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Sneak Peek of Chapter 9 · 7:22pm May 29th, 2014

So, like I promised, here is a sneak peek of the next chapter. Please read and enjoy!

Trixie came to with a soft groan, her head pounding with a massive headache. She knew not where she was or in what condition she was in; the last thing she remembered before being struck on the head with a heavy object was declining to answer the quite demanding questions of a strange pony.

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Nobody/pony is anthro in this fanfic.

All capsuleers have mechanisms in their capsules which, upon destruction of the capsule, download their consciousness into another clone body instantaneously. So yes, Pinkie Pie's current body is a clone body. The technology also allows a Capsuleer to transfer their consciousness from one body to another by pretty much the same process, so a Capsuleer can have multiple "jump clones" scattered around the galaxy. Pinkie Pie possesses numerous jump clones, but I have not decided the precise number of clones she has. Given that she has an explorer role in Harmony, and that those who explore the most dangerous parts of space can be blown up at a moment's notice, it is certain that her current clone body is one of a line of resuscitations.

2009617 its fine personal stuff school and the like come first im sure when your not busy youll have time to continue on a side note are the ponies anthro and lastly when pinkies ship blew up did she excape or is she a clone?


Not in spirit, but I've had a lot of things keeping me from being focused on writing the story. School, work, other things in day-to-day life. Sorry that it's been so long since I put out the last chapter.

Is new equestria dead?

Thank you kindly for the fav on New Roam, good sir. :twilightsmile:

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