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A guy with a brain that doesn't care about feasibility, but fun. Moreover I render Alicorns way to overpowered. xD


Equestria: A prosperous and beautiful kingdom. Ruled by four strong, wise and reliable rulers. Also the most knowledgeable kingdom on Equus. Nothing remains undocumented or under lock and key. Or is that not the case?
A mysterious book called "The Alicorn Book" that a mare receives one day in a new shipment for her library. Leaves her with many questions. Where did it come from? Why has she never heard of it before? And was it really true what it said?
On a quest to seek answers, she get's an insight on alicorns, she never thought possible.

- Hope you enjoy. I don´t know when I will make new chapters. But i enventually will! I do my best to get this finished asap :)
- Criticism, suggestions or improvements are also welcome.
- English is not my native language. Therefore please pardon any mistakes in speach:)

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I wonder how Discord fits into everything.

Be more funny if death in asking celestia what was taking so long lol

Comment posted by Nova Star Sparkle deleted Nov 28th, 2021

Do you want to ask what death would ask Celestia, why she didn't come back to their game so far?

I yes, he left the room shortly after Celestia greeted Twilight. Their game was postponed until further notice.


Celestia playing chess with death came from a certain other story didn’t it? ;)

Love it nevertheless!

Thank you :)

I had the thought of Alicorn's playing with death games for years. And wanted to mirrow that in my own story too.

And yes, even if I don't know how to story was called. I'm sure I had read it - and might have taken the idea of the game chess from it. It´s after all one of the most used Ideas, just like them drinking Tee xD

This chapter kinda killed the story for me. While we have the understandable idiotball holding on Celestia and Twilight. Twilight, the sistrrs have been around for over 1000 years and they are both alicorns. How do you not connect those two things.

Celestia, you know how Twilight overreacts hiw did you expect her to react to this?

And Twilight's reaction is extreme.

Frankly this chapter puts this stiry into 'great idea, flawed execution' territory

Hi, thanks for your Critism. I'm sorry to hear, it's not for your liking. I do my best :)

Well yes Alicorns are very intelligent in my Opinion but they aren't Omnipotent or Flawless. So it's still possible for them to make mistakes. And yes Celestia did make a pretty hard Underestimation, but I think that's okay. I like the extrem. Twilight not connecting the dots is reasoned to the same 'not flawlessness'.

-> She knows Tia and Luna are over 1000 years old, but they control Celestial forces (Sun and Moon), so it makes sense for her. She never considered however, that her link to magic is also a celestial/eternal force. She believed she was its current wielder, a pony in an endless line of ponys

Speaking of the extrem, that's the point of this story. As mentioned in the description of the Story. It's heavenly OP Alicorn related and didn't even reach its peak. It's my view of Alicorn's, their abilities and what they can do.

So yes, I think Alicorns are stornger than strong. Twilight’s reaction in my thoughts is reasoned strong - as they are literally God's among God's. The phrase "too strong" or "unreasonable strong" doesn't exist for me. That's how I am😬

Yeah, I never was the best in writing, but it's better than I myself thought...xD

the Op alicorn I don't mind since you said that from the get go. it's her going end reality anger. yeah i know flawless the was critizism on the characters not you there.

and it's quite litterally this chapter that got me out. if rewrited i would give it another chance,. if not then I hope the next story you write i will like.

The Link of Alicorn's and Reality is explained in the third third chapter of the story.

I could technically rewrite it another time, but I don't believe it would get better from your perspective. As the reality part would still be the same, just in other words - well and Twilight never intended to end reality in the Frist place :)

Yeah, let's hope, that the next one will be for your liking. (probably will make a sequel to this one)

Alicornite itself was the strongest element on Equus. It most closely resembled a metal, though it lacked the typical properties of metal detector detection - But all this was standard procedure in Equestria, as only materials with the highest prestige value were used for the regents’ accessoire.

If you remove the -ite at the end and search that material up on Wikipedia, the result may surprise you.

Celestia had to chuckle once again at the younger Alicorn's inquisitiveness. "Exactly. So like I said Cadance can cast a spell that uses pure love to attack. And for sure your special attack should be the solid form of friendship." Celestia reasoned flatly.

Love and Friendship are just ideas produced by sapient minds and the drive to reproduce. They are not objects, nor forms of energy.

Yes, she had known for a long time, that the astral plane, the wellspring of all alicorn magics, was infinite - well almost, but who cared about the difference between infinite and infinite minus one anyway? But even when creating her sun, by fusing billions of hydrogen nuclei, to helium-4 nuclei, and thus creating a endless cycle of reactions - passively fueled by her own magic to uphold the bright, golden ball of fire. The power of said sun was triffled by the concentration of power that was starting to accemble around their youngest fellow alicorn.

The astral plane? Isn't that something that some people believe in as a higher plane of existence? I don't believe it exists, and farther more, I don't think anyone claims it is a spring of energy. Infinity minus one is still infinity. Infinity is infinitely more than any other number. It's hard to imagine, and that's because infinite proportions don't exist anywhere (except at the zero point of black holes). Also the sun is not made of fire. Sorry if I'm being rude.

Thanks for the Tip, but I already knew that Plottwist. That was even the reason I named it that way ;)

Well and ponys arenˋt normally Pink, Blue, Red, etc…
Itˋs fiction and well you know…Magic!

Yes it is that kind of plane of existence. I'm not a believer either, yet I found the idea funny. The power of the alicorns must come from somewhere. Hey you got the point, Infinity minus one remains Infinity, therefore it doesn't matter which one you have. I know what the sun is made of, but it's a common way to discribe the phenomenon we see every day, strange that you don't seem to know this therm. Nah, no worry.

Hmmm, when you did the Mane 5 comparisons, did you forget about their Harmony boost (over the 'normal' average pony)?

Magic Core - Would the power transfer (Tirec) or Starlight 's Cutie Mark maneuvers be considered lesser versions?

Sun & Moon - Twi did move them (Tirec) / Swan Parade (Sister's vacation) ...

Aging - Series finale showed the Mane 5 with some age marks, does their aging stop in the 50's then (canon-wise) ??

Twilighting - had to happen somewhere ...

Thanks for your response! If the power of alicorns comes from somewhere, where does the power of unicorns come from?

"WHAT! But the scale goes up to 250! No way!"

They might use a different system, but here on Earth, our iq scores only go up to ~200. Maybe apes such as me are just intellectually inferior.

"Hrrhm, oh yes! Can you tell me what the arithmetic mean of the standard deviation for the median of 31.61 and the two quartiles of 7 and 9 are? Considering the boxplot of Y= [(91/1348 * X) * 3] - 47 of course."

Either I'm stupid, or this problem is impossible, and this word salad was made up to sound smart.

"But of course, you can. I was already waiting for you to ask. I have to admit that I didn't think cyanide would taste so good with tea

You can make a similar tea in your very own home! (Please don't)
Step 1. Find bitter almonds. Bitter almonds are not just almonds that are bitter, they are a different type of almond. Make sure the almonds that you are using are not regular, sweet, or apricot almonds.
Step 2. Buy tea bags.
Step 3. Crush the bitter almonds into chunks. This will also release cyanide gas, which WILL make you throw up (Or worse) if you smell it, assuming you are a human.
You should wear a gas mask during this part.
Step 4. Put the bitter almond chunks into your tea bag, and submerge the tea bag in hot water.
Step 5. Steep.
After steeping, enjoy. This might be the last tea you'll have in your life.

The system is the same, except that the ponies already had the scale sized from the beginning up to 250.

Your not Stupid, I used correct and existing Therms (median, quartiles and boxplot) but the numbers are purely random. Yes, it is a task to sound smart :D

The Idea is good, but clearly I wouldn´t do it. And I HIGHLY suggest to NOT DO IT for everyone else.
Why even do you know how to make such a tea, are you hiding something? xD

While I didn't want to explain this within my story, it was going to show up in the "Author Note". I'll just say this: It's not the astral dimension, but an also strong and closed circuit based on the same principle.

The comparison is standardized and I used the Mane 5 as a known reference. I have not yet included the 'Harmony Boost', so the 6 will definitely be stronger than 'normal'.

The thing with Tirek will come kinda in the third alicorn chapter and well...I don´t like Starlight at all (sorry to all that do, she´s simply not mine). So I won´t include her and it also never even happend in my own version of Equestria. (Should I include the ´Alternate Universe´ Tag for this? Don´t know)

The thing with moving it while Tirek is already included, and the second thing won´t be cannon in my Story as my timeline here doesn´t go as far. We are currently in kind of past season 4 and in start of 5, but without Starlight. Confusing? Yeah, it´s not all canon here.

As the previous stated, the timeline doesn´t go as far as the series finale and as you might have already read, the mane 5 won´t age like they would do if they were ´normal´ ponys.

I kind of had that included :D
...Well, I can´t rewrite the whole behaviour of Twilight or anyone else, that wouldn´t make much sence. But also didn´t want her to be neurotic :)

I'm not hiding anything. I just know how to make that tea because I watched a yt video about cyanide for no reason whatsoever except for curiosity.

All in good fun, it was a joke. But you surely got that anyway.

"We alicorns, as we have both explained, belong to the Immortal Beings - That's also pretty much all you know so far about our immortality. But that means much more than not being able to die. In short summary: Every species needs their own Immortal to be able to live. If the Immortal dies, then the species is damned to extinction in a few generations."

How does that even make sense? It's not like the immortal provides everyone else with some kind of life force. Is it that the immortal protects them from outside forces? If so, what outside forces? If that's the case, then can't everyone just hide or fight by themselves? (Edit: Noticed you used the word species without context, meaning basically any organism, so are there immortal bacteria somewhere? Here on Earth, there are about 30,000 species of bacteria, according to the first result on google. Perhaps less species exist on equus.)

Yea, the AU tag is needed if part of the show isn't being used, that said, how would there be a Twilight / Luna interaction (notes) unless the whole Nightmare Moon bit is being ignored (or shifted)??

I'm about halfway through this chapter as of writing this. Before Twilight was born, what caused the stars to appear in the night sky? Did stars just not exist? If they did exist, what force manipulated them before, and why would they need Twilight to do it? Stars are very similar to the sun, as the sun is a medium sized star up close. Most stars work the same, by fusing hydrogen atoms into helium atoms. There are some O-type stars that weigh a million times what the sun weighs. Are those even possible to interact with over lightyears of distance? Nothing with matter can travel faster than light, however, I do suppose magic would not be made of matter, maybe some kind of energy?

The Question was answered in "Alicorns - Power and Knowledge" --> “Nevertheless, we assume that even if we were not cognitively active, we influenced the course of events. After all, the universe must have been stabilized before Luna and me," Celestia added to her sister's statement."

Twilight wasn't physically born, but her Soul (like that of any other alicorn) existed the entire time, since the Big Bang. As stated their souls were in a kind of dormant state but influenced the universe nevertheless. So yes Tia and Lulu watched the Stars rise for over 15 millenia on their own. They knew somedays there will be an Alicorn that has Controller over them.

Yes your question is good, i actually never considered that in my calculation. There are some very heavy Stars but Twilight has Controll over them as Well. And I had writen somewhere that Alicorns and their Magic doesn't nessesarry follow natural laws. Some Things they can do easily, even if it isn't scientific possible. And yes Magic isn't really a matter, just an energy that our science can't explain.

Hope that satisfies your question. It's a fiction after all and honestly it never should be completely scientifically correct. Some things are simply magic xD


I tried chamomile tea with crushed cyanide almonds in it (Only a few). It doesn't even taste that good, it just tastes like chamomile and nausea. Maybe I didn't put enough almonds? I only drank half of it, but now there is some kind of oil on top of the tea.

I don't know if it tastes, I dont like almond at all😅

Well, under the Socratic (Greek) view of the philosophical issue of eternity it is indisputable to suppose that alicorns are not eternal (immortal) since they violate the constant law of change and motion that weaves the world of matter into something finite. Under our present knowledge we can calculate a beginning and an end to something as vast as the universe which in spite of its size does not manage to be really infinite.

Well yes, but the alicorns here are in fact absolutely immortal. They are as said, literally the thing /being that uholds existance/the universe. And yes they violate the laws of change, etc. because they exceed the concept of life and death. :D

The Universe is bound to the Souls of all four alicorns and as long as they live it cant collapse onto itself. As they are free of influence on every plane, they stay as they always were. No matter what would happen around them.

"You can imagine the core as a kind of glowing ball of magic about Volleyball size."

What kind of volleyball are they playing? And also how many MPs does it take to lift a 1 kg object 1 metre away for 1 second?

Uh I only know of an Volleyball, that has a Ball a size of 15cm/6", so thats the size.

Heres the answer. [Especially Alicorn magic ignores the laws of physics and remains unaffected, because magic in general is not matter but an unknown kind of energy.]:

Magic itself is very energy-rich and therefore alicorn magic is extremely energy-rich. Unfortunately, there is no way to say with 100% certainty what energy levels a magic unit or an alicorn magic unit possesses in watt. [Simply because of the fact that you can't put magic and watts into a performance ratio.]

I figured out that, considering the mass of the Sun, that's 1.487 × 10^30 kg; the fact that an alicorn needs only 1/5 of the magic to work any spell; an average needed amount of 0.32 magic units for objects heavier than the planet Equus itself, all that due to the inertia of the mass. One would need unimaginable amounts of Magic to move the sun. BUT, the sun is located in space, a place known for zero gravity. So you would actually need just a tiny tiny fraction of said power to move an object there, in space. And on top of all that the sun isn't a solid object, so one would only need to overpower the attraction of the core and would therefore be able to move the indicated one.

- So Well... You cant say how much units one would need for 1 Kilo, as Magic doesn't follow physical laws. And I on top never calculate it😆

I have to thank!

This Story was never meant to by mathematical correct but coming at least close and having fun is still acceptable

Comment posted by NotShady366 deleted January 13th

"If you’re wondering what I’m referring to, I will gladly tell you on instant - so, if you would listen. I figured out that considering the mass of the Sun, that's 1.487 × 10^30 kg; the fact that an alicorn needs only 1/5 of the magic to work any spell; an average needed amount of 0.32 magic units for objects heavier than the planet Equus itself, all that due to the inertia of the mass. One would need unimaginable amounts of Magic to move the sun. BUT, the sun is located in space, a place known for zero gravity. So you would actually need just a tiny tiny fraction of said power to move an object there, in space."

Gravity is everywhere, even though it's effects lessen the farther you are away from the object causing the gravity, it's still there. There is no escaping gravity, as it has a near infinite range, though the effects are basically none in the vaccum of space, the effects are still there.

Two questions and a statement:
Do they have omniscience?
Who would win, the combined forces of the North Atlantic Treaty Org or 1 purple horse?
I think that the cyanide-chamomile tea is what they're drinking while talking is interesting. I do think cyanide-chamomile tea decreases motor skills, but why not.

They don't have omniscience, but supernatural intelligence and could litteraly answer every of your questions. So yes they are very very smart and know a lot, but can't considered omniscience by now.

By far one purple hors😅

Yes it is kind of a drug and decreases Motor skills, but an alicorn can't be affected by this. The same reason why they don't suffer any ill effects from something that is clearly highly toxic --> Their body is highly resistent.

Yes there is gravity everywhere, even in the "Zero gravity" space, but I don't consider that at all enough to affect the stated here.

I think NATO would win though, because even if a horse is purple, it is still just a horse. At most a small squad is all that is needed to take down a purple horse as long as they have guns. Notice my usage of the word "horse" instead of "Alicorn" or "Pony." This is an example of misleading someone using nonspecific questions.

Another example is, "What is the largest city in America?" in that question, the answer is Sao Paulo, not New York City. Because in the question, I didn't specify the United States, just "America."

So You like messing with people? Nice dude. I wish you best fun with your mind games, but that's nothing for me.

This is a Fanfic, like you clearly know. So pls, not every thing has to be logical, possible or scientific correct. It's for fun after all :)

Anyway, have a nice day!

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