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Being a hero isn't always what it's cracked up to be. There tends to be a lot of down time where you're just sitting around, waiting for the next report of some renegade bandits or small time criminals. But for the first time in years, the Star Fox team will be diving head first into their newest assignment. One that may very well determine Equestria's fate forever.

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if this turns out to be the prequel to star-fox command on the DS I'm flipping tables

Oh goodness... another story for me to be a crazy fan of :facehoof: I'm a Starfox nut... if I had a single thing that I loved more than the lore and weirdness behind that franchise, I can't think of it off the top of my head (yeah, even ponies). This is gonna get a massive watch and track and favorite!

By the way the writing is pretty well done so far, I'm certainly impressed. My only two problems that I found were relatively small ones:

His sharp canine wits were trained at every object that ventured near his vessel.

Foxes aren't canine, not even in the same species category: Vulpes Vulpes is the red fox, so things like this annoy me :rainbowlaugh: they only annoy me because I'm a furry though and I get it all the time... Sorry for nitpicking!

He dowsed his head in shampoo

Also this, I believe you mean doused, not dowsed. Dowsing is like with a dowsing rod: looking for underground supplies of water with a stick.

Otherwise keep it up! Fantastic job.

1705955 In all honest, I'd like to think Star Fox Command never existed :ajbemused:.

1706012 Vulpes Vulpes of the family Canidae. Same species as dogs, different tribe. They are canines.

1706201 That's just a cladistic technicality though :raritywink: Canidae is divided into Canini and Vulpini, foxes and "true dogs". Call me old fashioned but I don't like lumping them together like that. Either way on a technical basis you're right and the technical use of the description is technically accurate, so I'll drop it, just gonna say while I've still got my soap box out (that thing's heavy!)

Same here...

Edit: This is SO faved and followed!

So everyone agrees that we should throw Command in the discontinuty barrel? Good. Now we just have to wait for Star Fox U.:pinkiesmile:

In all seriousness, this looks epic! Definitely following this one!

The romance tag always makes me nervous, especially in crossover context. Not gonna pass this over just for that, but it's gonna go on read later, since it's 6AM.

Star Fox+Ponies:pinkiegasp: me happy:pinkiehappy: and I once had this kind of idea but never got to it.:ajsleepy:

1706596 at romance, even though some, like sonic, would give a crossover possiblity, i think he ment a relationship between fox and krystal, which is canonical

Sits on edge of seat:pinkiehappy: this is getting good:ajsmug: and who is Miyu and Fay:rainbowhuh: I know they sound familiar but I can't remember:twilightoops:

1812630 Miyu kinda reminded me of Kat from Starfox 64 if anyone remembers who that was. Hopefully that helps. :scootangel:

1812703 1812630 Miyu and Fay were both new additions to the Star Fox team in the unreleased game Star Fox 2 which was cancelled and instead Star Fox 64 was created. Some think that Kat and Bill were meant to replace them

Are you going to use the "before N64" cannon of starfox where they have amputated legs, with robotic replacements so that blood cant rush to the legs and cause black out?
Cause of all the cannon thats been cut out, thats the one I was most sad to see cut. All because of Starfox 64 talking about "G-diffusers"
Love it so far,cant wait to see what you com up with next!:yay:

Gah! Blasted cliffhangers!

Hope Miyu and Fay join Star Fox Team on Equestria. =3

Now things are gonna get interesting! Can't wait for next update :twilightsmile:

Just noticed that story and I've to say: Not bad until now.

Yes! This is alive:rainbowkiss: and poor Slippy.

It has been MONTHS! :pinkiecrazy:This exciting of a story is too good to have been kept waiting for so long! Now you have Slippy Incapacitated and one hell of a cliffhanger. If anything, PLEASE don't make your audience wait so long.

-Raised on Starfox-

Really happy to another chapter again.

dont take months please

Holy shit this story lives

Must say I have been looking and hoping for a StarFox crossover and of course found this. :pinkiehappy:
Really looking forward to see where you're willing to take this story to,

The moment we've been waiting for... :pinkiegasp: is finally approaching.

Falco doesn't even care that he's hurt, that's why he's the badass of the team. :rainbowdetermined2:

need more star fox!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

It continues! :yay:

I can't shake the feeling that Fox is about to royally step in it, possibly injure a few good guardsponies only to have his Arwing marehandled by a couple of irate alicorns. In short, this gon' be good.

Also grats on a feature! (Was this its first appearance in the featurebox?)

Oooh, myyyy, gooood, this premise. :rainbowlaugh:

As of now, the maximum effective range was only 3 miles

I realize that in a game license is taken for the sake of playability vis a vis scale, but 3 miles is really really short in space.

The pheasant threw his head back and laughed

I still have no idea why Nintendo seems to think he's a pheasant. Pheasants are chubby game birds. Poor Falco would probably be mortified to be compared to one. It'd be like calling a pony a horse, if horses all looked like Pearl from Blade.

the dreaded banished scientist, Andross.

I'm not sure I'd call it banished. Luna was banished. Andross violently exploded. Twice.

Even if you ran with Command in continuity, you'd still have to throw out 2/3 of it because it's multiple choice.

right now I have the feeling that fox is about to lose his arwing by being gripped out of the air or being teleported. In that situation the possibilities are endless.

Okay, so has Celestia been swatting incoming ships, or were they all being silly and approaching on the orbital plane? Because I'm sure it was a huge problem in the NES days but the nav computers should have a z-axis or something by now.

Genius my brony. More please.

Okay, despite my smartass comments I really have been interested so far, but now things are getting a little too ridiculous. Fox knows better than to greet an unidentified sapient species with guns blazing, and any cronies of Andross would be better armed than crossbows and pointy sticks. He's a blunt instrument, but not THAT blunt. :facehoof:

i'll read this lateer. my first thought was DO A BARREL ROLL


Answers to some of your questions/concerns:
1. The "3 miles" was just fixed to 30.
2. I went with what Nintendo had made him simply because that's what was canon.
3. Andross originally started off as a banished scientist. He was exiled to Venom by General Pepper for dangerous experiments he was performing on Corneria.
4. Celestia is not aware she taking lives, and the issue of approaching has less to do with equipment and more to do with skill in navigating the region.
5. Fox doesn't have any intention of starting a war, but it's in his best interest to keep the Equestrians away from the Great Fox, which houses not only his injured teammate, but his only means of transportation back to Lylat. As for Fox suspecting Andross' involvement with the Equestrians, it's not so much as equipping the race with new tech as it would be manipulating them into doing his bidding, which isn't beyond him at all.

Hope this clears things up.

Endure and Survive


Thanks much, and yes, that was the first time this particular story has made it into the feature box.

Endure and Survive

unrelated to the comment chain, and haven't read the story yet. just asking: is krystal in it? doesn't make or break my reading it at all, just curious.

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