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What in Equestria · 6:23pm Jun 5th, 2017

-Open FIMfiction in a new tab



“...what in Tartarus?”

I like the emojis (Which are not new, but I did not notice until now), but I want the colored tags back...they were nice.

Also, my library icons are no longer ponies, but faces...I suppose that is a bug, and will be eventually fixed.

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It pleases me that you found Interrogation Charm interesting. :twilightsmile:

2198602 I can not klingon, mate! :pinkiecrazy:

2198580 Too late. You owe me a Klingon translation now. Here, I'll start you out:

jaj qaSpu'DI' warming Hearth, peD reH Doqqu' 'ej wov po wov HeghDI' legh Snowfall Frost 'e' yIQoy vo' [laboratory] Qorwagh legh yIjot veng SuvwI' [below].  [Except for] puS foals chu' qaStaHvIS peD, reH Qong Hoch latlh pony DoH wa'Hu' ram [festivities].

2198454 ...oh, that is not the right shelf! :pinkiegasp: I meant to put it somewhere else!


2198431 I got a message saying you'd moved my story "Do That Again" onto your Translated shelf.

  • Viewing 29 - 33 of 33
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