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Long ago, the ponies of Equestria took to the stars, and discovered a wormhole just outside of their own solar system. Brave explorers passed through the wormhole, and discovered a galaxy ripe for colonization. A gold rush began, and millions of ponies, zebras, griffons and others came through the wormhole in a bid to claim territory for their causes. Just as a new golden age was about to begin, the wormhole closed, and the colonists were trapped in the galaxy, which they had named "New Equestria." Those who survived lived to found great empires which spanned across thousands of solar systems, with each empire attempting to discover the secret to attaining harmony.

Six intrepid ponies each took a step in their lives which elevated them far above the common pony. Together, they formed their own corporation in space, and they became a force of power, economy and harmony. With every step, they avoid danger, intrigue, and certain death (which at this stage in their lives is not the biggest problem). Faced with challenges that no mere pony can accomplish alone, trace the adventures of these six friends as they bring harmony to a chaotic and disharmonious galaxy.

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An interesting start, decently executed, and characterization seems pretty good.

As to being able to properly merge the settings, well, only time will tell.

What this based off?


This crossover is based off of the MMORPG known as EVE Online. I myself am an avid player of EVE Online, and I decided to write this because while I have seen one story where a capsuleer meets the Mane 6 and the ponies of Equestria, nobody/pony has entertained the thought of what if the Mane 6 were capsuleers. Thus, I give you my creation.:raritywink:


One issue that I had in merging the settings is that while this is a crossover between Friendship is Magic and EVE Online, this is still taking place in what can be recognized as New Eden. So, I decided to keep some most of the factions and locations the same to maintain geographic and geopolitical relevance to New Eden. Hopefully I have conveyed how the major empires of New Eden/Equestria relate to ponies in this creation through the prologue.

Ah, good memories.

When I was in Atlas at around 2010, we were once staged in Nalvula to go against WI(not WI.) and had free reign over the nearby lowsec systems for about two weeks. That's where I learned that Pithum-As were extremely profitable. Aunenen and the surrounding systems were particularly my favorite because it had so many DED sites piled up and so many people were in local; I couldn't figure out if the sites there were left as bait, but I would take them anyway while keeping up the d-scan once in every second.

Still, I think you skipped the gateguns that should have pounded the hurricane and especially the kitsune to death while the "talk" is going on, if I remember the aggression mechanics correctly.


I have not quite forgotten about the gate guns, but I'm treating them more like Imperial Stormtroopers--if they were even a slight bit better at doing their jobs, all the main characters would be dead in minutes. So, for the sake of the storyline, we'll forget to mention that they are present.

Anyway the 4th chapter is out of the conceptual phase, and I should have it up before the end of the month.

Fifth chapter has been delivered. I'm sorry it took so long to get up here, but I hope you enjoy what I have so far! I will also try to add more author's notes to the existing and future chapters to help understand what is going on, in case the readers are non-capsuleers. Enjoy!

You get a like for that awesome description :pinkiehappy: i can tell this will be a good read

The buzzing of the alarm was grating against the ears.

inb4 EVE has sound

Pod kills... At least I don't bother with cybernetics. Keeps my pods cheap.
Personally, I don't like to pod kill. I enjoy being able to go into high sec so I just target reds and yellows.

I have plenty of security status to burn (I'm 4.9), so I can still podkill a whole bunch of people before I have to worry about that.

Sorry that I have not made any updates to the story. School has been a strain during the months since I last posted. I assure you that there is a chapter which will be up soon!

Glad to see this story isn't dead. Not enogh EVE stories on here.

No, this story certainly isn't dead. School has been taking away from my time working on it. I'm doing my best to get more of the story onto fimfiction.

I almost forgot about this story! But it's good to see it up and kicking again!

Here's my stamp of approval!

I do apologize for taking so long to get these chapters onto the website. I'll be doing the best that I can to keep them rolling!

I think the biggest question the readers are asking is "Can I bring my Drake?"

Hitting people with trash cans? This is why CCP won't give us walking in stations!

lol, jk.

*reads the first two lines of the description* :yay: "aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

the Thrasher is a Destroyer not a cruser

4553681 Where did I make that error?

With an influence that stretched from end to end of New Eden, they brought food, medicine and aid to as many ponies as they possibly could.

is this fic dead?


This fix is not dead, I have had a lot happen that took my focus away from writing this fanfic. I'm sorry that I have not been able to keep it up since I put out the last chapter.

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