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"You know, I don't quite remember that day very well. Regrettable, I know. Something about me buying you something—I can't quite recall."

"I do."

"Really? I should have expected that, I suppose."

I remember every moment I think is important to me. And I know those first few days were really, really important."

". . . I'm flattered. You wouldn't, pray tell, be willing to refresh my memory?"

This oneshot is canon to the Flarity L and O Series.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 5 )

A beautiful flarity.

Wonderful work; great to see more from you!

One of my favorite pairings, delivered in an exquisitely detailed and intimate framing. Wonderful work.

Interesting framing device and a rather endearing POV from Fluttershy. Pretty good.

Cuuuuuute. :heart: Thanks for sharing!

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