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This place still up and running?

355726 I had almost forgot about this group. And I actually just got my EVE account back up. I suppose I'll see you there if the channel is still up.

If anyone is still alive here, I've set up a channel in EVE where we can all talk, just join the "FIMFiction chatroom"

Hey everybody. I just wanted you to know I have a eve crossover myself and I would love some comments and criticism.

Story here

Hey guys, i've been working on a story for a while, just haven't had time to post it here but the link is http://www.fimfiction.net/story/145922/equestrian-odyssey-rise-of-the-sleepers i've got a mane story arc around the sleepers, and the people of i told about it have liked the idea so far so i figured i'd throw it to you guys for criticism:pinkiehappy:

You guys all know of The Scope, correct?

Yeah, we're doing roams. The Scope is doing roams.

It's hilarious because we're actually decent despite a huge lack of discipline.

I'm about to start reading right now then afterwards I have stuff to do on EVE so I'll add you then.


It won't disappoint! I just got back from a trip to Des Moines, Iowa (I live in Chicago), and I have a busy school schedule so getting the next few chapters out will be tough to do quickly.

Also, my primary's name is Galant Luchesi, if you are intersested.

Can't wait to read it! Unfortunately I threw a ton of ISK into a crappy Algos fit (The Algos itself I love, such a beautiful ship) so I gotta go make some more...

Anyways, if anyone would like to add me as a contact my primary is named Auden Kaitus.

So, any recruiting going on? I started a corp a while ago, but might be annexed by another corp soon.


Yha, I have it now, about 3 weeks after you first posted it :derpytongue2:


Sorry about that. Here is the link to the story:


Unfortunately I might not be able to make much progress on it at this time because of school, but I should be able to get a lot more done after May.


You need to reply to me, else I dont see that you have actually posted it :applecry:

Okay, I just submitted it into the Fimfiction system. Keep an eye out for "New Equestria: Harmony Age."


I'm sorry about that, school got in the way and I was also figuring out how to use Fimfiction. I am working on getting the prologue and first chapter up and will submit the fic when those parts are fully uploaded (should be later tonight, I am away from my computer at this time).


Its been over a week, where are they? :P

Comment posted by Roguewire deleted Apr 2nd, 2013

Greetings and salutations. Just wanted to let those with interest know that I am currently working on a serious EVE-MLP crossover, but I'm not sure whether or not it could be considered crossover or alternate universe. I will post the chapters I hav completed tomorrow.

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