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I'm just here to hone my writing skills, read good fics, and help out. Also, Applejack is best pony.

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Do you ever look at the featured (mature) stories and wonder, "What is wrong with this fandom?" · 7:00pm Jun 18th, 2017

Because on days like today, I sure do.

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I hope you enjoy A Thousand Roses when you read it! :twilightsmile:

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While normally I'd post a cute, silly, and customized message...AAAAAA, I'M IN THE FEATURE BOX AND THEY'RE POURING IN LIKE THE FLOOD IN THE FIRST HALO GAME!

Thanks for following Man of War! Feel free to comment and be sure to check out my Blogs. Also, be sure to check out the Man of War Group for more!

Brony on!

Thanks for tracking Of Flame and Shadow. Hope you enjoy it.:twilightsmile:

Thank you for finding room for To Change a Heart on your "Liked" bookshelf.

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