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A guy with a brain that doesn't care about feasibility, but fun. Moreover I render Alicorns way to overpowered. xD


This Story will be the First of my Series!

The comments have spoilers! (Also my fault xD)
There is no shipping in this Story involved, even if apparently some see TwiLuna:rainbowhuh:

Also holy...was my gramatic bad in the first chapters...damn:facehoof::rainbowlaugh:

Here is an Image I intended to use as the Cover as well, but I thought the other does fit better:twilightsmile:. It´s still one of the most awesome Images ever created. Truly a Legend at work ^^

Equestria: A prosperous and beautiful kingdom. Ruled by four strong, wise and reliable rulers. Also the by far strongest, greatest, oldest and most knowledgeable kingdom on Equus. Nothing remains undocumented or under lock and key. Or is that not the case?
A mysterious book called "The Alicorn Book" that a mare receives one day in a new shipment for her library leaves her with many questions. Where did it come from? Why has she never heard of it before? - It obviously has to do with something she now has to deal with as well. And was it really true what it said?
On a quest to seek answers, she get's an intense and broad insight on alicorns and their powers, she never thought possible. Will she prevail or does her mind shatter under all the unbelievable things she getˋs to know?

- Hope you enjoy. I don´t know when I will make new chapters. But i enventually will! I got a looooot of Ideas, donˋt worry. I will do my best to get this finished asap :)
- Criticism, suggestions or improvements are also welcome, so my Story gets better for future readers.
[ -> pls, remember it's fiction and this Story was never meant to be fully scientific correct at all. Some Things are just like they are :D ]
- English is not my native language. Therefore please pardon any mistakes in writing, I did my best :) - If however you like to point out obvious mistakes I made in speach, then dm me. The less mistakes the better the story:scootangel:

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Celestia playing chess with death came from a certain other story didn’t it? ;)

Love it nevertheless!

Thank you :)

I had the thought of Alicorn's playing with death games for years. And wanted to mirrow that in my own story too.

And yes, even if I don't know how to story was called. I'm sure I had read it - and might have taken the idea of the game chess from it. It´s after all one of the most used Ideas, just like them drinking Tee xD

This chapter kinda killed the story for me. While we have the understandable idiotball holding on Celestia and Twilight. Twilight, the sistrrs have been around for over 1000 years and they are both alicorns. How do you not connect those two things.

Celestia, you know how Twilight overreacts hiw did you expect her to react to this?

And Twilight's reaction is extreme.

Frankly this chapter puts this stiry into 'great idea, flawed execution' territory

Hi, thanks for your Critism. I'm sorry to hear, it's not for your liking. I do my best :)

Well yes Alicorns are very intelligent in my Opinion but they aren't Omnipotent or Flawless. So it's still possible for them to make mistakes. And yes Celestia did make a pretty hard Underestimation, but I think that's okay. I like the extrem. Twilight not connecting the dots is reasoned to the same 'not flawlessness'.

-> She knows Tia and Luna are over 1000 years old, but they control Celestial forces (Sun and Moon), so it makes sense for her. She never considered however, that her link to magic is also a celestial/eternal force. She believed she was its current wielder, a pony in an endless line of ponys

Speaking of the extrem, that's the point of this story. As mentioned in the description of the Story. It's heavenly OP Alicorn related and didn't even reach its peak. It's my view of Alicorn's, their abilities and what they can do.

So yes, I think Alicorns are stornger than strong. Twilight’s reaction in my thoughts is reasoned strong - as they are literally God's among God's. The phrase "too strong" or "unreasonable strong" doesn't exist for me. That's how I am😬

Yeah, I never was the best in writing, but it's better than I myself thought...xD

the Op alicorn I don't mind since you said that from the get go. it's her going end reality anger. yeah i know flawless the was critizism on the characters not you there.

and it's quite litterally this chapter that got me out. if rewrited i would give it another chance,. if not then I hope the next story you write i will like.

The Link of Alicorn's and Reality is explained in the third third chapter of the story.

I could technically rewrite it another time, but I don't believe it would get better from your perspective. As the reality part would still be the same, just in other words - well and Twilight never intended to end reality in the Frist place :)

Yeah, let's hope, that the next one will be for your liking. (probably will make a sequel to this one)

Alicornite itself was the strongest element on Equus. It most closely resembled a metal, though it lacked the typical properties of metal detector detection - But all this was standard procedure in Equestria, as only materials with the highest prestige value were used for the regents’ accessoire.

If you remove the -ite at the end and search that material up on Wikipedia, the result may surprise you.

Celestia had to chuckle once again at the younger Alicorn's inquisitiveness. "Exactly. So like I said Cadance can cast a spell that uses pure love to attack. And for sure your special attack should be the solid form of friendship." Celestia reasoned flatly.

Love and Friendship are just ideas produced by sapient minds and the drive to reproduce. They are not objects, nor forms of energy.

Yes, she had known for a long time, that the astral plane, the wellspring of all alicorn magics, was infinite - well almost, but who cared about the difference between infinite and infinite minus one anyway? But even when creating her sun, by fusing billions of hydrogen nuclei, to helium-4 nuclei, and thus creating a endless cycle of reactions - passively fueled by her own magic to uphold the bright, golden ball of fire. The power of said sun was triffled by the concentration of power that was starting to accemble around their youngest fellow alicorn.

The astral plane? Isn't that something that some people believe in as a higher plane of existence? I don't believe it exists, and farther more, I don't think anyone claims it is a spring of energy. Infinity minus one is still infinity. Infinity is infinitely more than any other number. It's hard to imagine, and that's because infinite proportions don't exist anywhere (except at the zero point of black holes). Also the sun is not made of fire. Sorry if I'm being rude.

Thanks for the Tip, but I already knew that Plottwist. That was even the reason I named it that way ;)

Well and ponys arenˋt normally Pink, Blue, Red, etc…
Itˋs fiction and well you know…Magic!

Yes it is that kind of plane of existence. I'm not a believer either, yet I found the idea funny. The power of the alicorns must come from somewhere. Hey you got the point, Infinity minus one remains Infinity, therefore it doesn't matter which one you have. I know what the sun is made of, but it's a common way to discribe the phenomenon we see every day, strange that you don't seem to know this therm. Nah, no worry.

Well, under the Socratic (Greek) view of the philosophical issue of eternity it is indisputable to suppose that alicorns are not eternal (immortal) since they violate the constant law of change and motion that weaves the world of matter into something finite. Under our present knowledge we can calculate a beginning and an end to something as vast as the universe which in spite of its size does not manage to be really infinite.

Well yes, but the alicorns here are in fact absolutely immortal. They are as said, literally the thing /being that uholds existance/the universe. And yes they violate the laws of change, etc. because they exceed the concept of life and death. :D

The Universe is bound to the Souls of all four alicorns and as long as they live it cant collapse onto itself. As they are free of influence on every plane, they stay as they always were. No matter what would happen around them.

The afterlife and what is connected with it? Fii.

Just because you won't outlive your friends doesn't mean they won't die anyway.

Sorry, I donˋt quiet get what your referring too. I canˋt remember mentioning to even have an afterlife - or you mean because I mentioned the Reaper, than yeah there would be an afterlife.

Why should her friends die? You mean not by age, but other means, like a illness or accident? Magic is advanced and strong, thatˋs not a Problem:twilightsmile:

Hmmmm, technically, Sparkle's ascension started with a harmony boost from the other elements (leaving her mark on the library's floor [wonder how long that lasted]). Then there's the song which either end in a solo or a duet (Harmony's seal of approval?) ...

[Harmony was impressed enough that she chose to appear later as a spirit-Sparkle ... :twilightsmile: ]

Interesting cosmology, can see the bias of the two sisters as the comic egg (pre-bang) would have been a blend of both harmonic and chaotic influences and either (or both) would provide the spark of separation ... (so Discord is a late-bloomer)

Hmmmm, nice borrowing of kitsune lore there (cores) ...

I don't know if I'm misunderstanding something, but. If you meant Twilight ascended to alicorn because harmony deemed her worthy, then you are both wrong and right at the same time. Twilight herself is that supreme harmony entity and her ascension is thus solely her own doing and not triggered by anyone else.

Otherwise your right. Her Ascension started with a Harmony Boost triggered from her own harmonic magic as she is the embodiment of said.

Yes discord is kind of a late boomer (there will be a bit more about that much later). Before the big bang their was just harmony as all matter was compressed to a single point and there was nothing more than matter and the spirits of the alicorns. The other point is, it wasn't just the two sisters that created the big bang. All alicorns equally did their part for that :twilightsmile:

Well Twilight gave them all a great part of her magic to ballance the difference between all of them so technically she was even the most responsible in creating the big bang.

Hope that clears it for you. My headcanon most likely isn't the norm, but thats never something I intended to fulfill.

Didńt realise that and also didn't intend, but yes.

Okay, I'm not even sure if I got confused by this chapter or what. Nevertheless, I'm still impressed you managed to pull off this level of a fourth wall break. Pinkie would be proud. The one thing I want to know for sure is does Twilight remember being outside the fourth wall and/or all the power she can wield(after the story is restarted).

The fourth wall break timewise happens way after the entire conversation with Luna, Celestia, her friends - after the entire plot of this story. (When exactly I never thought about).

You can see it like this: "All the things happened in the past and I (the one in the fourth wall) retells the event in writing a story about it. Twilight then interjects my writing as the construct of reality was never ripped apart by her in the real timeline. The reality becoming undone was just a exaggeration in retelling the story. If you cross out the entire fourth wall break and ignore it...than you got the timeline and events how it actually happend in reality.

So Twilight does remember and can wield the powers after the story is "restarted" as it actually never happend in Equestria. I hope that does make sense to you. If it doesn't I will try to clear it further.

Where the main 6 where the elements of what the are, I always saw spike more of their future guardian aka the guardian of the elements

Sorry but I don't seem to understand your comment. At least I think I don't.

What I mean by this is that spike is there to protect the rest like a guardian so that if danger happens he is there makes sense being a fire breathing dragon and has help protect them before in both body and mind

Yeah, thats a nice and very common theory as it also is likely the most logical. Dragon - fire breath - huge - strong... you name it. In this story however said concept won't be shown if you liked to know. There is someone else ˋtaskedˋ with said. I will mention Spike, yes but he doesn't have a talking role.

Oh so royal friendship is a somewhat different universe from this? I can still see the similarities but I was pleasantly surprised to see that twilight ascended here compared to your other story where she was a bonafide goddess

Edit : did chrysalis's invasion happen in this universe? Those were some pretty high praises for the castle's defense I would either be disappointed or impressed that chrysalis still managed to infiltrate the castle with those odds against her

Yes "The Alicorn Book" and "Royal Friendship" are two entirely separate Universes. The similarities are there yes as that was intended. I see alicorn's always as godly and even if stories have nothing else in common that is the thing they all have (will have). Yes Twilight ascended here in contrast to the other one but she always was an alicorn as the story makes known. She's also in both a bonafide goddess - it suits her:twilightsmile:

To your edit: I have thought about implementing Chrysis attack and that will come later in my story. About every mayor event up to the end of season 4 (as that's the time this story plays) will be mentioned. (I think I don't have to mention Tirek and such did happen? Twi's castle should be proof enough xD)

Now I got a question. What exactly do you mean by praise to the castle defences? Do you mean the official show or the one in my story? The answer defines my answer:raritywink:

I also think the alicorns being goddesses suits them so well so I'm happy to have happened upon your stories :twilightsmile:

And what I meant for the 'praise of the castle defenses part' was the multiple paragraphs you wrote about the delicate and intricate system protecting canterlot castle, but if it was nigh impenetrable how did chrysalis manage to invade equestria's capital? Or was the defense system reformed to be much stronger AFTER the changeling invasion?

Ohh I see. You mean pretty much at the start of the story? Yeah you can think of it as the new line of defence the two older sisters created with the help of Twilight´s knowledge and skill in magic. They may be thousands of years old and Twi was still a unicorn at the time they recreated the new line of defence. Yet they aren´t the embodiment of magic and have a natural 20 in it. (That´s D&D isn´t it? - Oh I shouldn´t use memes if I don´t know what I´m talking about:facehoof:)

Thank´s for the idea, I honestly never thought about that specific fact!

Holy moly.True Immortal it seems so unreal and reminds me of manhwa stories that have True Immortal in them

If you try and go for it, then at least let it be 110%:rainbowlaugh:
Yeah, I always saw alicorns as such and it fits the story also rather well after all.

Hmmm, looking over the Tirek, by giving their portion of power to Twilight did give her time to become accustomed to that amount of power on a 'normal' basis rather than an 'emergency' basis (even then her flares weren't at Flurry Heart levels) though she didn't pull a sonic rainboom when flying past Dash.

As for Twilight's 'normal' level, well there is 'Boast Busters' where she levitated an Ursa Minor, manipulated a water tower, milked a herds of cows, heated said milk, and carried all of that back to a cave to deposit the bear. [AJ's 'Git her done' moment]. Don't think the bearded one could have pull off the same stunt, even with advice.

Well and then we consider I don´t go by cannon and each alicorn is far stronger in my universe than they are in the cannon show. Also there is no Flurry Heart in my verse, she just doesn´t fit.

But I know what you´re talking off, Twilight was a ´one of a kind unicorn´ and was known as the strongest unicorn to have ever lived. Yes in my imagination she would have eventually even surpassed Starswirl if she hadn't accended to an alicorn with about 20 years.

Thanks for the chapter, it was very good!

Thank you as well. I had a great deal of fun in writing it!

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