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An Eve Online/MLP crossover

Keyan Charante, a fairly successful explorer, finds himself trapped in an unknown system after going through a wormhole. After discovering the only other sentient species in the galaxy, and some bad luck, he initiates first contact. The following adventures span the stars and Keyan soon learns that there are more important things in the galaxy than isk.

Set sometime before the season 2 finale.
Isk is the currency in EVE online.

I am going to try to make this so you don't have to know eve lore for it to make sense but every little bit helps.

Feedback and criticism is welcome in the comments. I hope I make this worthy of your time to read.

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There needs to be more Eve cross overs here. That said, I'm liking this a lot. You've got a like + follow from me!

fun fact: there is another species in the Eve universe called the Jove

3421728 Yes, but they're still technically human, albeit heavily modified by genetic evolution, but still human.

Yes! Finally, an amazing game that you won't waste time and money on gets a crossover. This needed to be done. It's amazing.

Thanks man I appreciate the support. I didn't see any other eve crossover fic on here so I thought it would be a good idea to make one, glad you think so too.:yay:

That is true, but i consider them to be borderline human. They're pretty much the debate of whether if you modify a human to such a huge degree as the jove did, are they still human? Either way i don't count them as an entirely new sapient species.

The support is really appreciated. This is my first fic so your support really makes my day.:yay:

i wanted to make a crossover of Eve and mlp, but because of the circumstances at home, i could never get around to it. I wouldn't be able maintain the story without leaving it hang for months on end. That is what happened to my minecraft story before i deleted it. I have high expectation for this story. :twilightsmile:

So quick that I literally just read the first chapter a few hours ago. Here sir, have my metaphoic cake, you deserve it. Hats off.

Oh this looks fun! Got back into EVE after a slight hiatus. 9 Years and going! :pinkiehappy:

Hmm, this seems to be pretty interesting. You get a like and a follow!

Good luck finding an editor.
On a related note, most of your errors were un capitalized I's but I would read chapter two one more time. There was a bit that didn't make sense in the part about the different cities.

Actually first chapter was up for a few days but it wasn't shown because of formatting errors. They actually were written 3 days apart.

You always end up going back to eve. Such a good game.

Thanks for the comment! I'll rework that segment soon as I really don't like how its worded as well.

That's rather interesting.

What do you mean more important then isk?

let them come... :pinkiecrazy:

Good chapter, I might play this EVE Online game at some point. People have been trying to brainwash me into playing it for the past few years, so it must be good.

Try out a trial. It really is a good game. Don't be discouraged when you realize how big the game actually is. My advice is to start a caldari character and choose the university of caille as a starting corp, in my experience the people in there are the most helpful

Pinkie vs big guns? doubt they could even get close to her

Nothing is more important than isk, its just plot convenience

Good to know i'm doing something right :pinkiehappy:

3431486 they don't have to, gas the whole ship. He can hide in his pod while the rest of them suffocate, and, Pinkie can't get herself into something as small as one of those, even with her physics-breaking attitude I believe that the pod is unlivable if they aren't hooked up to life support


pods have separate life support systems in case of a catastrophic failure of the ship, namely getting blown up. But gassing the ship is a good idea. But i'm sure twilight, Luna, or Celestia would be able to cast a shield of some sort

3431518 our capsuleer buddy can last far longer than Twilight's, Luna's, or Celestia's shield can stay up, and there are more than likely millions of gases that are invisible to the naked eye, that, and he can have it make no sound when he introduces it to the atmosphere of the ship

3431486 If it's anything like the X games, it'll be months before I get together the funds for a corvette.

I feel...

I feel......

Like I've been bashed over the head with a stick that has Twilight Sparkle / Rainbow Dash written on it......

Carry on then...

3431636 And then they bent you over and dipped the stick in Vaseline...

There quite a number of errors, if you haven't noticed. Don't mean to sound rude or anything.

I started as Amarr, and there are a lot of errors, don't mean to sound rude or anything. If you haven't found a proofreader, I'm interested.:twilightsmile:

Just realized something happened with google drive and the version I posted is not he version the Veemon edited. Do not bash his skill as an editor. I'l leave this version up and re-post this when the problem is resolved.


Bug? report it

I found something strange when Rarity said "Oh god out of all the possible things" it should be "Oh Celestia".

Well then.. in all honesty I clicked on this story thinking "an Eve/MLP crossover this is going to be so bad I have to read it"... but I ended up liking it.. I hope to see more chapters in the future!

Fixed, thanks for pointing it out
Thanks man, always good waking up to some positive energy. I should be able to get another chapter up by late today or tomorrow so pay attention for that.

i saw a few spelling errors, you should do a quick scan to fix that

lol at the last line, looking forward to more

Funny, how life turns out like that.

I found the funniest line was when he said he'd like to show them his "flank"

Good chapter, I shall return when it's updated, now then, to slay zombies, or to protect the earth from aliens with my rookies because cars make shitty cover?

Oh God, the stick is back! Not the stick, anything but the stick! Drop that Vaseline right now!

And you'd think Key would be a little more apprehensive about someone on his ship.

time to gas the ship

welcome to the galaxy, a place where a War-full race known as humanity rules the stars.

This almost makes me want to shell out the subscription fee for EVE.

"Let's not piss off any goons".... A line any real EVE player will whole heatedly agree with,
Unless they are in a strong alliance of their own.

Definitely, and even if you're in Test or something pissing off a bunch of Goons is a bad idea

Its definitely worth trying out. And its possible to buy game time with in-game cash, roughly 500mil isk. ITs a huge task at first but once you get into a corp, or a group of friends, and are able to run high level missions, get a nice mining operation, etc. You can make it pretty easily. I stopped "paying" for my account after the third month.

A tad different than Equestria


Ship it like fed-ex

Ah yes. GoonSwarm. A name as infamous as 'm0o'. Actually I think GS is one of the few Alliances that's been around since the early days of EVE.

Yep, they got kicked out of their "home" region 4 times I believe but they just packed up and moved

heh, i was in a corp that spat in the goons face a bit, when they tried to stop all ice trade and i think mine wasnt the only one at the time either

I would LOVE to see a supercap in this fic.

The Hel is so beautiful! A RUSTY WHALE OF AWESOME TANK LOGI SAUCE! :raritywink:

The Whore of Hel :duck:
What the Hel? :rainbowhuh:

Yea they got alot of oflak for that, doubt they really cared though

definitely later in the story. And by later I mean at least 8 chapters

3452931 Hmm, I'd get it, but I have no space on my computer.

I'm particular to my Golem. I have a Tengu and it was fun for awhile, but I love my Marauder. :rainbowdetermined2:


L4 mission torp boat of doooooom! please don't tell me you have one of those 15bil bling fits that, while work, are morew suited to being loot pinatas.

3455265 Nooo...most expensive thing I got on my ship is a Pith- Type A Large Shield Booster. Everything else is T2, cept for the riggings. Afterall if ya aint willing to lose it, don't fly it. :rainbowlaugh:

Did you see the killmail for that 16bil officer mod golem that got ganked at the last burn jita?
And who the hell puts cruises on a golem? sheesh

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