• Published 13th Feb 2012
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Our Lot, Our Life - KiroTalon

Twilight visits Celestia and Luna to learn why she seems to have stopped aging.

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The sun's slow progress across the sky was once again approaching its inevitable denouement, casting long, sensational streaks of crimson and titian through the atmosphere, vainly resisting the encroaching evening darkness that seeped above the opposing horizon, meek but inexorable, drawing a curtain of plum velvet, dotted with shimmering, eternal constellations. It was a sight so common that many ponies grew accustomed enough to ignore it as they went about their busy day, rushing to complete those insignificant tasks that had escaped their attention until the lanterns flaring to life along the boardwalk alerted them to the coming night.

Moonbeam and Sunspot were fortunate in that regard. Their mothers had been devoted admirers of both the sunrise and the sunset, and had worked hard to instill a similar appreciation in their daughters. The indigo unicorn and her ice-blue sister were sitting on the edge of the Ponyville fountain, leisurely watching the sun slip behind the horizon. Moonbeam held a sprout smoothie in her violet magical aura, sipping contentedly as her sister casually flipped the page in the massive tome she was perusing. The dark blue mare nudged her companion. "Hey, put that book away, would you? You can't read a sunset."

Sunspot scowled at the other mare for an instant before returning to her book. "You might be surprised, Beam. Mom always said she preferred to read about beautiful things when she could. Easier to notice all the subtle details that way."

"Really," Moonbeam scoffed lightly, "because I seem to remember Mom saying she only read when she had to. 'Life is to be experienced, not explained.' Remember?" the cerulean unicorn raised an eyebrow.

Sunspot made a show of tapping her chin with a thoughtful hoof. "Yeah, that does sound like something Momma Trixie would say." She turned another page and returned to her book. "But she was also a showmare; obscuring details was crucial for her."

The indigo mare rolled her eyes. "Whatever, Spot." She took a sip of her smoothie and turned back to the sunset.

"Oh, hey there, Moonbeam!" A chipper voice with a faint southern drawl pricked Moonbeam's ears to her left, and she turned to see Honeycrisp and her brother Blenheim pulling the Sweet Apple market cart back towards the road to the farm. The unicorn smiled as the two earth ponies unhitched themselves and came over. "How's it goin'?" Honeycrisp asked.

Moonbeam smiled. "Pretty well. It was a quiet day at the library, so I got a lot of practicing done." She nodded at her sister, who had looked up from her book and was smiling at the two Apples. "Sunspot's been studying, of course."

Blenheim chuckled. "When isn't she?"

Sunspot stuck her tongue out at the stallion. "You could stand to do a little research yourself, I bet. You might be surprised at what you could learn about horticulture if you would just take the time to read a journal or two."

The dark orange earth pony snorted. "Pass. If I can't learn it on my own, it ain't worth learnin'."

"Suit yourself," the unicorn shrugged. "How about you, Crisp?"

Honeycrisp smiled, but shook her head. "Thanks anyway, Sunny. There just ain't enough hours in the day to run a farm and stick my nose in a book. Ah'm lucky if I get an hour to eat lunch, what with all we have to do."

"I understand, but if you--"

"Sunny," Moonbeam interrupted her, "let it go." The ice blue unicorn looked as though she was going to press the issue for a moment, but a stern glance from her sister closed the issue, and she shrugged.

Honeycrisp cleared her throat and said, "So, uh...what're y'all doin' out here so late?"

Moonbeam nodded at the distant burnt sienna sky. "Just watching the sunset. It's not something we get to do very often, what with our studies and all, so I thought it would be nice to take an hour or two to take stock, you know? Remember that the world's a lot bigger than our little library and our desktops." She glanced at Sunspot, who looked up with a slightly guilty expression, then sighed and closed her book, slipping it into her saddlebag.

"Fine, fine. I get it." She scowled, but Moonbeam could see a hint of amusement in her eyes.

"The sun only sets once a day, Sunny. You can read anytime."

"Yeah, yeah..."

Moonbeam looked back at Honeycrisp and Blenheim. "You want to join us?"

The two farm ponies exchanged a look and a shrug. "Sure," Blenheim said, walking over and dropping heavily onto his rump next to the unicorn sisters. Honeycrisp sat down somewhat more delicately than her brother, but still settled in the dirt, rather than on the edge of the fountain. She removed her well-worn leather hat and shook the dust off of it before sitting it back on her head, snugging it down tightly over her ears.

The four ponies sat in silence for some minutes, watching as the sun slowly slid down past the horizon. It was half-gone when another familiar voice broke their reverie.

"Watching Celestia say goodnight?"

The quartet turned as one towards the voice, and Sunspot immediately broke into a wide grin. "Hey, Mom."

Twilight smiled and walked over to the group. "Good evening, Sunspot. I'm surprised you aren't out here reading."

Sunspot blushed faintly. "Yeah, well...I was, but Beam made me put my book away."

"I did not!"

Twilight giggled. "Well, she was right to do so if she did. You know what your mother would say, don't you?"

Moonbeam grinned. "Life is to be experienced, not explained?"

The older mare nodded. "Exactly." She looked at the Apple foals. "Good evening, Honeycrisp, Blenheim. Where's your sister?"

Honeycrisp doffed her hat in greeting. "Evenin', Missus Sparkle. I think Topaz is still at the schoolhouse. Friday night, you know."

"Speaking of missing companions," Moonbeam said, "where's Spike?"

Twilight nodded in the general direction of the Carousel Boutique. "Visiting Rarity, of course. It's not something he gets to do very often. In fact, speak of the dragon," she said, nodding over the other four ponies' heads. The group turned to see a vast shadow materialize out of the waxing darkness and settle heavily to the ground in front of Town Hall. The massive purple form took shape as it stepped into the flickering light cast by the lanterns around the fountain, and the scaly face broke into a broad grin as the owner recognized the small party.

"Hey guys," Spike said, his deep voice perpetually undercut by a low growl deep in his chest.

Most ponies would be terrified to face, let alone speak to a dragon, even one that was still relatively small, but Moonbeam and Sunspot had been cared for by the big purple beast since they had been born, had grown up climbing all over his smooth warm scales and hiding under his big leathery wings, and had treated him like one of the family for their entire life. Honeycrisp and Blenheim had similarly grown up around Spike, and although they'd spent a great deal less time around him, they still treated him like just another pony in town. All four ponies' faces lit up with wide smiles, and Sunspot actually jumped down off the fountain to go nuzzle the dragon. "Spike! How have you been? We don't get to see you too often around here any more."

Spike chuckled as he leaned into the embrace. "Aw, shucks. Well, you know there's not a whole lot of room for a dragon in Ponyville, even a little one."

"Little, he says," Blenheim repeated, laughing. "Spike, you haven't been little fer a while. Heck, you've been bigger'n me as long as I can recall."

Spike grinned. "Well, when you put it that way..." He stood up on his hind legs and spread his wings as far as he could. Fully extended, he was roughly three-quarters as tall as Town Hall, and his wings were broader than the building by several hooves. The collected ponies stomped enthusiastically in appreciation, and the dragon made a show of flexing and posing for them.

Twilight rolled her eyes and giggled. "Alright, alright, enough showing off. You're making everyone nervous, Spike."

"Don' be silly," Honeycrisp scoffed. "Ain't no pony in Ponyville who'd be afraid of Spike. Heck, we're the only town with their own resident dragon."

"Well, I'm not really a resident, exactly..." Spike said, rubbing the back of his neck with a claw.

"Shucks," the yellow earth pony said, "you grew up here, didn' ya? That makes it yer home, no matter where else ya go."

Twilight smiled. "I think that's fair to say, don't you, Spike?"

Spike nodded. "Yeah...yeah, I guess so." He looked around, sighing shallowly. "Canterlot never did feel as cozy as good old Ponyville." A wistful smile tugged at the edges of the dragon's face.

"So," Twilight said, "how was your visit?"

"Oh, it was pretty good," Spike said, the smile widening for an instant, and then fading. "Well, as good as it ever can be anymore..."

Twilight nodded, walking over and nuzzling the dragon's shoulder. "I know what you mean. It's hard to visit any of them these days."

"Sure...did you get to see Trixie and the rest of the gang already?"

"Yeah, I did the rounds earlier today so I could take care of my errands without worrying about getting a chance before we had to leave."

Spike nodded in agreement. There was a moment of reverent silence before the dragon spoke again, his voice quiet in spite of his size. "I miss them a lot."

Twilight closed her eyes against a wave of tears. It wasn't very strong, more of a token response to a well-worn painful memory, but it happened every time just the same. When she opened them again, the tears had subsided, and she was able to nod and actually smile. "We all do, Spike, but that's a good thing. It means that they were loved, and that at least someone in this world will never forget them."

"Well, you aren't the only ones!" Sunspot suddenly spoke up, her voice lightly tinged with offense. "We won't forget them either, you know."

Twilight smiled. "I know you won't, sweetheart."

"Yeah, but we won't live to be a million, Sunny," Moonbeam smirked at her sister, who shot the indigo unicorn a nasty glare.

"So? That doesn't mean we'll forget!"

"Girls," Twilight said, her voice quiet but stern. "Relax. Sunspot, no one's saying you'll forget, or that your love is any less valuable. Moonbeam, stop antagonizing your sister."

Moonbeam rolled her eyes and sighed. "Yes, mom."

Twilight came over and nuzzled her daughters. "As wonderful as it is to see you girls, I'm afraid I was only in town for the day. I've got to go back to Canterlot before the sun sets completely."

"Aw," Sunspot said, folding her ears back on her head. "Are you sure you can't spend the night? We've got the spare room in the library, you know."

Twilight giggled. "You mean my old bedroom." The two unicorns nodded. "Thanks, girls, but it's sort of important that I be there, you know."

"Yeah, yeah..." Sunspot sighed and looked sadly at her hooves. Twilight nuzzled her daughters again, gently kissing Sunspot's forehead.

"I'll visit again soon, Sunny. I promise." She smiled at the Apples. "Good night, Honeycrisp, Blenheim. It was wonderful to see you again."

"Likewise, Missus Sparkle," Blenheim said. Honeycrisp simply doffed her hat again.

Twilight turned to Spike and said, "Spike, I'll meet you back at the castle later, right?"

"Yeah, I'll be there in a couple hours."

The lavender alicorn nodded and spread her wings, the powerful magic lacing through them rendering her capable of lifting off with a single graceful flap. She took a slow lap around the courtyard as she ascended, reveling in the wind whipping through her mane and tail. As amazing as Rainbow Dash always swore it was... She glanced reflexively down past the Boutique, beyond which lay the small, peaceful plot of land that constituted Ponyville's only cemetery. In it, she imagined she could see six immediately recognizable headstones, each with a different gem set into it: a rose quartz balloon; a topaz butterfly; a ruby apple; a sapphire diamond; a pearl rainbow; and an azure wand. Tears she had avoided on the ground now flowed freely past her ears, blown backwards by the rushing wind. The alicorn allowed herself a moment of reflection before she left.

Goodbye, my friends. I will never forget you...and maybe someday...we'll meet again.

Then, in a flash shorter than the beat of an aching heart, Twilight vanished.

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Wow! that was just great! The part about the headstones and gems made me choke up a bit. You did a great jod depicting the history of all this. Thanks for such a great story!:pinkiehappy::fluttercry:

I thought that she had made the opposite decision at first and got switched around on the first clue otherwise (I read a sentence too fast and missed a key word).

So in the end, she chose to bear some daughters with her mate. Then turning into Alicorn afterwards?

Very interesting, good end to this story unique as well.


Technically Sunspot and Moonbeam were born long before this story started. They were one of the things Spike was trying to use to convince Twilight she should stay in Ponyville in chapter 1.

Being immortal is hard to for me to wrap my head around, I mean if you were someone that was truly alone from beginning then you wouldn't know the pain of losing people around you while you don't wither and die.


I somehow missed that (I must have been tired when I read it). I guess that just shows how much pain she was in at the time.

Awww. We don't get to see the reaction from Celestia/Luna? I was hoping to see their version of Twilight's YESYESYESYES dance... :twilightblush:


Maybe someday... :raritywink:


Having Celestia and Luna bounce in a circle around Twilight chanting "Yes! Yes! Yes!" would be the most adorable thing in the universe. Especially if Cosmos was watching them do it. :twilightoops:

Search your feelings. You know it to be true. :twilightsmile:

The story was great. Really touching but... well... I would make a different decision in Twi's place. And I am great fan of stories with alternative endings... just sayin'...


It would sure be a tough decision and either choice has its merits. I honestly don't know for sure which choice I would make. I have always considered my mortality to be a gift but that immortality would be a gift too, just as both are curses.

Hmm...I actually did not expect that ending. Both choices were good though. Great story.

Man, were these chapters packed with backstory.


The backstory was definitely one of the best parts. I really like Cosmos's personality.


I didn't think I'd have as much fun writing him as I did. Some characters just really stand out to me.

I think the most characterizing parts of him are his "Perhaps" response to Twilight's question about how she would die and how he gives Twilight a choice even though he could use her.


Wow, this story is ace. You could even make a heart-stabbing movie with it.

Well, I really don't know what to say, an excellently written story, loved it! For the first bit of the last chapter, I thought Twi chose to go back and die with her friends, but as it turns out, it was only half right. If I read correctly anyways. Well. amazing story!

With the end of chapter 7, I was honestly unsure of what Twi's answer would be. In fact, I thought she would lean for the "die after her friends" option. It was interesting to be surprised by her picking the other option.

Thanks for such a great read!

Ok, I liked this, but...

I call shenanigans!!! :twilightangry2:

Twilight never really got an answer as to why Celestia and Luna didn't tell her about the immortality when she asked about it. To me, the whole "Denial/Ask us later" thing was just, well cruel and rather pointless. I could understand waiting until she asked them about it and then an answer of "you are immortal and there is a reason, but it's not the time to go into it". But just not talking to her about it? I mean, really? Just, "we're not telling you because we don't have to" is dumb.

But, the rest of the story makes up for it quite well.
So have 4/5 Moustaches :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:



You're absolutely right, as it happens. There's a lot about this story that irritates and discourages me now as I reread it, and that's one of them. It was a first attempt at a ponyfic, and written largely on the fly, with no real plot in mind except for Twi = Alicorn. I want to rewrite it someday so it doesn't...suck, but for now it seems popular enought to leave it be. It's a fun read, at least.

Good story. I like your version of Equestrian history... I happen to agree with a lot of your conclusions, especially the parts explaining why nature (the weather, the animals, and the sun and moon, to be specific) is so rigidly controlled. My own attempt at an explanation for these things turned out somewhat similar, although you went an extra step or two.

Anyway, a fun read.

A immensely delightful story. :twilightblush:

Immortality and Alicorn ascension have been done many times, but this story was definitely a standout. I loved the worldbuilding and 'teh feels'.

Great work.

1257755 - Let it stand, yes there are a few unanswered questions, but they are relatively minor. The story was good from beginning to end really.

FAVED, and here is why.

Cosmos: You nailed his personality as the loving father who watches his children from above but can never directly involve himself in their affairs.

Celestia and Luna: Their personalities were nailed, and I loved how overjoyed they were to have Twilight as their little sister. :trollestia:

Twilight: Holy heck you put her through a lot. But she handled it all as Twilight should and in the end she made the choice I believe Twilight would make in that situation, she ascended to princessdom.

I would loved to see an epilogue focusing on Twilight, Luna and Celestia interacting, and being family at the castle, but beggars can't be choosers :pinkiehappy:

Damnit. Now I'm going to have to read this because I'm so intrigued by it.

I like this. I like it a lot. One little thing, though: What just happened? I'm missing something here, aren't I?

Oh, also media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lubn1aDU4Z1qfx711.jpg

Depends. Gimme a rough idea where you got lost and I'd be glad to fill in the blanks. I know it's a little sketchy in parts, and it's a lot of canon to take in all at once.

1268001 The last couple of paragraphs, really.

Just read all of this. Your tense changing, man. It KILLED this for me. It was a good story; I enjoyed it. However, a story that constantly changes tense is like reading a bed of nails for me. Other than that, ya done good, Shamus.

How many times do I have to click the like button for the rewrite to appear?

Yeah, I am sorry about that. I never intended for the whole thing to be written that way, but it just never really got fixed. In the end I had already invested way too much time in its current incarnation to go back and rewrite the whole thing. Stay tuned, though. Someday I'm going to rewrite the backstory in its own right, with proper tense and everything.

The basic jist is that she chose immortality. Sunspot and Moonbeam are her daughters, whom she had with Trixie before Trixie died. The epilogue is set a few years in the future, and is mostly intended to reveal her decision, and to provide some level of closure to the situation.

All of the times.:trollestia:

Alternatively, if this becomes more popular than my scoots fic, I'll probably give it more serious consideration.

1270780 Okay, but what's with that bit about vanishing? It's the only part I don't really get. Is she supposed to have teleported or something? Because it's really not all that clear.

Yeah, sorry, she teleported. It's sort of her trope anyway, and obviously any alicorn can do it. I guess I should have made that more clear.

Bah. Neighsayers.

I liked it, and for some reason my eyes are hurting a bit, all watery and stuff. Silly eyes, what did I ever do to you to deserve such punishment...

Honestly, I don't often read sad-fics. Simply because many just slap the tag on and that tragedy, dying and stuff like that is all there is to it. They forget that sadness isn't always everything there is to being sad. That there are things that go deeper and have more impact than characters crying over loved ones. To get a glimpse at something greater, to have a small insight in what it means to be immortal, never changing, has on someone.... It is a rare treat.

To see a story where Twilight becomes an Alicorn actually dealing with the ramifications in a believable way is greater. The implication that she will eventually see all her loved ones, beyond those already gone, die leaves me melancholy, but content because it was dealt with in a satisfying manner.

As a great man once said: "A parent should never have to see their child wither and die before them." Or something along those lines. It's been a while since I saw the films, even longer since I read the books.

Again. Thanks for the story. It was a rare treat.


I will admit, this story overall was rather well done, even with a few of the issues that some people commented on. You focused on the one aspect of immortality that frequently gets shoveled under an object and/or left in a dark corner never to see the light of day. Opening how you did, explaining the passing of all of her friends and such, and then leading into the world building which led to the ultimate decision for her to make was all well planned out and it flowed smoothly too. Definitely had me tearing up at a few points. So, a most excellent job here, truly enjoyed reading this

Just curious, have you actually rewritten some parts? Because while I normally detect tense problems immediately, I do not recall anything drawing my attention...
If nothing was changed... well that would mean the story got me that hooked...
If you changed something... it is still the same - amazing story.
Have a fave and like!:twilightsmile:

good job....very good job


YUP. It's as complete as it's gonna get, at least for this particular story. I do have plans to write out both the past and the future hinted at therein, but in the meanwhile, I think it's a complete story as it stands.

Well, sort of. There are some parts that I do want to rewrite, but that's low on my list of priorities. I trust your concern over the tag means you enjoyed it? :raritystarry:

I love this story:twilightsmile:

I've been avoiding this one, since i try to steer clear of fics with sad tags...decided it deserved a try, after my reread of No Longer Lost

oh jeez, the feels :raritydespair: but in spite of the sads, it was well done (if flown by the seat of your pants :derpytongue2:), but i truly love how much you've put into the backstory. :heart:

I found you today and guess what. You're awesome! :rainbowkiss: :pinkiehappy: :raritywink:

I'm in your folders, readin' your stories! :twilightsmile:

you are a great author can't wait to read more of you stuff and i got to say this is one of my fav fics

Thank you. Thank you for choosing the sensible decision, unlike so many other stories. Thank you for exploring the issue from all sides, rather than presenting a one-sided sour-grapes version of immortality. (:twilightsmile: Why yes, I would like the time to read every book ever written or that will ever be written, thankyouverymuch.) I enjoyed the way you wrote the last two chapters as a cliffhanger, not making the answer clear until the end, and :trollestia:ing a bit with hints in either direction.

Very nicely done. Other immortality fics should take a lesson from this one.


I guess it's not clear, but time isn't really passing. This whole story takes place after all the other mane 6 have died. The CMC are all grown, even aged by now. The chronological confusion is intended to be expository in nature. Granted, this was a very early one shot that I don't like much anymore, so I'm not concerned if it's my least liked.

The continuity of time having passed, then, even if in memory.


Especially interesting since this story was written yonks before Shiny was a thing. :raritywink:

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