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I'm that Brony down the street.


Back from the dead after 3 years · 8:55pm Nov 25th, 2018

Hello to the 2 people reading this! After 3 years, I'm finally back from the dead. Sorry about that, I kinda just lost motivation to keep on writing, and it was difficult to find time to actually write a fanfic.

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About Me

Hey, I'm Cadet Sparkle and I've been a Brony since 2014.

A few things I like to do are reading, hiking, going on long runs/ working out in general, drawing (or at least trying to :twilightsheepish:) and playing video games.
My current favorite book series is Wings of Fire.
My all-time favorite video games are Halo Reach, Dark Souls 3, Destiny, ESIV: Oblivion, COD 4: Modern Warfare.

I'm a former lifeguard, a senior in high school, and I'm enlisted in the Army National Guard (MOS is 11B, Infantryman) and shipping to BCT at Fort Benning, Georgia in June 2019.

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2067804 Because half the time you just report them to the instructor and let them get in trouble for that.

2067690 Ikr! Personally, I haven't been doing the correcting, but I've seen a situation like that happen.

2067675 I second that. I've seen people outside of my school wearing their uniform the wrong way. And when I calmly confront them about it, they immediately attack me (and I mean literally. :twilightoops:)

2067626 I guess so. Now that I think of it, I've seen some of the other cadets in other companies not take the program seriously and completely ignore everything about they learned about leadership outside of it

2067625 Yep, and I still have to deal with constant bullshit. :ajbemused:

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