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Welcome to "Name That Character!" the group where our members vote on names for unnamed characters like ponies, dragons, and humans from the My Little Pony episodes and the Equestria Girls movies! Here's how the naming process works:

1. Every few days, there will be a discussion in the forums about which nameless character should have a poll.
2. A character will be chosen by an admin or contributor in the group.
3. The very next day, after the day a character is chosen, there will be a new post in the forums with the picture of an unnamed character and a basic description (which episode(s)/movie(s) they appeared in, etc.) of them.
4. In the topic, you can only suggest one name and only vote once so everything is fair.
5. After some time has passed, the votes will be counted and there will be a new post saying what the new name of the character from the previous topic is. Users are then free to talk about what the character's personality should be like.

A named character will also get their very own folder under the huge folder titled "Named Character Stories"! Stories with the Everyone, Teen, and Mature tags are currently accepted. If any incident occurs, this rule will be updated.

If you want to read more about the rules on how to act in this group and its forums, read the post titled "Group Rules".

Thanks for joining this group and get naming!


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401505 I guess it is kinda like a gameshow

Sounds like a gameshow XD


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