going to get Arkenstone's backstory? And is he part of the Unrooted Mountain school of martial arts? His comment about using the earth to travel quickly makes me think that he is and sounds almost like Tay al Arz or Folding up of the Earth.

"And," added Storm Front added from his place behind Dawn

I think you have added to much here, if you understand what I want to say.

HIs body felt constricted

Why the "i" of "His" is an uppercase?

Well, here's hoping Fluttershy and Celestia do something about those 2

My prediction for the next chapter.

Twilight: "Pervert!" *zaps with magic.*

Lol I understand Arkenstone is probably blind but the imaged popped into my head anyway.

Comment posted by nodamnbrakes deleted Sep 9th, 2013

3041342 Near the end of the first story moguera said he had thirty chapters written, so I think it's safe to assume he's just releasing them as they get edited.

The scheme kind of reminded me of Count of Monte Cristo's ending.

Woo hoo!!! Excellent work my friend. I will now dance like a fool for the rest of the evening because I called it on Granny Smiths plan. You are brilliant! Keep up the great work bro!

3041607 ya wat happened to Carmel? Fluttershy still owes him dinner!

OK now we know why Red and Storm attack Dawn like that. They had nothing but the best of intentions in mind. Be that as it may, the fact of the matter is that they still assaulted a child (a child that could level a small town if he put his mind to it, but a child nonetheless). There has to be repercussions for this. There is no way the mane six could just let this go even with understanding where they were coming from, especially not poor Fluttershy. If the plan to teach Dawn empathy was an Infamous-style binary moral choice situation, either teach Dawn how to empathize with words and patience or kick the shit out of him to make him understand the pain of loss then kicking the shit out of him would be the evil option because it is the faster and far riskier option that would appeal to the weak-willed. The fact that Granny, Red, and Storm defaulted to this without even seeming to consider an alternative just makes them unlikable as characters so far. We do not know a lot about them right now but first impressions are not looking up. But seeing as how this is just the first chapter in this story and things could easily change later down the road I will give our mercenary duo the benefit of the doubt. But other than that I did enjoy this chapter and will be following future ones.:twilightblush:

3041640 You don't seem like a jerk to me:twilightsmile::heart:, Just someone expressing their true opinion:pinkiehappy:

3041408 Uhh I know going to gollege sucks.....Then again the chicks.......but the work.....but the booze.

I applaud you good sir! not have I ever been so enthralled with a series of chapter in the form of writing, but you have met my relatively high standards.:pinkiehappy:

I turn my back for like one second after reading the first in this series and suddenly it's on to the third, you sir are a very fast writer:pinkiehappy:

Oh good, I'm always worried I'm going to over step my bounds and come off as a jerk.

3041628 It's not that I'm any less interested. It's just that kind of attitude makes characters seem more badass in my opinion.

As he lay their, bruised, beaten, and burned, his antagonists stood over him, his fate completely in their hooves.

I think you mean there not their. It doesn't look like it fits in with the rest of the sentence.

3042447 Criticism knows no boundaries...UNLESS it's bad criticism:yay::heart:

The Arkenstone is the jewel for which Thorin, son of Thrain son of Thror, King under the Mountain began the epic quest that is Tolkien's The Hobbit. Well, one of the reasons, at least. But if that's not where you got it from than I have no idea. And yes, that's off the top of my head, and yes, I am a Tolkien freak. I do like it as a name though! Good chapter, glad Dawn isn't dead. Until next time.

Which one do I read first?


3041342 He most likely pre-wrote everything.....

3042783 Foal of the Forest.

3042783uh, book one, Foal of the Forest. Duh.

If his eyes open and they are like Dawn's then the author is in for one hell of an explanation :pinkiehappy: I love these.

I feel that shit is gunna go down within five to ten chapters, just a hunch.

Family friend?:trixieshiftright:

Blood, blood everywhere.

Arkenstone BETTER NOT HAVE THE EYES OF NIGHTMARE. If he does, our author better explain him/herself.

Nice plot twist:twistnerd:

Hah! Dat was good! Real good! You certainly do have the reputation of never disappointing your readers! :raritywink:

3041640 Even his doctor kind of brushed it off, hell he sounds like he intends to start keeping score of just how many times Dawn is going to end up there.
But as for your gripes, yeah, I definitely agree with you on where your coming from, but I can probably address as to why the author went this route. The author seems to draw influence for this story a little from Japanese shonen motifs, and a common trope in them is that kicking the shit out of the protagonist to force his emotions into check is typical of it. The issue though is that kind of mentality is really jarring when it is included in an MLP story where ponies that we know that aren't OCs are going along with this train of thought when they really clearly should be absolutely horrified by it based on what they did in the past. Hell they got furious with Discord for what basically amounted to a bunch of pranks to the point of sealing him in stone, and yet here they brush off a pair of mercenaries who had almost killed a foal. In conclusion, applying themes from different genres will definitely require more balancing in future chapters, I am frustrated with this story, but not to the point where I intend to stop reading it, at least not just yet, though I am having flashbacks of the story Cultural Artifacts and its unnecessary Batman Gambit when I read over those key parts in this chapter that just leave me bewildered.

Ooh things just got interesting and congrats on getting on the front page

long chapter, nice progress. Although i would have liked to see more dawn focus, but progress is progress and the non-Dawn subject matter has to be addressed.

Arkenstone's name reminds me of Arkham asylum and Arcansas

Aha, I knew it.
Fluttershy did use a super stare.

At this moment, she was not just Dawn’s mother, but Red River’s mother, Storm Front’s mother, Celestia’s mother. At this point, she was even her own mother’s mother.


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