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Everyone knows the big moments in the stories: the hero vanquishes evil, the lovers' lips meet for the first time, the filly's first flight, the realization of a dream. They come, they go, and we remember because they were meant to be memorable.

What of the smaller moments? Those inconsequential points that so many forget, but you remember? An idle conversation, baking in the kitchen, the end of a dive, a walk in the woods. So often plain, so commonly 'common'.

Or are they?

A collection of shorts written my multiple authors with only one theme: making small moments seem important. The goal is to learn to develop scenes and create more beautiful narrative. This is purely for practice and self-growth; stories are not intended to be linked together in any way, and may not even have a purpose within themselves. That's not the goal. Just write, and make something little seem so like so much more.

Anyone may provide entries. Yes, even you. The rules:

1) Entries must be between 750-1,250 words. I'll be lenient with this; if your story is 730 words, I'll let it slide.
2) Entries should avoid 'big' topics and focus on mundane, everyday things; a walk in the park, waking up in the morning, eating an early dinner, whatever comes to mind.
3) Since the purpose is to develop a more creative narrative, it is strongly encouraged that as little dialogue be used as possible. Preferably none.
4) All characters and time periods of MLP are game, including OCs.
5) Only E and T rated stories allowed.
6) If you submit something to me, you can't go back, erase half of it and rewrite it from scratch. The stories are meant to be natural, to come out without excessive thought and contemplation. Editing and proofing is encouraged, but sweeping rewrites are not, and I will not accept something like that after I've received a copy. I can't really police what you do before sending something to me, but just know that if you spend more than five minutes plotting it out prior to writing it, you're doing it wrong.

To get your entry into this collection, send me a PM with a link to it. GDocs is preferred. I retain the right to reject any entry sent my way, but I assure you that I will always give you a proper reason for rejection should that happen.

Cover Art by Rain-Gear. Permission acquired thanks to this fine individual.

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Loved the bait and switch in this one.

Seconded, and nice work overall!
I also have an excellent idea as to where the first part of her stated name comes from :rainbowkiss:

Cover Art by Rain-Gear. Tried to get permission but received no response. If the artist tells me to pull it down, I will.


Su-weet! Thanks a ton!

Also, 'cool writer'? Do let me know who that is so I may meet this fellow. :trollestia:

7516732 Yeah, I think I found a link to his userpage. LINKU

This was simply perfect!

Ahhhh. Okay. I see what you were going for.


Thanks a lot! :twilightsmile:

I had absolutely no idea what to write for this challenge. So your words come as a relief.

Yeah . . . I kind of wrote a story in miniature, whereas this is very much a scene. Ahem--a moment.

Yeah, it's easier when you have an actual example to look at, right?

Much. I definitely plan incoming back for another attempt. :rainbowdetermined2:

This is adorable! :raritystarry:

At the start I thought Luna was plotting betrayal... Though I guess that was the intention.

Good job Danger Beans!

The only real words for this are :rainbowlaugh: and :twilightoops:
Nicely done

But of course! When I say it's open to everyone, I mean it's open to everyone. Glad to have you on board.

It was funny and quite enjoyable. good job

There was one thing in this story that really drove it home for me, more than Rainbow's moment of introspection earlier. Rainbow taking a moment to actually be Rainbow Dash, that one.

This one had a literary tactic that is seldom used to good effect: reinforcement.

Twice it is said:

She loved her friends. They were like a big family.

The first, a simple statement... the second made concrete by where in the story it's placed.

Incredible. The emotional content in this is rich.

This was quite deep. The kind of introspection I might expect from applejack about the earth and the trees. Not that its a bad thing, quite the opposite, it makes dash seem more understanding and less egotistical. Great work.

Heh, and here I thought nobody would ever find this again. Thanks for making my morning!

No prob. I really enjoy most of your stories. So thank you for sharing them. :twilightsmile:

I don't underestand. She has trouble controlling herself around sweets?

Something tells me you've never baked sweets before.

I've baked sweets before, but I sure as hell don't personify them. Nor am I tempted like the forbidden fruit

Well we are talking about Pinkie, here.

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