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Nova Star Sparkle

A guy with a brain that doesn't care about feasibility, but fun. Moreover I render Alicorns way to overpowered. xD

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Who am I and what is it you can find here?

  • Currently I´m 22
  • I´m a German Guy from the South Edge of Germany
  • Until February I was an Apprentice, so far working is fine as an mechatronics technician (I know nobody cares about this, but I like my job:twilightblush:)
  • I am mostly happy, drink to much Energy and like to Game in my free time, whenever I feel like (well and obviously I also write MLP:FiM Stuff)
  • Or I visit my friends and do stuff with them

  • Obviously my favorite Pone is Twilight, then Dashie and Shy
  • If Twilightˋs age isnˋt mentioned she and her friends are around 20
  • You will always see her in my stories as A Princess aka. alicorn; immortal and with Godlike/reality bending powers. (Well that kind of is true for every alicorn, because for me they are Godessess).
  • If I mention the alicorns as more than Princesses they are referred to as "Empress(es)", I never came to terms with "Queen(s)" as the good name of that was destroyed by Chrysalis for me.

  • Twilight is first portrait to gladly always give her immortality if she could. In order to be with her friends.
    HOWEVER I WANT IT NOTED: That´s not a given possibility and she never actually will. Because that single thing defeats all purpose for me and I find the idea absolutely silly. What would she gain from giving up her immortality? The higher the potential of magic a Pony has the longer it lives and the harder it can be killed. Twilight is incredible gifted in magic and so she would live at the very least twice as long as all of her friends. Alicorn or not. She would have to live without them anyway. (Maybe there are Stories were Twilight doesn´t outlive her friends as a Unicorn, but in about 95% she does so thats a fact for me)

    So...no giving up immortality and better find a way for all of them to live for eternity. Eh eh, don´t you agree? - You dońt? Well to bad as that´s my headcanon your reading here:rainbowwild:

  • As of my opinion Twily is the smartest and most powerful being on Equus (sheˋs raw magic in its embodiment and that´s the strongest perk of an alicorn and generally a rather deep anchored force on Equus), even if she herself has issues believing it. Tia and Lulu will help her.
  • Alicorns have a pure soul and mind and are immune to corruption (well...pretty much anything to be honest)
  • An alicorn always seeks peace in my opinion, they represent the Good there is. They also never kill, but know that some beings can´t be reasoned with
  • There are (normally) a maximum of four alicorns, hence the plot of the story tells me otherwise - sorry Cadance.
    - Princess Twilight
    - Princess Luna
    - Princess Cadance
    - Princess Celestia
    - Flurry Heart is not existent in my AU
    -> I follow the law "everything powerful comes in two or a multiple thereoff" and she just doesnˋt fit there.
  • T.S. has a incredible big heart and her affection and love for her friends and subjects knows no bonds (yet the one for her friends is still far greater).
  • She is the Alicorn (God and highest master) of Friendship, Magic, Stars and Peace/Harmony (I reffer to the last as kind of the same thing). -> Some Story might add something to that list, if so itˋs also canon
  • I canˋt stand sad so the other mane 6 wonˋt die in my Stories of old age - or other means, thats not me (How I will continue doing that I donˋt know until I wrote it. Itˋs not the same for every Story I will write)
  • I have a strong (and I mean very strong) hate for Starlight Glimmer the bitc unicorn. She is my least favorite pony and even thinking about her makes me aggressive. So I erased her completely from my own AU. If I mention her it wonˋt be for good - sorry

    -> hence someone asks. No I donˋt know why I have such a hate/disgust for her, not at all. The moment I saw her I hated her and that was BEFORE knowing what she would do. I just never could like or "forgive" her. For me sheˋs the only thing MLP:FIM truly never needed. Just a reason so that alicorns wouldnˋt be unmatched and overpowered. What a dumb idea Hasbro....

  • Oh overpowered - yeah that sounds like me. My Characters will continue being unrealistic strong, so sorry if thatˋs not your liking

Just to clarify for all, thatˋs how I see it:

Spirit/Demigod: Incredible Level of Power (might be able to do many things logical impossible) and Immortality (wonˋt die of old age), very hard to kill but still possible.

God/Godess/Deity: Like an alicorn -> Near Infinite or Unlimited Power (depending on the Story) over Aspects of the Cosmos or literal Reality itself, laws are kind of nonexistent for them (state laws, the basic laws of physic, etc.). Have at least Immortality (aging) and Absolut Immortality (Soul) + in some cases Absolut Invulnerability AND Absolut Immortality (they canˋt be hurt, killed, changed, affected or erased in any way there is, no matter what - seriously there is none) Their powers make them the strongest being in the existence (YES that means they are undefeatable, YES for some that might sound boring, YES it is an easy way to justify litteraly anything and also YES I stand to my headcanon, its the way I am)

Yes, it's absolutely nuts but honestly, that's me and that's how I see the things.


"Royal Friendship - The Fail: Act I" · 11:27pm February 17th

Sometimes I really question myself. I've read through the latest chapter of my story more than once to correct any mistakes (if you find any, let me know, I appreciate it). Nevertheless, I have now noticed that I forgot to translate a TOTAL paragraph. It's not big, but at least important. For only so the story makes sense and does not jump over a tiny part of itself.

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Awww no need to thank me.

Your Story is short, but doesńt lack anything important, uncomplicated and sweet. What more can someone wish for?:twilightsmile:

Hehe I'm honored that you consider my cute little cloud napping story among the best you've read! :twilightsmile: bows politely

I shall be greatfull....will do my best:raritywink:

I shall follow you... must study your potential. :pinkiecrazy:

Haha, it'll be a while before the sequel is ready, but I hope you enjoy it once it's finished! :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 30 - 34 of 34
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