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The war between the Autobots and Decepticons ravaged their home world of Cybertron, four million years ago in a battle that lead to the loss of many lives the two factions landed on earth through a space bridge, now only recently reactivated their war has been reignited on our world. Several years into the conflict Decepticons have began to attack human resources at an alarming rate, prompting Optimus Prime to believe that they are building another space bridge. With Autobots and resources at an all-time low he reluctantly calls upon the aid of the Dinobots. In the cold land of Greenland Grimlock notices the monster that made him, the mad scientist Shockwave, losing all control he attacks him head on, sending Shockwave, himself and several other Decepticons through the portal. Now Grimlock is in a world full of colorful, magical ponies... THIS should be interesting...
(ERNEHGAWD! It's on the popular stories list!)
Rated Teen: For sequences of violent robot fighting action and some possible adult humor further on, not sure if I should add dark tag, maybe if someone says I need it I'll put it up.

P.S. if you give it a thumbs down please tell me why you didn't like it, that would be appreciated.

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I'm looking forward to more of this, but I'm worried about what will happen. Grimlock in a peaceful place like Ponyville? Hopefully the Mane Six can show Grimlock that ponies aren't as puny and weak as he no doubt thinks they are.

I didn't watch a lot of Transformers so I have no idea who Grimlock is. But I do remember for a fact that Megatron was once a gun at one point in the tv series.

I really feel for Grimlock, Fall of Cybertron Shockwave is a monster and he created a monster. :twilightoops:
And of course leave it to Rainbow Dash to provoke something that can't be stopped. Word of advice you do not make Grimlock angry. :pinkiegasp:

I'm looking forward to this:pinkiehappy:. Mostly because I like the idea of mane 6 meeting and bonding with Grimlock. Because with Optimus and the autobots is kinda boring and predictable, the ponies instantly bond and respect the autobots at first encounter:duck:. But Grimlock, is unintelligent, violent, aggressive, and most importantly uncontrollable:twilightoops:, Twilight and her friends meeting someone like that and somehow actually become friends with him would be one hell of a story:raritystarry:.(If they survive their 1st encounter that is):trollestia:

That synopsis is way too long.

Thank you for telling me, I'll fix that right away.

3147918 Just remember, a synopsis should be a brief overview.

I guess I got a bit carried away :twilightblush: sorry bout that.

G1 and aligned Grimlock is best Grimlock

I do agree, but G1's origin story for the Dinobots in general was lacking heavily... and I think that you should emphasize with the main character, so I incorporated High Moon's origin as well... people want reasons to love the main character, and for Grimlock the most relatable origin is High Moon's. I hope this doesn't tarnish anything that you come to expect if you so choose to continue to read this fiction.

Well... so much for the 'if you don't like it please tell me why' thing I said... and how did I get ten dislikes in less than an hour? What did I do WRONG!?!? :pinkiesad2: :applecry: :fluttercry: :raritycry:
I want to know!

I'm so happy right now, Grimlock is So Awesome :pinkiehappy:
I want more :pinkiecrazy:

I like this, I like this alot!:rainbowkiss:

Grimlock always me favourite Dinobot! Even as boy me Java Joe love to speak like him!

Definitely putting this on the read later pile.

Me xeno me like this:twilightsmile::pinkiehappy::yay::scootangel:

I thought so. Grimlock was trying to be as civil as he could be, but the ponies took things out of proportions. Granted, Grimlock is intimidating but the ponies aren't really accepting of what they find strange (Zecora being an example. Poor Zecora.) Let's just hope Celestia and Grimlock can be reasonable about this.

Still, did the Elements of Harmony not work because Grimlock's not evil or are you going with the whole "Robots are immune to magic" schtick?

Shockwave explained early in the chapter that Grimlock is indestructible while in Dino mode, but the whole him not being inherently evil thing will come into play later on.

3161702 I understood that but I didn't know if his indestructibility counted against supernatural forces.

Even though I'm not into Transformers that much, I find this interesting. (I loved the Dinobots by the way.)

Still, the Elements of Harmony didn't do anything to Grimlock.:ajbemused:....Oh wait. The Elements of Harmony kind of have a mind of their own, choosing the punishment for the crime. Grimlock isn't evil, he's just bullheaded, so the Elements dug a crater to which he was stopped.


Good story thus far. (I also like how Celestia was the only one trying to be civil. I can really see her dealing with Grimlock well enough. She's probably met with creatures like him before....Only not robots.)

And yeah, the ponies were just overreacting.
Strange creature comes to town? ATTACK IT!
I'm just glad they didn't do that to Zecora.

Keep up the good work.

furry pulsing through his very being

Grimlock not furry

The earth erupted in fame and earth around the crater


Sugar Cube Corner can be rebuilt, nut lives can’t be given back!

nuts don't have lives unless you mean Pinkie and Discord

Thank you for pointing those out, fixed

Alternate chapter title: When Grimlock asks for directions.
I like this chapter. this is a nice chapter.:eeyup:

Well, Grimlock tried to be civil. He tried, but the ponies screamed and ran into their puny houses, so Grimlock got mad. I don't know why they freaked out over him talking. So what? He's a giant metal being that can talk, we've seen stranger things.


After how Rarity stood him up and threw him out of her home... I believe he was already dead inside... :applecry:

Well I'm sure if you had never seen a giant metal being before that stood some fourty or fifty feet tall you'd be terrified, and then shocked that it actually spoke your language. :pinkiegasp:

3166194 ...I'd actually be more surprised to see the metal being can turn into a giant beast that can level a town in a few minutes. BTW, the chapter we're talking about, this is my face.

Oh god, this will not end well.

Only time will tell

I seriously hope Grimlock comes to respect the ponies. And maybe learn a bit about true friendship. I mean, he does care about his Dinobots but maybe everypony can get him to open up to new experiences.

I think you can see that Grimlock has at least SOME respect for the Princesses, because they seem to be more civil with him and don't treat him like a monster... but it's the mane six that has to earn his respect and if we remember their first encounter with one another... THAT might take a while.

3192385 Definitely.

Uh-oh. Imagine Grimlock running into Discord.

Yeah, the main six are just being big meanies. If I recall, IT"S THERE FAULT THE TOWN WAS DESTROYED!:flutterrage: He even kept asking for directions. They're lucky he's not evil.

Also, do I see some Grimlock and Celestia bonding.:ajsmug: I hope to see more of it...And maybe something more. :raritywink:

I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:
Please make more.:rainbowkiss:

Skip to 0:52

Anyone else think that would be the PERFECT scenario between Grimlock and Blueblood's first encounter:rainbowlaugh:

I don't know about you but I honestly think Twilight was a bit OOC in not giving Grimlock a chance. I suppose Rainbow Dash's attitude is starting to rub off on her friends. :twilightoops:

Oh well hopefully Grimlock will learn about friendship. Hm I wonder if he'll start singing a certain song. :trixieshiftright:

She IS a tad bit OOC here, but you've got to remember that Grimlock nearly killed off of them, I'm sure that has something to do with it. She and her friends will lighten up, trust me I don't keep characters OOC for very long... that and given the fact that I'm doing a major taboo and making Princess Celestia the reasonable one in all of this, because heaven forbid she acts like this in any other fic...

I wasn't planning on shipping anyone in this fic... but I decided to humor your notion... this is what I got.


Did...did Luna swing her butt in front of Grimlock?:rainbowderp:

Not sure if me gusta or not:twilightoops:


Dats a gud un, umie. I'z likez ya. If ya eva need a good WAAAGH! I'z 'elp ya any time.


"...Oh me, this is just like Worf all over again.
except Worf was much more well mannered."

3195063 Whoops, there it goes. Yep. My brain stopped.

A gaint Timberwolf does sound intresting, assuming Grimlock smashes it properly. :eeyup:

And of course you just had to reference that scene from the movie didnt you? :trixieshiftright:

Puny bears no match for him Grimlock! :pinkiecrazy:

3229143 And then it leads to the introduction of arugably the most annyoing character in all of G1, Wheelie.

There will be no Wheelie in this, just Grimlock, Shockwave, Starscream, the combaticons and anyone foolish enough to get in their way.

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