• Published 30th Oct 2013
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My Little Pony: Isk is Magic - keyan88

A capsuleer exploring wormhole space finds himself trapped in an unknown system. After discovering the only other sentient species, other than humans, are ponies, adventures ensue. He soon learns there are more important things in the galaxy than Isk

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Chapter 3


Luna, Rainbow Dash, and Twilight all sat around Twilight’s kitchen table. All attempts at conversation quickly failed as their minds churned over what they saw last night.

Luna was the most troubled. Despite being an immortal, almost all powerful alicorn she was entirely unprepared for something like this to happen. In her thousands of years of life neither her nor her sister seriously considered the possibility of life beyond their planet. Thoughts ran rampant through her head, she didn’t know if they were a threat to her ponies or not.

Twilight’s mind was in very poor shape. Nearly her entire perspective on the universe had changed last night. Prior to seeing that thing through her telescope she had thought the concept of aliens to be nothing but something crazy ponies believed in. The ones that spent their time in an insane asylum writing on the walls. Despite her emotional troubles, her scholarly mind was working in overdrive. Do they look like ponies? Are they ponies? What technology do they have?

Rainbow Dash was thinking one thing: Aliens? Awesome.

Eventually Twilight managed to unscramble her thoughts enough to form a sentence.

“What are we going to do Luna?”

The princess took a deep breath,

“We.. I do not know Twilight. An event such as this was considered nought but impossible for thousands of years. I’ll have to speak with sister, afterwards thou may expect an answer.”

“What are we waiting for?” Rainbow Dash exclaimed throwing her forehooves onto the table, “There's aliens up there. We should just go say hello!”

Both Luna and Twilight gave her a flat stare. Rainbow Dash sat back down in her chair blushing slightly.

Twilight thought for a second then back to the princess, “Well they obviously know we are here. Could it hurt to show them that we know that they are?”

The princesses face suddenly grew serious,

“Twilight. I shall speak to thee plainly. ponies in these times know nought the horrors of war. If these beings seek to bring it back to us, I suspect well shall put up nought but a paltry defense. Our best hope to succeed, however slim, is to catch them unawares.”

Twilight was silent for a long, long time.

“But Princess” Rainbow interjected, “What if they didn’t come here to invade? what if they’re here to help?”

“Thou hast the mind of an optimist Rainbow Dash, that is commendable, but idealists would be cut down like wheat. We must take every precaution.”

Twilight spoke next, “If they attack us, don’t we have the elements? They stopped Discord,”

“These beings have the ability to travel amongst the stars Twilight Sparkle, we know nought of their capabilities of war.”

The three of them lapsed into silence again. After a few minutes of awkward silence Luna stood up,

“We shalt return to Canterlot and confer with our sister. We bid you both farewell. Twilight, I ask thee, as a friend, to remain calm and not go into one of your “phases” again.”

Twilight blushed, “Okay princess.”

After both Rainbow and Twilight said their goodbyes the princess disappeared in a flash of blue light.

The two remaining mares turned to each other.

“So Rainbow, do you want some breakfast or something?”

Rainbow Dash let out a huge yawn, “I could use some sleep Twilight.”

“Oh ok. You can go use my bed if you want.”

“Thanks Twi” Said a sleepy Rainbow Dash as she started to stumble her way up to Twilight’s bedroom.

Twilight giggled as she heard Rainbow flop down onter her bed with a loud groan. Twilight immediately began cleaning up her library. It had been thrown into disorder last night as she, Luna, and Rainbow searched every shelf for books that could have something to do with that they saw.

When she was halfway through her second shelf her face was split open by a positively monstrous yawn. Twilight rubbed her face with her hoof,

“Come on, stay awake Twilight.” She said to herself.

Another tired groan came from Twilight’s bedroom. Twilight took one last look at her mess of a library. She shrugged slightly, it wasn’t like her to think this, but for once organizing could wait.

She trotted into her bedroom and saw Rainbow Dash had partially wrapped herself in the blanket and had sprawled herself across the entire bed. Her mouth was open wide as a small line of drool escaped. Twilight giggled, she gently used her magic to move Dash to one side of the bed.

She laid down in the now open space and tucked both of themselves in. With one last sigh, she passed out.


“Captain, there is now sufficient daylight on the planet to use the onboard cameras.” Rang Aura’s voice, interrupting the combat simulation that Keyan was in the middle of.

The simulation paused just as Keyan was about to shred another enemy’s ship with his autocannons.

The main weapon on his ship were 12, 425mm autocannons. capable of shredding enemy ships with their massive rate of fire. His secondary armament, a mess of 125mm cannons and smaller for taking out frigates and smaller targets was similarly lethal..

The pod lid lifted open as Keyan stepped out, his legs began working on autopilot as his higher functions were diverted..

“Show me what you got so far Aura.”

Immediately a river of data flowed into his brain.

“Sir, the indigenous species to this planet seem to match the description of the mythological creature called a “Pony”.”

Images of the four legged hoofed equines were uploaded into his head..

“Why are they so colorful?” He asked as the images streamed by his vision.

“Unknown Sir.”

“Any distinctive characteristics?”

“There appears to be three main derivations.”

3 wire-frame equines appeared in front of him.

“One appears to be “normal” relative to the other two. It also appears to be much stronger than the other two derivations.”

The wire-frame of the regular looking pony appeared in front of him. He stared at i for a while,

“Nothing special. What’s next?”

“One has a pair of wings and is capable of flight. There appears to be a wide range of skill level from one to another.”

A video of a black pony with a silver mane pulling some impressive loops played.

“They also appear to be able to directly interact with the weather.”

A second video of a few ponies pushing and pulling clouds, as well as other actions played next.

“Whats the significance of the tattoos on their ass?”

“The correct term is “flank” Sir. And they appear to be marks of what the organisms occupation is.”

“Whats the third?”

The wire-frame that appeared seemed to be the same as the first, save for a horn protruding from its head.

“Special characteristics?”

A video of one of these horned ponies, a lime green one with a stringed instrument tattoo, floated into his vision. Its horn glowed with a light the same as its fur. Then something surprising happened; a few objects around the unicorn glowed in the same color and then lifted into the air. Another video showed another horned pony shoot fireworks from its horn, much to the delight of the baby ponies surrounding it,

“What is that? and call these thing ponies, not organisms or whatever you were doing before. ” The capsuleer’s mind was struggling to come up with an explanation for this.

“My scientific deduction is that these ponies are using magic.”

Keyan scoffed, “Magic!? Do I have to reprogram you again Aura.”

“No sir, with lack of any other data that is the conclusion I have drawn.”

“Is it something with magnets? light? anything?”

”My readings detect nothing of the sort.”

The door to the capsuleer’s room opened as he approached it.

“Ok, Aura pull up the camera controls.”

He entered the room and made his way to a desk, its was a beautifully crafted Amarrian design. The rich brown wood was accentuated by golden arches and accents. The motif of a sun was emblazoned across much of its surfaces. It was due to be delivered the Amarrian Empress’s Palace, but the convoy it was on experienced an unfortunate accident in low security space.

As he sat down on the matching chair a holographic display opened up in front of him. He sat down and assumed control of the camera.

“Alright, lets see what I found here.”

The video feed began streaming into his brain as he focused the camera in.


Pinkie Pie was bouncing down the street, as happy as anypony could be. Suddenly she froze in place.

“My Pinkie sense is tingling. MY PINKIE SENSE IS TINGLING!” She exclaimed to Ponyville.

Immediately all the surrounding ponies stopped what they were doing and stared at her. Everyone of them was prepared to heed her warning.

Her eyes suddenly narrowed and she slowly turned her head to look at everypony surrounding her in turn.

“Is somepony watching me?” She asked suspiciously.

All the surrounding ponies gave each other skeptical looks.

“Well? Is there?” Pinkie asked, putting her face inches away from a rather unlucky pony who scrambled over backwards in surprise.

Eventually the crowd let out a collective shrugged and dissipated into the town.

Pinkie Pie rubbed her chin with her hoof.

“I bet Twilight could help me!” She said as she started bouncing her way to the library.

Upon arriving she knocked on the door. After waiting for approximately 1.3 seconds she loudly complained,.

“Why is everypony taking so long today?”

The next second she walked into Twilight's bedroom. She smiled even wider, if that was possible, as she saw Rainbow Dash was there as well. The two of them were close together, with Rainbow’s back to Twilight's chest with the latter’s hooves wrapped around the other pony. Both of them were snoring slightly.


Twilight's eyes immediately snapped open as she flailed her legs wildly. She let out a muffled yelp as she fell of the bed with a thump, dragging the blankets with her. Rainbow Dash grumbled slightly when exposed to the cooler air, but jsut curled into a ball cutely.

“PINKIE! HOW DID YOU GET IN HERE?” Twilight asked, her heart beating a mile a minute.

Pinkie shrugged.

“You know what, I don’t want to know.” She said waving her fore hooves, “So what do you need?”

Pinkie opened her mouth to respond but Twilight quickly shoved a hoof in her mouth,

“Wait, not yet sorry. Lets let Rainbow sleep, we were kept all night.”

Pinkie’s eyes opened wide,

“NO NOT LIKE THAT!” Twilight screamed blushing.

Rainbow grumbled in her sleep. The two other ponies in the room then made their way out. Once the door shut behind them and they were safely down the stairs Twilight turned to Pinkie. Rolling her eyes she gave her a nod,

“WHY WERE YOU TWO IN BED TO TOGETHER. ARE YOU TOGETHER TOGETHER? YOU WERE ALL CUDDLED UP AND IT WAS SO ADORABLE!!!!!!” Pinkie gushed as she bounced around the disordered library.

She was enveloped in a purple aura and brought back to Twilight.

“Nothing happened. Me and Rainbow Dash spent the night stargazing together and I let her sleep here so she didn’t have to fly all the way home.

“I’ll let that slide for now Twilight, but I’m onto you,” she said as eyed Twilight up and down.

Twilight was honestly confused and opened her mouth to say something but was interrupted when Pinkie said,

“I need your help Twilight,” She was suddenly serious.

Taken off guard by the sudden change in tone Twilight responded,

“With what?”

“My Pinkie Sense has been telling me that somepony has been watching me all day. And I don’t know who!”

Twilight rolled her eyes,

“Pinkie, alot of ponies watch you. You're not exactly hard to miss.”

“But this is different!”

Twilight meanwhile had begun straightening up the library. She called out over her shoulder,

“Well, where do you think this pony who is watching you is?”

“Hmmmmm.” Pinkie rubbed her chin with her hoof, “My gut is telling me….” She trailed off.

“Pinkie?... Pinkie?” Twilight called out. After not receiving a response she turned around.

She was greeted by the sight of Pinkie pressing her ear to her gut, mumbling something every now and then. She nodded her head, apparently reaching a conclusion, started walking out the balcony door.

“Pinkie?” Twilight asked again as she followed her pink friend our the door.

“My gut tells me, that he is right THERE!” She thrust a hoof into the air, pointing at a random point in the sky.

Twilight froze. Slowly, she turned her head to her telescope. It was pointing at the same place Pinkie was.


“Aura? Is that Pink one pointing at us?”

“I have extrapolated the line, and yes. The pink pony is pointing at us.”

The capsuleer paused for a second,

“Do they know we’re here?”

“I have also extrapolated the telescopes field of view, it is also focused on us. It is highly probable they know of our presence.”

“Fuck, they must have spotted the probes and saw us when we decloaked.”

“That is highly probable sir.”

“So what do you think we should do?”

“The most logical course of action is to act as if we are unaware they know of our presence. Despite it being near impossible of them succeeding in an assault on our ship, the element of surprise is not to be taken lightly.”

The capsuleer thought for a second, “Okay, prepare the on board defenses just in case. Don’t let them know we know.”

“Very well sir.”

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