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I'm a stem cell.

Who is this StemCell, anyway?

Hello everypony!
This is the humble FiMFiction page of PonyStemCell. So let's start from the beginning: I'm not really a stem cell. My position in this fandom and also in life in general, however, comes pretty close to the function of such a cell. I don't have any specifically developed talent or interest and am not yet sure how to contribute to this world, but am willing to try different things.
At the moment, I seem to find enjoyment in recording audio readings for other people's stories. I upload them on my YouTube channel “PonyStemCell”. Most readings will be short oneshots, often simple slice of life stories with few characters. Don't expect to find horror, gore or clop on my channel any time soon or potentially ever. Updates don't follow a schedule, but my amount of free time and inspiration.
I am male with a baritone voice most suitable for narrator roles. I never worked together with other readers, voice actors or the like although I am open to try such a thing. I am not a native speaker and far from being a professional. This means mainly two things:
1. It takes me a stupendously long time to produce even shorter readings.
2. I have a (slight) German accent.
Feel free to listen to my content, enjoy the stay and have some tea.
Yours, StemCell

StemCellReads: Stories for which I have created audio readings.


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Ah, so you are in the lemur cave. Was wondering how you found the group. I was considering making the room private to those with some interest at the project. Mostly so I wouldn't have to worry too much about document permissions.

Well, that's what I am curious about, I guess ;)
I don't really have any skills that I know of (nor the time atm) to contribute all that much, but I find the concept of the group and the hopefully ensuing skirts-altery very interesting. That is: I'd like to contribute, but don't rightly know how (or when). So probably I wil mostly just lurk (like in the Lemur Cave or 24cord).

Just curious, are you expecting much to happen in the Ponynominom group?

I believe there is a misunderstanding. Most embarassing, really. I "accidentally" clicked your watch button and unwatchd you right away. But FiM-fiction didn't register the latter properly, it seems. That is nothing against you at all, but I haven't read any of your stuff yet, so until then: I'm sorry, I'm not following you. But have a :heart:, anyway!


Thanks for the follow. :heart:

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