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This group is for members of any skill-level who play EVE online. Don't expect too much froo-froo and crazy stuff here. More features will be coming soon!

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Hello I am an avid player of Eve Online! I run my own corp (35 members strong hell yea!) as a part of a Sov holding alliance down in the Providence region. Heh... yes I am a part of the the Provi-block group. Or the CVA coalition. Been playing Eve since 2009.

The nice part of it I must say is warping into the system next to me and doing a D-scan to see a bunch of towers with pony names on them. See you all in space!

I'm Razorbeam, and I like guns. Small guns, big guns, guns that fire guns at other people's guns... pretty much all of them.

I enjoy making other people explode, and I used to be really good at it back when I lead the PvP wing for a teeny tiny corp I was in about a year ago. Now I mostly just fly in circles and throw drones at people, but at least it's not boring anymore. Everyone says solo PvP is fun, but the reality is that solo anything is boring.

Pleasure to meet all of you.

whooo im in see yall in space

Erm,. so I said eff it, and applied anyways /]

To introduce myself, I'm one of Razorbeam's... um... I'm one of his sheepol, I more or less follow him around in eve (at least when he's playing)
ingame I'm doorknobs fonpony, I've more or less spec'd for mining / gallente droneboats. I haven't applied to the CMCMC yet, don't know if you want me. Right now, I'm in my own corp with just me, because I like the cheap tax rate.
Granted, if yah wanted me in the CMCMC, I can deal with more or less any tax rate because I know my isk would be going to something.

Kritzga in game here

You guys are going to have to tell me how to play I'm installing it right now

sup yall katar jin (ingame) reporting in

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