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A Metroid crossover.

After destroying the X, the Galactic Federation charges Samus with treason and hunts her down. While running from the Federation, Samus manages to escape but ends up crashing in Equestria, far from any explored sector in the universe and with no way of returning home. Can the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy adapt to a land full of talking, magical ponies who think friendship is magic?

Some notes:

1. This takes place after Metroid Fusion, which is the last game in the Metroid chronology/timeline so far. It also takes place after season 2 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

2. Samus crash lands on Equestria and meets the mane 6. I'll try to not make it too cliche. Also, no ponified Samus (at least, not planning to).

3. In this story, Samus is a Federation runaway. They are hunting her because she destroyed the X parasites in Fusion and they wanted to research on them (I recommend checking the Metroid Wikia for reference).

4. I'll take the 'Tragic' as not so tragic. Don't expect deep depression from this story.

5. I'm open to ideas! Any review/comment is greatly appreciated. Feeding my ego will increase the chances for updates!

6. Any story inspired or ripped off from this story WILL catch my attention. Please tell me if you are going to write one, so I can read it!

Without further ado, enjoy!


Original artwork by johnjoseco. DA page
All I did was paste Samus.

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Hope you guys find this enjoyable! As said before, I am open for suggestions and ideas. I already have the overall plot planned, but alterations are not impossible. Also, if this fic somehow inspires you to write your own, please tell me so I can read it! :derpytongue2:

I remember reading this on FanFiction.Net. Are you the original author?

You should go over your work for punctuation errors.

Really like the story!

Needs indents at beginning of every paragraph, new speaker=new paragraph, and some minor over use of commas.
Looks better than my first FIC, which was chewed out within the first 10 minutes of public release.
All in all, well done Sir/Madam :moustache:
(the sir/madam thing is just me being nice, so no, NO CHANGE FOR YOU, that is all.)

Don't explain your character's actions directly to the reader. The events going on in the story should do that.

Sorry, couldn't really follow this fic to the end because of that. It's one of my pet peeves.

Samus ends every entry with hugs and kisses. :trollestia:

this looks very promising
liked and favorited

i want moar this is an awesome story

I literally squealed in excitement of finding a metroid crossover. I like metroid.

Please more now dis gun be gud

keep going. Loving it so far. =3

I don't plan on reading this just yet, but I have a question and a recommendation.

One. This is a Metroid crossover, and regardless of the overall plot, upgrades are essential. I don't care how convoluted you have to make the story for this to work, but Samus Aron WILL find an upgrade to her suit in the Everfree ruins of the ancient Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters. It just has to happen.:coolphoto:

Two. Are you going to take Metroid: Other M into consideration when characterizing Samus? They really dealt a blow to Samus' image of a strong, independent badass chick in that game.:facehoof:

... Now that I think of it...

Three. Would Gryphons remind Samus of the Chozo?

I am going to poke a hole in this chapter (Sorry, I just like to give critic reviews), from what I remember about my metroid lore, samus did not live on earth, she lived on a different planet, so that means that there may not have been horses there, so how would show know what the ponies were?

Though I do not exactly remember the complete lore, I think that the GF headquarters would be considered by most to be on earth, as it is in most media that has an alliance of various species across the universe... So yeah, there would've been horses, most likely. And who's to say that Samus' home planet didn't have horses? I mean, future setting or not, livestock and anything related might still be around... And consider that the Chozo most likely had records of most of the species in the universe, they were scholars first and foremost, after all. They're bound to have had contact with humans somewhere along the line...

Well, that, and Samus did probably run into her share of equine-like species...

And, nice, so far, though despite Samus being a badass in canon, I think she's a little TOO aggressive. The Spike incident, okay, Ridley has left several mental scars. But she's never acted like that when it came to friendly sentient species...

1554262 I simply twist the setting and characterization in Other M. To me, Samus acted that way because the death of the baby metroid was still pretty livid in her mind.

1554519 Mental scars are exactly what I'm trying to work with. Besides, try to see this from another perspective: waking up without your means of defense in an unknown planet when most of your life you have been attacked by all kind of creatures. I believe Samus is the kind of person that shoots first and asks later.

I love this but I feel bad for spike. Samus eill most likely break out and start kicking flank when she gets attacked

cool stuff. the way celestia acted seemed odd; I cant wait to see what happens next!:pinkiehappy:

this is pretty good
also two updates in one day you're working hard
have a mustache

At this point Samus is thinking F#%& YOU TIA YOU B?%=#7!!!

2 updates in one day? What is this sorceorey?! but in all seriousness i like it :pinkiehappy: i congradulate you for your hard work

Hm, okay, I can see that. Still, I hope she gets better. If anyone needs proper friends, it's her. Thinking back to Gandrayda, well, they, or rather Samus, never spoke to each other, but I think Samus considered her and the other Hunters to be at least comrades in arms...

1560621 Now, now. Don't go spoiling the story. :duck:
I got everything under control (I think). :ajsmug:

come on i want to see powersuit ownage plz

samus is going to become a changeling hunter

Why does Samus say she doesn't bow before anyone but automatically assume a subservient position when it comes to Celestia? I really don't see a reason why someone with such obvious pride would be willing to accept the position of student against her wishes and then rationalize it away as likening her to the Chozo.

1562435 It's called looking at the bright side. When you break your arm, you complain; BUT you can also be grateful is was only an arm and not all extremities. Also, she doesn't see Celestia as bow-worthy, but does recognize she may have good ideas.

Wow, you update so much
its great
this is really well written
keep going this is really great

Yes, I wanna see powersuit ownage as well
hopefully she will start using it by next chapter
that would be pretty interesting.

Dude, holy shit. I just refresh my browser and then there's another chapter
what is this, Christmas? lolol

also, "did a Shadow Reaper got to Ponyville" there's one mistake I spotted got instead of get
also, ...the least we need now" no period

Those were the chapters I had completed. Sorry, but from now on, you'll have to wait for each new chapter.

Chrisalys I presume.

Because I doubt Luna would be like that and I know not another power hungry and foolish monarch in Equestria... unless you are going to use new alicorns wich will prove interesting.

I like you man, I get off for about 2 hours get on and there are 3 chapters with 4k words each. You, Sir, get 11 out of 10 :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::pinkiehappy:

is it strange that my headcanon voice for bonez and skullz is medics voice? :rainbowderp:


I want rematch with powersuit

I want to see Samus fight Trixie.

1563735 You have officially read my mind. :derpyderp1: Medic's voice was in my head while writing Bonez's and Skullz's dialogues. :twilightsheepish:

1563496 Damn, you beat me to it...

1562857 W-w-what? We have to wait!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! :raritycry:

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