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Genuinely wishing I had more time and motivation to write. Sometimes you'll get lucky. Mostly you'll be disappointed.


How do you cope when all your friends are dying of old age around you, but you seem not to be growing older at all? Twilight Sparkle tackles this problem for herself the only way she's ever known how: research, and then contacting Princess Celestia for advice. The explanation she gets is nothing like what she could have expected, and it will change Twilight's life forever.

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I'll be watching this story closely, well written and enough to get me immersed, my only concern is for length but future installments will satisfy my urge for more I am sure.

You managed to get me invested in the sorrows of someone outliving all their closest of friends and for that I applaud you.

Moar or i will eat your fucking soul :flutterrage:

I say, quite an interesting chapter you made there lad :moustache:

No what am I saying? MOAR!!!!!!!!!11!!!:flutterrage:

“Now let’s say I didn’t personally draw the pictures."
Lost me for a bit after this line right here. Had to reread it a few times to get it. Quite an interesting story and I would submit a request for more.:twilightblush:

Thanks for the pointer. This fic is coming largely straight from my fingers to the site, so it's bound to be a little rough at spots. I'll see if I can reword that to make it clearer. :twilightsmile:


Nah, you got the complicated explanation there and it becomes easier to understand after thinking about it for a sec, Just recomment that people either read Tsubabsa reservoir chronicles or play Achron... Now those are confusing.

sweet story, very worth a track.

That's a pretty good way to explain backstory actually. Almost seems canon.

Its like reading a history book, but it turns out that this one is actually enjoyable to read. I commend you for your creative imagination.

Wath.... CherriApple...? That's new to me.

Anyways, great chapter.


Yeah, I was trying to find a ship for AJ, because, well, shipping's my thing, but I'd already paired the rest of the mane6. Then I remembered another fic I'd read that made Cheerijack seem plausible, and it stuck. I hope to write a fic in the future to help flesh the relationship out and make it more believable.:ajsmug:

I feel like I'm reading a story, just without the story. While the first chapter was interesting, It just doesn't feel like the fic is going in any particular direction. Back-story is great, and when done well can literally bring your characters to life, but a story needs a story to be a story.

Just some input from a different perspective: There is a such thing as too much back-story. The things to consider keeping are the things the characters find meaningful, or have direct importance to the events of the story.


Thanks for the input! I originally intended for a much swifter progression through the backstory and into the plot, but as often happens, the backstory just fleshed itself out on its own. Someday I will probably rewrite this to rearrange the backstory and the eventual plot so they mesh more cleanly, but as for right now, I'm just working on getting the whole thing out first.

More for the love of god! :pinkiehappy:

I agree with he wonderfully written review above me, This story is well written and quite frankly deserves more attention than it has been getting, the update schedule is a bit slow but it is worth it for the quality that we get. You have managed toi catch my imagination and write a very compelling story, even if it is just a recap segment at the moment.
:moustache: A moustache fir you and seeing as I have a new IP another thumb.

I just found this story today and I can't believe such a gem has eluded me for so long. Normally stories that delve into the past tend to bore me but this wonderful work has only enticed me into knowing more. I have read a lot of stories good, bad, and crazy but this one has been a absolute joy. Tracked and Faved.:twilightsmile:


Thank you for the words of encouragement!

I'll be totally honest; this was never intended to be as long as it's become. I originally meant to write a brief little story the basic plot of which cropped up in a discussion with some friends. Once I started, though, the backstory started writing itself, and before I knew it, I had four chapters of backstory and no plot. It's a little embarrassing, but I've decided to push through until the backstory I originally intended to create is completed, and go from there. I think there's an actual plot somewhere in there, but it'll take some time to really flesh it out properly.

In the meanwhile, knowing there are people who really want to see this story expanded gives me a reason to keep working on a plot I had never intended to get much further than a touch of history.

It seems we're done with the backstory and moving into the main plot... Interesting. :twilightsmile:

One possible error I noticed:
> It is most certainly the heart of all magic here in Ponyville,
I think you mean Canterlot there.

keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

And we have actual plot! And I might say a very nice plot at that. I am certainly happy to see where this is going, of course I am ludicrously easy to please.


Ah, good catch. Actually, it's supposed to be "Equestria," and I've fixed it. Thanks for the heads up :)

255776 I'm curious, who did Rarity and Fluttershy end up with? If that would contain spoils you don't have to say, but I am just curious...

Nah, I don't think it would be spoilery. I don't usually concern myself too much with spoiling my own stories. I figure if a plot is good enough, it doesn't need mystery to keep people interested (not that there's anything wrong with a good mystery!). For the most part, my headcanon is largely based on a slightly altered version of SleeplessBrony's fanon, and as such, I usually ship Rarity and Spike, and Fluttershy and Big Mac. Someday I'll probably write my own versions of how those ships got started :raritywink:

356037 I still question FlutterMac (if the Mane 6 are straight I see TwiMac more likely)
I am still kinda waiting on some character interaction between Fluttershy and Big Mac, since we actually have that with Twilight and Big Mac, currently TwiMac > FlutterMac until some interaction happens at least, but you would need something that shows romantic involvement at this point...

Hehe, I can only write so many fics at once :eeyup:

356111 the one fic I want by the end of the year but will never have, Twilight becames an Alicorn through getting a Wingboner :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: preferably TwiDash
as for this fic, I am enjoying it a lot, keep up the good work :yay::yay:

This just keeps getting better and better! :twilightsmile:

Past is the past Twilight, gotta keep moving forward imo.

Nice Cliffhanger! :flutterrage:

Re-writing your own history sounds like a pretty damn scary option to me... Brrr... No thanks.

I mean, it's not as if she'd get more time with her friends, she'd just lose what she had to get something else. Besides, what about Celestia and Luna? This is their last chance to get someone they won't have to lose...

One word: Wow!

First off I hate this cliffhanger more than anything even the end of Inception didn't hurt this much. Now that this out of the way. I love this story. I like seeing different takes on the royal sisters back story. Each author that has done this has come up with pretty believable tales. The idea of gods above them is marvelous. Now my opinion on what Twilight should do is to become a alicorn. This way she can continue to help make Equestria a better nation. I also don't want her to leave Spike he is like her son or brother not to mention her first friend. For me having to relive the loss of my friends even if I won't remember the first time kind of sucks. I just wouldn't want to put myself through that again even with a different ending. With god himself saying the world would benefit with her there makes it a no brainer for me.

Wow! that was just great! The part about the headstones and gems made me choke up a bit. You did a great jod depicting the history of all this. Thanks for such a great story!:pinkiehappy::fluttercry:

I thought that she had made the opposite decision at first and got switched around on the first clue otherwise (I read a sentence too fast and missed a key word).

So in the end, she chose to bear some daughters with her mate. Then turning into Alicorn afterwards?

Very interesting, good end to this story unique as well.


Technically Sunspot and Moonbeam were born long before this story started. They were one of the things Spike was trying to use to convince Twilight she should stay in Ponyville in chapter 1.

Being immortal is hard to for me to wrap my head around, I mean if you were someone that was truly alone from beginning then you wouldn't know the pain of losing people around you while you don't wither and die.


I somehow missed that (I must have been tired when I read it). I guess that just shows how much pain she was in at the time.

Awww. We don't get to see the reaction from Celestia/Luna? I was hoping to see their version of Twilight's YESYESYESYES dance... :twilightblush:


Maybe someday... :raritywink:


Having Celestia and Luna bounce in a circle around Twilight chanting "Yes! Yes! Yes!" would be the most adorable thing in the universe. Especially if Cosmos was watching them do it. :twilightoops:

Search your feelings. You know it to be true. :twilightsmile:

The story was great. Really touching but... well... I would make a different decision in Twi's place. And I am great fan of stories with alternative endings... just sayin'...


It would sure be a tough decision and either choice has its merits. I honestly don't know for sure which choice I would make. I have always considered my mortality to be a gift but that immortality would be a gift too, just as both are curses.

Hmm...I actually did not expect that ending. Both choices were good though. Great story.

Man, were these chapters packed with backstory.


The backstory was definitely one of the best parts. I really like Cosmos's personality.


I didn't think I'd have as much fun writing him as I did. Some characters just really stand out to me.

I think the most characterizing parts of him are his "Perhaps" response to Twilight's question about how she would die and how he gives Twilight a choice even though he could use her.

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